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Showing posts with label norms. Show all posts

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Speaking Of the Tone That I Used In My Last Video...

I'm reminded of what conservative African Americans and Jews for Jesus have in common. For example:

  1. Both conservative African Americans and Jews for Jesus are told that they are no longer or never were part of their respective ethnic groups.
  2. If we're not told that we are no longer or never were part of our respective ethnic groups, we're called all kinds of horrible names. For example, Jews for Jesus like me are called (among other epithets) apostate soul stealers and self-hating Jews who are at the point at which we are trying to finish the job of Hitler and the other Nazis (Yemach shemam). As for conservative African Americans, they are called names such as "the White man's b****es" and "sellouts".
  3. We have heinous lies spread about us—as if being called apostate soul stealers and Nazi-like self haters or "White man's b****es" and "sellouts" weren't being lied about enough. Among those lies are lies that claim our legacies for our persecutors' sides. In the case of conservative African Americans, they have the legacy of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., Ph.D. taken away from them. In the case of Jews for Jesus, the same happens in the opposite way—that is, Messianic Jews see our Messianic Jewish compatriots like Chosen People Ministries founder Dr. Leopold Cohn perverted into fraudulent and goyische drunkards instead of kohanim who were part of a genuine strain of Judaism (See Dr. Cohn's Wikipedia entry, for example. It doesn't even recognize him as a Hungarian Jew or an American Jew.).
  4. We're threatened consistently. For example, Yad L'Achim and Jews for Judaism were created for the sole purpose of persecuting Messianic Jews and trying to dissuade people from even hearing about Messianic Judaism and the Jewish roots of Christianity. As for conservative African Americans, they have their families threatened—as I recall, Colonel and Former Representative Allen West once talked about how some young punks either came to or otherwise connected to his office and threatened his wife.
So when African Americans and Jews go against the grain of what is apparently supposed to be—since Jews are apparently not supposed to be Christians (although Christianity is a form of Essenic Judaism), and African Americans are apparently not supposed to be like Colonel and Former Respresentative Allen West, Dr. Bill Cosby, Reverend Martin Luther King, Ph.D.; and Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, Ph.D.—, we are persecuted in every way from being called ethnic posers and self loathers, to be slandered and even threatened.