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Showing posts with label communication. Show all posts

Sunday, May 13, 2018

As Weird As Apologizing For Being Vicitimized Online Seems....

I have to apologize when someone spoofs me since I put my e-mail address out there, notwithstanding that I don't put it out there so that people can be jerks & affect communication between me and others. I apologize if anyone has received any suspicious emails from my address. I discovered that somebody has been spoofing. As I tell a "dogter" and a furniece of mine, some people are just not very nice.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

When I First Got the Fox News Alert Re the Email Chain....

I did not feel like reading about it, since I thought that Donald Trump, Jr. would release a Wikileaks-style (i.e., decontextualized) email chain. Then I saw the "New York Times" article as I was browsing. I read the Fox News article afterwards, and I realize that even newly-hired Tr**pite Cody Derespina can't spin this one. (By the way, I've noticed that the Tr**pite reporters like Cody Derespina put their names on their "hard news" articles, in contrast the objective Fox News reporters whom often—if not usually—just put "Fox News".)

Methinks that Donald Trump, Jr. passed up his opportunity to plea the Fifth on this one. He might as well testify against his father during both the Senate hearings and "United States v. Donald J. Trump"—and he'll have to take a plea deal in "United States v. Donald J. Trump, Jr." if he wants even partial prosecutorial immunity.

Friday, September 27, 2013

What I'm Learning from My Social Work 240 Lecture

: Even as I saw said yesterday on Twitter (or do I have to cite that to prove that I'm not a liar? :-P), "intellectual property" is crap. The concept of "intellectual property" says, "F**k you, G-d. We don't care that nothing is new or that everything belongs to you."

"When you're plagiarizing, you're kidnapping someone's ideas," as the lecture states. Yes, you're actually robbing G-d. Again, everything belongs to Him in the end.  Ann Stuart really caused the problems. The Copyright Act of 1708-1710 really caused problems. It basically said, "F**k Solomon." Furthermore, the Copyright Act of 1708-1710 said, "F**k G-d. I don't care that G-d said that nothing is new & everything belongs to Him."

So, as to whether Ann Stuart was a Christian Queen's quite questionable. She didn't trust G-d enough to say, "You'll take care of stealers." Reading for the MLA/APA?Kate Turabian/Ann Stuart zealots, by the way:,%20Psalm%2024:1&version=NKJV

(Or is a link not enough? :-P).

But like they care: In this lecture, she talks about "too many direct quotes" and blog sources. So much for nothing new under the sun and that there are still people to trust (and using discernment to figure out who to trust), huh? By the way, if you use this, I'll sue you and your mother's sister's paternal brother's cousin's maternal sister's mother to whom you passed on these ideas for plagiarism :-P (as has been said, so much for the free exchange of ideas, huh?).

Thursday, July 4, 2013

To The People Who Think That I'm a B****...

Happy Fourth of July, by the way (unless you want to keep sticking your head in whatever miserable place you have it in).