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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Disturbing Statistics From My Ad on Facebook

Ages [expected or typical from January 1st]
18-24 [1991-1997]
25-34 [1981-1990]
35-44 [1971-1980]
45-54 [1961-1970]
55-64 [1951-1960]
65+ [before or during 1950]

Out of all 2,672 people who have been reached, zero have gone to Represent.Us's website, and the majority are older middle-aged people and seniors. How disheartening that my generation (Gen Y, 1982-2000 or, Biblically, 1980-2000 for 20 years), does not want to be involved in fighting corruption in politics as much as the older middle agers (1954-1970) and seniors (before to during 1950-during 1953). What example, by the way, is Gen Y giving the younger generations (the oldest younger generation being 2001-2021, if 2021 carries us into a continuance of the present age)? Also, what example have the Baby Boomers (1950-1970 or 1940-1960, depending on how one factors in World War Two) and previous generations set for Gen X and younger generations?

Friday, December 16, 2011

New Blog Layout For More Emphasis On My Posts and To Declutter

Tell me what you think about my new blog layout. I'm trying to put more emphasis on my posts and less on the other Blogger feautres. I'm also trying to (perhaps inappropriately for a Christian, though) self promote a little more. In other words, I'm trying to focus on content and promotion of the blog, though I honestly feel guilty about putting the "Yerushalayim Time" clock in a lower position-- as a Jewish Christian, my priorities ought to be concerned with Yerushalayim, Y'hudah, v'kol Yisra'el, even though-- and perhaps, in at least some ways, especially-- I'm b'HaGalut.

By the way, I don't put the ads on the "Yerushalayim Time" clock-- the ads come with the application from which I got the "Yerushalayim Time" clock.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Sister Actually Made This Jewelery With A Nice Jewelery Maker's Kit (Not a Paid Advertisement)...

In fact, she was kidding about me actually promoting...
This ring

These earrings

And this necklace
Though she appreciates that I did promote her jewelery making.

I Have To Market Better, Because Only 43 People Like My Facebook Page...

Yet, 246 Twitter followers, 197 YouTube subscribers, about 62 Facebook friend requests and suggestions... and I won't resort to sex, violence, and other cheap-and-easy methods of disingenousness and low integrity. So, I'm in a bind. 43/505 = .0851485149 (which reads like a phone number; but anyway...). I have about 9 people who like my Facebook page for every 100 people of whom I have an audience (and I didn't even count the YouTube Friends and Facebook Friends who I have, or the Facebook subscribers-- some of whom may be one in the same or in multiple categories).

I have to market better somehow, and without restoring to low or flank methods (including attack methods-- e.g., personal attacks that are entirely baseless and just to get attention. I don't say what I can't back up, despite what my haters might say.).

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Needing Some Help

For weeks, I've been trying to get my political cartoons, which I don't post, syndicated. Like I said earlier, I purposely try not to look at others' or post my own cartoons for copyright and idea purposes. So, I've come at an impasse.

Also, I have this book which as seem to fall through with at least two publishers. I submitted the manuscript and kept in contact with publishers, one who rejected me and two who've hardly or not at all responded to me.

So, if you're an official publisher and/or syndicator, e-mail me at I'd be glad to submit my work via e-mail attachments.