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Showing posts with label schedules. Show all posts

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tiles On the Porch & Having To "Go Potty" Out Front

Far from fun for Reilly and Camille, home improvement is occurring for the next few weeks at Reilly's and Camille's house (unless God wills otherwise)—and especially Camille is not happy about it. From hovering like an around-a-planet moon around "Auntie Nicole" to forcing "Mimi" to carry her into the backyard to "go potty", Camille is making clear that she does not like these guys being in her house and messing up her routine—and never mind that sealed tiles are taking up most of the porch; Cam is making "Mimi" walk around them to the backyard—and Cam will really hate tomorrow when the guys bring in the tiles and put them on the fireplace—being crated and going for a ride to the kitchen in her crate again  will not be fun!

Reilly, meanwhile, is relatively adjusting—she barked when the guys rang the doorbell and were on the porch, e.g. (She was being a good watchdog.), and she's a little scared of the guys. She's also convinced that "Auntie Michelle" was trying to take Camille for a walk when she took her twice to try to "go potty" out front. Nonetheless, Reilly herself "peedied" out front and is at least barking as usual. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

This Is My Night, Or...

At least it's an example of one of my nights--at least one of my Shabbatot (viz., tonight).

  1. Observing Shabbat (if I'm lucky or blessed)
  2. Watching "Fridays With Geraldo" on "The O'Reilly Factor" (and any other part of "The O'Reilly Factor" if I feel like it)
  3. Eating dinner
  4. Getting a shower
  5. Playing on the computer (e.g., watching YouTube clips, being on Twitter, talking with friends on Facebook)
  6. Getting to bed late again, knowing damned well that I should be in bed because I have a counseling appointment in the morning.
This is partly why (and as much as I love talking to my friends on Facebook, this is party why) I need a big break or miracle in life--mundane, monotonous, lonely nights won't always cut it.