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Showing posts with label apostasy. Show all posts

Monday, June 24, 2013

Go Away, Chapelgate. With The Exceptions Who Are In My Life...

I am done with you. You are not a church or school of G-d. You are not part of the Church--if you ever were, you fell away. You are a church and school for and of those who fit your mold--the gentiles and the assimilated Jews, the middle- to upper-class households, the nuclear and connected families, and the deportistas--with those few exceptions who somehow fit your mold in a satisfactory-enough way. Proud Jews and gerim tzdukim, lower- and poor-class households, non-nuclear and non-connected families, and hombres quien son no deportistas don't fit your mold. I learned the hard way.

First of all, I apologize to Pastor Khandijian only for apologizing to him that I got mad when he called Ha'Aron-HaBrit-HaKodesh "a holy piece of furniture"--how dare he would call the Ark of the Covenant such a commonplace item! The Ark of the Covenant holds the very tablets that were given to Moses at Sinai--Ha'Aseret-HaD'varim, which are the very embodiment of Yeshua in the tomb (And, Mr. Seminarian, the keruvim on the Ark should have clued you in!). Also, I can't change that your precious Armenia is part of Togarmah--you got a problem? Take it up with Yehovah!

Secondly, I won't apologize to Cathy Dallwig--not now, not ever! When a disabled church member is unusually lax in attendance, outreaching to him or her and/or offering him or her a ride to church would be nice! That's the least that a "Caring" Director or Coordinator is supposed to do, especially when the position of Caring Director or Caring Director comes with a salary!

Thirdly, how dare "United States" (whoever he or she is) would make up that I said anything about Mike Khandjian's mom--except for, as I maybe did say, that I hope that she raised him better than to be who he is. If I didn't say it before, though , I've said it now: I'd be stunned that my seminarian son had contempt for the Jews at that much of a level--that is, to call the Holy Ark of the Covenant "a holy piece of furniture" and get upset that a Jew confronted him for relegating the embodiment of Yeshua's tomb to a commonplace level! I'd also be stunned that he applied "out of Egypt, I called my son" to his Armenian family--it applies alone to Yeshua, to Israel physically and spiritually, and spiritually (and sometimes physically) to grafted-in gentiles (e.g., Copts who have to physically leave literal Egypt due to persecution, not Armenians who are on their way to America--your Egypt may have been Armenia during the Armenian Genocide [See; I'm fair and can concede what needs to be conceded.], but don't make your resting point the place that you had to leave due to persecution).

As my cousin wisely shared, "Forgive your enemies, but remember their names." Therefore, I'll remember the names of Mike Khandjian, Cathy Dallwig, and others to rightly call them out when I need to do so; and I'll remember what they said and did (or at least the gist thereof if I can't remember exactly what was said and done). To the exceptions among or otherwise connected to Chapelgate, by the way, you had nothing to do with this, and I sorrow that you were (so to speak) put in the crosshairs because of a Pseudo-Christian "Presbyteryian Church".

Also, ach(ot)i b'v'm'Yerushalayim, I apologize to you for "Pastor" Khandjian and "Caring" Director Dallwig, among others: they are reflective more of what's in line with the Talmud (if anything) and certainly what is contrary to Yeshua.

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