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Showing posts with label rights. Show all posts

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why Russian Jews And Jews Like Myself Are Perhaps Not Buriable In Israel

 Many of those Former Soviet nationals are Jews but are not considered as such by the Orthodox Pharisees--either because they're Karaites, Messianic Jews (Jewish Christians), or something else altogether; Patrilineal Jews or not Matrilineally or otherwise Jewish enough. I come from that very legacy--I am a Jewish Christian but can't even look to bury myself and reinter certain relatives in Israel because we were Ashkenazim Anusim and/or descendants thereof. Prime example: my great-granduncle Bernie--the only reason that he can't be reinterred in Israel is because his parents lived as Crypto Jews (Anusim) in Poland during the pogroms and America when their non-converted family kicked them off of the family farm. Otherwise, with no direct descendants or anyone else claiming to be his next of kin, who would object to me taking my Anusi great-granddad's brother to the land that my great-great-grandparents yearned for?