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Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Short Hanukkah Story...

A Jewish boy was on the corner of a busy street in a busy city. This Jewish boy was poor and begging for money. Most of what he got was either persecution, begging, or just no money. Some gave him money, but one  who gave him money mercilessly persecuted him while giving him the money. "Here, Jew. Here's your money. Poor boy; is that all you ever think about?" Then the persecutor just walked away.

People who begged the boy for money were beggars themselves, begging for some of the money which he'd be given or asking how he'd begged. Then came a disheveled-looking, long-haired-seeming man in dirty-appearing  clothes begging for money. The boy, not knowing what else to do, gave him the money. Then the disheveled-looking man held out sevenfold the money that had been given to him. "Can I keep this?"

The boy nodded. Then the man held out tenfold of the sevenfold. "Can I keep this?" The boy nodded, more surprised than at first. A hundredfold of the tenfolded sevenfold appeared in the man's hand. Then the man gave the boy the money.

"Yeshua!" The boy cried. Then the man walked away, and the boy ran home with enough money to live for at least the next couple of days.