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Showing posts with label time. Show all posts

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Belated Shabbat Sukkot 5777 Card

L'Shabbat Sukkot Shalom u'Mevorakh. Shabbat Sukkot, 16 Tishrei 5777.

For some reason, by the way, Powerpoint did not save the background to the card as part of the picture. Reilly and Camille had their picture taken for the card after their grooming appointment, meanwhile.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Preview Of the Next Post: Grooming Appointment For October (Pending), Two Amusing Encounters, Etc..

  1. Reilly and Camille are going to see "Ms. Molly" this afternoon and get their monthly to bimonthly grooming (maybe in time for a Shabbat Sukkot card? 馃檪)
  2. Two encounters that Reilly had with other puppies recently amused an observant "Momma": one encounter was with Shelby, and one was with a puppy whom "Momma" had to assure that Reilly was not around at the time just before the encounter occurred—as he was afraid to let jealous Reilly's "Momma" give him scritches!
  3. Other happenings here and about have occurred, and "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" will try to write about some of those.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Why Does "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" Make So Many Cards With Reilly And Camille?

The short answer is, "Why not?" The long answer includes that:

  1. So far, Reilly is "Momma"'s only child in any sense—whether a fur child or a human child—and firstborn "dogter".
  2. Having updated pictures of Reilly and Camille for "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" to share with others gives "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole"—among, admittedly, other things¹— a chance to share holidays' and other occasions' greetings on behalf of herself, Reilly, and Camille.
  3. At least somebody has to love holidays' and other occasions' greetings from (or at least on behalf of) Reilly and Camille.
By the way, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" plans to make a "Happy Autumn" card for everyone (including September babies and half-year babies whom saw the last card) that's a joint "Happy Autumn Shabbat" card.

诇砖讘转 讘专讗砖 讛住转讬讜 讟讜讘讛 诇讻讜诇诐 诪"讗诪讗" 讜专讗讬诇讬!

(Happy Beginning Of Autumn Shabbat From "Momma" and Reilly!)

¹ Including :
  1. Writing fodder—as photography and cardmaking are visual forms of writing (since, after all, "a picture speaks 1,000 words"), as opposed to phonetic writing (Even hybrid forms of visual and phonetic writing—i.e., "videophonetic"(?) writing—such as hieroglyphics fall into the category of phonetic writing as one of the categories by which they can be classified. By the way, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" found out Reilly's and Camille's first names in hieroglyphics—though given that Ancient Egypt generally worshipped cats, this maybe would not amuse Reilly or Camille.
  2. For family, friends, and others to be among the people whom see them (Who could resist wanting to have Reilly as a "dogter", for example and by the way?). Also, "Momma" did send one card to someone early once; so, she occasionally likes making special cards.

Briefly To Foray Into That World Known As Misbehaving...

Camille decided that refusing to come out of her crate while she had a toy with a squeaker in it was acceptable (By the way, the recordings are mostly-audio recordings, which were made on my cellphone.).

Incidentally, here are some (taken-on-my-cellphone) pictures of Reilly and Camille with their new toys—which were not intentional Yom Teru'ah gifts, I should add—and in case anyone's wondering, Camille's growling, barking, etc. were not teru'ot l'Yom Teru'ah—sounds (teru'ot) forYom Teru'ah 馃槈.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

L'Erev Teru'ah Tovah!

Hopefully, Yom Teru'ah 5777 will be a better Yom Teru'ah than Yom Teru'ah 5776 was—at least for "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole"! As for Reilly and Camille, they started off their Yom Teru'ah celebrations with peanut butter for (relatively) cooperating in taking pictures—so, Reilly's and Camille's 'Erev Teru'ah 5777 has been a Mo'ed Teru'ah l'teru'ot simchot—and Reilly got an extra treat because she patiently waited for "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi" to get Camille into the picture and move in order for Camille to look directly at "Auntie Nicole" instead of be distracted by "Mimi"!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Most Of My Commentary Will Have To Be On Twitter, My Blog, &c..

A couple of reasons for this are:

  1. YouTube's continued kiboshing of webcam-upload technology.
  2. Cerebral Palsy and mental illnesses—part of the reason that YouTube's kiboshing of webcam-upload technology is abysmally detrimental to me (and others with disabilities)—don't allow me to have the wherewithal—physically, mentally, or otherwise—to be able to write, type, hold a camera, etc. 17-15/7. There are even days on which I can't write about Reilly of late.
  3. I'm working on becoming an author and I have other things to do as well—I don't have the luxury to write, type, etc.. at least 8/7.
Thus, most of my commentary will have to be on Twitter, Blogger, etc. to save me strength energy, time. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Offbeat: Yom Teru'ah For Reilly And Camille, And #NationalBoyfriendDay

Ha! Doesn't "Momma" wish for at least Reilly's sake that Reilly had a "Daddy"? May Yehovah (im yirtzeh Yehovah) provide a Yom Teru'ah miracle for Yom Teru'ah and within the beginning of October, and for #NationalBoyfriendDay—after all, the Seventh Month of 5776, and the 10th month of the Gregorian year and "Momma"'s 26th year just begun. Also, Reilly's going to be two years and seven months old on October 25th—both "Momma" and Reilly are getting only older, and "Momma" has lived almost a third of her life expectancy (which is 83, which she calculated yesterday) while Reilly has lived about 17% of a normal Maltipoo's maximum life expectancy (which is 15 years), although—im yirtzeh Yehovah—"Momma" will try to get Reilly to live at least until "Momma" is 60 (at which age, Biblically speaking, she could be expected to be a widow at minimum) and Reilly is 34—since Reilly does eat almost-exclusively organic and natural food and treats, gets regular exercise, etc.—although Reilly may not be able to even eat or get exercise if "Momma" is left single and unable to go anywhere. Besides, "Momma" can't live with "Mom-Mom" forever—and "Momma" thinks about all of this quite frequently for both her sake and Reilly's sake.

As for Yom Teru'ah, meanwhile:

  1. Camille did not like the shofar sounds at first—and "Auntie Nicole" will, i"y"Y, post videos of Camille's reaction to the shofar sounds later.
  2. Camille and Reilly did enjoy some honey for the night of Yom Teru'ah—today, i"y"Y, they will each get an apple piece and honey (Don't tell "Mom-Mom"!)
  3. Yom Teru'ah has sadly been quiet and not as much of a yom l'simcha for Reilly or Cam, or for anybody else—life has been rough for a while. 
Reilly and "Momma" wish everyone a Teru'ah Tovah, by the way. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How Many Jews Really Died During The Holocaust, And When Did The Holocaust Really Begin And End?

We have to be honest: if we say only 6,000,000 Jews and go from 1933-1945, we're not even looking beyond what we knew at one point in history. The moment that the Great Depression began, the Anti Semitism that a then-still-relatively-marginal group known as the Nazis began to gain a scarily-massive affect. Also, Stalin wanted to destroy particularly Jews in the gulags and otherwise within the USSR. So, quite technically, the Holocaust began on October 24, 1929 and didn't end until the gulags closed. Also, how many Holocaust survivors (including Jewish-American and other Jewish Allied soldiers, Navymen, etc.) died post liberation and post war due to illnesses and injuries that they sustained while they were held in the murder camps and/or fighting against the Axis of Evil?

That doesn't even touch, e.g.:

  1. The Jews who died and were left uncounted because they did not count as Jews by Rabbinical and/or Karaite standards (or even by their own standards). 
  2. Unborn Jews who were miscarried and died in wombs, often with mothers whom knew of their pregnancies and were not spared the gas chambers, crematoriums, and other horrors despite their pleas for their babies to be saved.
  3. The Jews who died in hiding.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

With Vint Cerf's Warning, What Do We Do, Then?

Also, the Third Temple is being rebuilt; and you can't have the Third Temple in the Digital and Postmodern Age. After all, Rabbi Amy Scheinerman's contention that "the Hebrew not speak to our lives today" (since "[s]ome institutions...don't speak", and neither, then, can the Scriptures) may seem true. That's why, then, there will be that Electric Grid Bust and Blowout: for example, one cannot keep a menorah burning 24-seven when a fire could easily effect wires and outlets to effect a bigger fire.



Maybe, then part of the work of  The Temple Institute​ and/or other organizations could be somehow collecting hard copies of software, hardware, and other digital and electronic data.

"4 And these are the words that the LORD spoke concerning Israel and concerning Judah. 5 For thus saith the LORD: We have heard a voice of trembling, of fear, and not of peace. 6 Ask ye now, and see whether a man doth travail with child; wherefore do I see every man with his hands on his loins, as a woman in travail, and all faces are turned into paleness? 7 Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it; and it is a time of trouble unto Jacob, but out of it shall he be saved."

(From Jeremiah 30, JPS 1917​ Tanakh​ [转谞''讱])

As for the New Testament (The "H" in Tanakh, for "Hadashah"):

"21 For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be." (From Matthew 24, The NKJV Bible​)


Quite frankly, there'll be the climax of the Digital and Postmodern Age, then the Ezekiel War, then one more Climax (the Third Temple, etc.), and then the Tribulation. After that, the 1000 years, etc..

On the other hand, you could try "转谞''讻讞" or Tanakh Ko'ach—Bible of Power. Then again, you could just stick with 转谞''讱Torah, Nevi'im, Ketuvim—and add "Hadashah" to make "Torah, Nevi'im, Ketuvim v'Chadashah."

  • Second PS: When I was Googling for images of the menorah with the verse about it burning perpetually (and I could not find one with the verse), I found an Anti-Semitic blog by Ora Yakovi "Yakovi's Op-Eds". In case it does not get removed (and please report it) or she starts a new blog, here is my response to her:

You are a classic Pseudo-Christian Anti Semite and self-hating Jew. First of all, you claim that one's maternal haplogroup proves one to be a Jew, and that Ashkenazi Jews are not Jews. By your logic, then, neither are you a Jew:

"She was born on 9/11 in Munich, Germany. In 1949, the "Zagorsky Family" came as DP refugees by ship to America after the Holocaust ended in 1945. Her parents were survivors of concentration camps near Dachau and in Siberia."

You were born in Ashkenaz. Also, Jewishness was primarily patrilineal in Biblical times. There were Matrilineal Jews, though very few. Furthermore, many Middle Eastern Y- and mt-, and some at-DNA markers have been found in Ashkenazi Jews. Furthermore, you are citing debunked "Dr." Elhaik and Anti-Semitic Eupedia. 

Therefore, you are dishonest when you state the following:

As an outspoken voice against anti-Israel/anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism whether in the religious or secular worlds, she now simply identifies herself as a daughter of Abraham's blessed covenant Hebrew "seed" and the "She'erit Yisrael (Remnant of Israel). (Zephaniah 3:13)

Monday, December 1, 2014

With 2014 and 5774 Almost Over...

A lot is already over and becoming over for me:

  1. Right now, it's December 1, 2014 and Kislev 7, 5774. So, both the current Gregorian and Biblical years are almost over.
  2. My Reilly just turned eight months old on November 25, 2014. So, her puppyhood is almost over. (I'm crying right now. Where has the time gone?)
  3. The Kittleman campaign is over.
  4. My chances at talking once more to some relatives are over. Granduncle Tony (z"l) died on July 31, 2014; and Grandaunt Bern died on November 20, 2014 (z"l). May I see them both at HaTechiyat HaMetim (Even though Mashiach seems to tarry, I wait for Him and hasten His Second Coming, as well as His return after the Tribulation. May Reilly and I be Raptured together, by the way; whether both of us are living or dead, or one of us is living or dead.).
There's also a lot of other times, matters, chances, etc. that are over for me. By the way, there is Scriptural proof that animals do have souls, although they have different kinds of souls. They either go into soul sleep, since their souls go down, or they wait in Abraham's Bosom (where hakedoshim had to wait until Mashiach died, rose, and conquered death) and certainly do not go up for judgement, since they can't reason like humans can.). Incidentally, someone on the Jews For Jesus forums along time ago pointed out that animals have souls per Bereshit 1; and I think that, that was a part of what got me eventually wondering if animals do actually have souls, and finding that (unlike plants), animals do have souls. Those who take the Jewishness out of Christianity (Nazarene/Messianic Judaism) and/or don't read Tanakh for what it is conclude that animals have no souls at all.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go give Reilly extra scritches.

Monday, November 4, 2013

PS: Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) 4:16 and The World

I saw a quote that said, "No matter how famous, or rich you become, the weather will determine the attendance at your funeral." I don't buy it. People have braved the worst kinds of weather to attend a millionarie's or celebrity's funeral, and I'm even questioning that "There was no end of all the people over whom he was made king;
Yet those who come afterward will not rejoice in him." (Kohelet 4:16a-b)

Unless Sholmo was writing about normal times and not the End of Days, we certainly remember kings and other celebrities—and we even pass down the knowledge of them to our children and grandchildren, and their grandchildren and their grandchildren. For example, who doesn't know about King Hammurabi?—and he died in 1750 BCE! Who doesn't remember or know about Elvis—the "King of Rock and Roll"? "Yet those who come afterward will not rejoice in him." Really?

Again, unless Shlomo wasn't being told about the time that is "such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be." (Mattityahu 24:21. cf. Markus 13:19, 1 Timote 4:1-2, and Romim 1:22-24), I question Kohelet 4:16a-b. Even a certain celebrity (and I guarantee that he'll be remembered) got 924 "likes" and 112 comments as well as 11 shares for one picture within five hours today. He also got 9 "favorites", 27 retweets, and 17 comments within the same amount of time. Unless the time where we say "Will a man make gods for himself, Which are not gods?" (Yirimiyahu 16:20) comes soon, the veracity of Kohelet 4:16a-b is a question for me.

<a href="" title="If you don't want to be famous, why do you care about famous people so much?">If you don't want to be famous, why do you care about famous people so much?</a>

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Goals For the 2012-2013 (And My Final Undegraduate) School Year

Year goals (effective August 30, 2012):

1)      Have one treat per day (Milkshakes, brownies, semester-opening treats, etc. count as treats. Smaller things for special occasions—e.g., mini candies for Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, and other holidays—do not.).
2)      Don’t overeat or overindulge. If and in case of overindulging, have plenty of water, oatmeal, coffee, and/or gum on hand and extra water, etc. as necessary.
3)      Eat kosher or mostly kosher (healthy included in kosher).
4)      Go to bed at 12:30-2:00 AM every night, and wake up at 9:30 AM-12:30 PM every day.
5)      Shower at least once a week.
6)      Don’t overspend (including overspending in donating) debit or UMBC card money.
a)      Check debit and UMBC card accounts frequently
b)      When possible, use meal plans for Dining Hall meals.
c)      When eating at Outtakes for lunch, take water bottle and granola or Clif bar—buy sandwich or salad and yogurt.
d)      When at Late Night, get coffee at minimum; salad, sandwich, or and other healthy food for snack and/or meal at maximum.
7)      Study hours per day at maximum, every other day at minimum (depending on classes per day, etc.):
a)      Poli 301-02: 1 hour, 40 minutes
b)      Poli 206-01: 5 hours
c)      Poli 320-01: 2 ½ hours
d)      Biol 106-01: 2 ½ hours
8)      Read Parsha and/or Haftarah at least every other day if not every day.
9)      Write in Prayer Journal at least every other day if not every day.
10)   Shower at least once if not twice a week.
11)  Watch only “The O’Reilly Factor” at 8:00 (Monday-Friday) as TV watching and “Geraldo at Large” at 10:00 (Saturdays) except for special occasions (e.g., little or no TV during finals, and watch more on Election Night or during breaking news events that merit more coverage)
12)  Attend UMBC Hillel Shabbatot and other events, and Students For Israel events when possible.
13)  Don’t procrastinate.
14)  Call Mom every day.
15)  Make more—or at least closer—friends.
16)  Pay attention in class.
17)  Don’t spend unnecessary amounts of time on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
18)  Do some stretches at least every other if not every day.
19)  Brush teeth at least every other if not every day.
20)  Write verse or Biblical insight in planner every week in weekly notes.
21)  Go to church at least every other if not every week.

Can I trust you all to pray for and encourage me to make my best efforts to abide by these goals which I set for myself? A lot of these goals are hard to abide by with my Cereral Palsy, OCD/Anxiety/Depression/mild ADD/possible Aspeberger's, propensity to eat out of boredom, emotion, etc.; and the energy taken out of me from dealing with my C.P., etc. among other issues with which I deal.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back To The Future?

As I stated on Twitter, "Yeah, I've dreamed about that. But one learns enough in the present so that time travel isn't a good idea." In other words, G-d made us so that we learn what we learn, can't change the past from which we learn whatever we learn, and be as satisfied with what we learn as we can. If we're satisfied with what we learn (not necessarily happy or joyful, but content and accepting that what happened, happened), we can use what we learn to affect the present and the future as much as humanly possible.

For example, I can't change that Great-Grandma Gaydos did what she did to Vilmosz's side of the family. But I can learn from what she did and make sure that none of our family--or at least as few as possible--ever pull a kapoesque stunt again. I can't change what Great-Granddad Czarnecki's parents did, but I can rejoice in my Jewish heritage and Messianic Jewishness--and that also what they did helped lead me to salvation, although their intent was only to be Anusim to avoid Anti Semitism in both Polish and America. I can't learn everything else about my families' histories in this lifetime, but I can seek out to know what I can and be content with what I know.

Besides, I'd rather have a moment like this:

Than a "Back to the Future" moment.