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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kvetching About the Casey Anthony Verdict and Other Subjects

  1. Look at unemployment numbers and other things. When the jury decided to go after the majority in and of the world to do evil (cf. Ex 23:2) and disregard tzedek (cf. Micah 6:8), the United States felt the crunch.
  2. Bernie Goldberg pointed out that Geraldo Rivera would feel differently if a border agent murdered a Mexican immigrant. In a reverse and real-life case, a Mexican immigrant murdered a 15-year-old girl as opposed to a border agent, but I wonder how Geraldo feels about that as well (and I hope that this explains the parallel which I was trying to draw).
  3.  Southern Sudan and the Supreme Court pointlessly stood up to a part of the inevitable one-world government (cf. Daniel 7:23-28), but at least the Supreme Court stood up to an organization which the US could disband if Dani'el's prophecy weren't going to be fulfilled anyway (As for Sudan, that's another discussion.).