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Showing posts with label Byzantine Catholicism. Show all posts

Sunday, June 9, 2013

All Bluster From the Andrulewiczes Who Come To This Blog: aka, If You're Serious About Whether We're Jewish...

Make the effort to contact me. I get that you'll run into opposition: heck; I, e.g., ran into idiots like Ann McGill Garcia-Mones who want to deny that Julius Danilowicz and his side of the family were Jewish. But how are you going to counter the stumbling blocks like Ann if you don't coalesce with those who are being blocked by the same blocks?  In fact, let me copy and paste what she wrote to me to prove to you that I've dealt with what you're dealing with:

"Nicole, I am blocking you from contacting me. I feel you are attacking me. You seem to be a very angry person. I choose not to be your whipping boy! There are many situations that have happened in the history of the world that are very sad for me. I have had contact with many people over the years doing ancestry research but NEVER anyone that has communicated me as you have come to do. I wish I could wave a magic wand and say that because you found an Adam Danilowicz on Julius Danilowicz' passport application that he is related to you. I just do not think it is so. I am a very experienced in ancestry research. At this point I do not think you have a relative named Julius."

She wants to deny that one can be Jewish and Catholic--whether Crypto Jewish or otherwise--at the same time. She also wishes to deny that my family is my family. No wonder, then, that "[m]y cousin [Paschal Danilowicz's widow] is...difficult to communicate with...[and h]er children have not been very helpful." Also, her cousin's illness ("My cousin is not well and it is difficult to communicate with her. Her children have not been very helpful.") has nothing to do with the communication difficulty--honest people who face history even when it contradicts what they would like it to be will not stand for revisionism. By the way, I do not blame Paschal's widow or his children for any of this: Ann only proved to me that she is another block to the Danilowiczes (such as us cousins of Alexandria Alice Danilowicz), Andrulewiczes (such as us descendants of--surprise, Ms. Mones, Alexandria Alice Czarnecki nee Andrulewiczowna, who married a Danilowicz-Czernecki cousin!), and others (e.g., the Margiewiczes) who stumble into the brick walls especially because of the blocks! (Oh, and Ann, learn about Ashkenazi Jewish naming customs and why "Alexander" variants are important in Jewish culture--perhaps instead of abusing and condemning me, you'll learn why "Julian" and "Alexandria" [and variants thereof] appeared in the family, and mind your own business and stick to your McGills and Tuckers. The Danilowiczes and related families are not, except for Paschal's marriage to your cousin, to mess with!)

Back to the point: be assured that:

  1. You will guarantee this kind of opposition, revisionism, etc.
  2. To hold whatever opposition, revisionism, etc. you encounter in mind--even if you forgive it in your heart--is important. Forgive, but do not forget.
  3. As I said, I see bluster from the Andrulewiczes who come here. I have not once gotten an email from an Andrulewicz that reads something like, "Hey; are we Jewish?"; "Shalom; when did your branch convert?", or "Nicole, I see [or know, have heard, etc.] that your paternal granddad's paternal grandma was my [whichever relative's] [whichever kind of relative]."
  4. Tying the three subpoints together, as aforestated, you need to contact me if you're serious about whether we're Jewish; and not just being someone's (or someones') real whipping boy or girl, or being just a statistic in my Google or FeedJit statistics.
The burden of proof lies on us--as it has from Biblical times for especially those who are kohenim (and whether we are such, I do not know). The burden of proof becomes all the more important when you have those like Ann and P'rushim who are as Ezra was--putting their Jewish children and gentile wives away instead of confirming the covenant of Israel with their children, and with their wives with whom they had become one as they should have done. After all, given that we converted to pagan Vaticanism to save our lives in Byzantine Vaticanist Russia (though God certainly used evil for good by even bringing some of us to Yeshua ), we are like the children of the pagan wives who were put away--especially because that we are Jewish was hidden from us. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Geraldo Rivera Is Not a Roman Catholic

Meanwhile, at least I know what I'm going to here on the podcast now. Anyway, being born to a Roman or other (e.g., Byzantine) Catholic does not make one a Catholic. Geraldo is a Reform Jew, although his dad (the late Cruz Rivera) was a Puerto Rican Roman Catholic. Geraldo himself has stated that he was raised "mostly Jewish". His mom, Lillian Rivera nee Lillie Friedman, is an Ethnic and Religious Jew; and (as Geraldo stated) she wanted Cruz to convert to Judaism if and when she married him, but "he never got around to" it or stopped being a Catholic layman.

Catholicism is not an ethnic grouping, whereas Jewishness is. Besides, I have a claim to Catholicism more than Geraldo does, but I myself am not a Catholic. Like Geraldo, though, I was born in an interfaith home--which eventually became a broken, divorced-parent, single-mom home. I, specifically, was born to an Anusi Ashkenazi dad and a mostly-Irish Roman-turned-English Catholic (Episcopalian) home (Mom, though, is of Jewish descent--at least through the Siedenburg-Mueller Pundts. They eventually became Anusi Protestants as well, since they had their daughter Betha Mueller baptized; and Great-Great-Granddad Pundt became Roman Catholic when he married the Irish-American Mary Ellen Green. So, Mom's mom is Jewish; but given that Mom is only 1/32 Jewish--so far as we know--she's of Jewish descent, but not Jewish.

(Mom could be Jewish, however, if--for example--Pop-Pop "McCoy" [Mom's paternal grandma's maternal granddad] was a Sephardic Jew--regardless of that he [assuming that he was Jewish] an Anusi Catholic.).

I'm, therefore, descended on both sides from Catholics--regardless of that they were a mix of Anusi and genuine, Jewish and gentile, Roman and Non-Roman Catholics. Geraldo does not have this claim. Let's also assume, just for hypotheticality's sake, that his granddad Juan Rivera--who was an Ethnic Spaniard--was actually a Sephardic Jew and Anusi Catholic. The claim that Geraldo claims to have on being Catholic would be even less; especially since Anusim really don't count as Catholic (unless, of course, they're truly Catholics who are just hiding their Ethnic Jewishness; but that is another discussion)--and I say the same of my Anusi relatives (including living relatives): unless they truly believed (or believe) Catholicism and were (or are) just hiding their Ethnic Jewishness, they were not (or are not) truly Catholic.

I was also baptized as a Roman Catholic and raised as an English Catholic, and became saved in the graveyard of Christ Episcopalian Church on Easter Day 1996 or 1997 (I still have that memory of Mom and the then-pastor Jen talking in the parking lot while I, in a blue dress and white shirt under the dress, was praying by Miriam Thomann's grave--not to or through Miriam, in case anyone is wondering; but Miriam's legacy did affect me to become saved. Incidentally, her dad--Ron--has long since been deceased, but I'm not sure whether he's buried next to her. Also, I don't know whether Miriam's mom--Alma--is still alive.).

In conclusion, Geraldo Rivera is less Catholic than I am--and I'm not religiously Catholic; though I descended from both Jewish (including Anusi) and gentile Catholics, and was baptized and raised as a Catholic.

geraldo rivera a practicing catholic
geraldo rivera i'm a catholic