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Showing posts with label Yom Kippur. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Yom Kippur. Show all posts

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Yom Ki-pu(p)r...Say What?!

Reilly actually wanted fasted on Yom Kippur. The little bugger gave "Momma" kisses when "Momma" asked if she wanted to fast(!) and would be fasting on Yom Kippur(!), though she also gave kisses when she found out that she won't have to fast!

Meanwhile, while Reilly won't be fasting on Yom Kippur, she (or at least on behalf of Reilly, "Momma") wishes everyone whom is fasting a tzom kal v'gmar chatima tovah.

PS "Mimi" would absolutely resent if "Auntie Nicole" ever joked about Camille fasting!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Somebody—Or Rather, Some Puppy—Got a Yom Kippur Miracle

One of life's ironies—or rather, paradoxes—that tempts "Momma" to be envious: soon-to-be-two-months-and-seven-years-old Reilly received a Yom Kippur miracle—which tempted "Momma", whom succumbed to the temptation, to call Reilly a "lucky little bastard". All the meanwhile, "Momma" has to limit her fasting (if she'll really fast at all; and even though she's a Jewish Christian, she'd—or at least she'd try to—fast if there was no issue with fasting) due to Wellbutrin (and Momma's never been a shomeret tzomim tovah, anyway). She also remembers that she has to find simcha in the fact that the not-at-all-obligated-to-fast Reilly and Reilly's wanting-to-get-the-sofa-moved-in "Mom-Mom" got their miracle—and "Mom-Mom" doesn't even try to fast for any reason, even for remembering that fasting happens because the Bridegroom is taken away for the time being).

The Bridegroom must really love Reilly and Reilly's "Mom-Mom"—whether He loves Reilly's "Momma", or at loves her as much as He loves Reilly and "Mom-Mom", is quite often another question—after all, Reilly gets back her window-watching spot and a sofa on which to do what puppies do on sofas (including using the sofas as ramps to window-watching spots); "Mom-Mom" gets the sofa moved into the family room by the guys whom came to measure something for her the day before (and they didn't have to move the sofa into the family room), and "Momma" gets loneliness, conflicted feelings over fasting, and other bad things—such as the incumbent-on-"Momma" obligation to explain to the guys that Reilly is a gregarious puppy whom likes to act tough as she barks like a klipeh.

Somewhat Offbeat: "Momma" Told You That Reilly's Not Well Behaved Enough To Be A Service Dog

Since an service dog would be required to be well behaved and younger than two years old, Reilly lacks the behaving nature and youth that a service dog must have. Even again using a pair of "Momma"'s underwear (yes; underwear!) as a tug-of-war and chewing today—notwithstanding that it was clean—and trying to eat a desiccant bead—albe that it was harmless, and she dropped it when she was told to drop it—automatically disqualifies Reilly from being even close to trainable for service-dog work.

If only Reilly had a more-able-to-be-authorative-than-"Momma" "Daddy", meanwhile! As "Momma" has stated, may God count loneliness for over three years—not to mention almost eight years after her first abysmal relationship ended—as enough of a fast and provide a Yom Kippur miracle to break "Momma"'s fast of lonelinessnot to mention that Reilly turns two years and seven old in two weeks in terms of both Gregorian reckoning and Hebrew reckoning, since she was actually born on Second Adar 23 or 24, 5773! Besides, getting blamed for Reilly's disobedience when she was specifically told to go inside after eating "nasties" is not fun—after all, "Momma" had no chair to use as a porch railing and could not hold the leashes of Reilly and Camille—and even "Mom-Mom", whom was home yesterday due to Columbus Day, had a hard time getting going-back-into-the-backyard Reilly to come inside the house.

Incidentally, "Momma" remains jobless and unable to provide for Reilly as much as she'd like to provide for Reilly on her part—and despite that she uses LinkedIn appropriately—and she will be pleased with Reilly if Reilly's gifts of writing fodder to "Momma" lands or helps land "Momma" a job. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Somewhat Offbeat: A Milestone October 11th (And Maybe a "Yom Kippur" Miracle If "Momma"'s Lucky) & Reilly's Afternoon Antics

The October 11th of 2016 is Yom Kippur 5776 & the two-week countdown to Reilly's two-year-and-seventh-month birthday—not to mention:

  1. One month after the painful 15th anniversary of 9/11—and America somehow still stands strongly.
  2. One month before the 98th Anniversary of Armistice Day
  3. The day that is two weeks before Reilly's 2016 seventh-month birthday being on the same day as the Fast of the Seventh Month in 5776.
  4. The day that Reilly would be fasting if puppies—including adult puppies, whom are "bark mitzvahs"—could fast and would have to fast for teshuvah v'kippurim.
While puppies cannot fast and do not have to fast for any reason, let alone l'ma'an teshuvah v'kippurim, especially because of today would Reilly certainly have to fast if she had a mitzvah to be a shomeret HaYom HaKippurim! Being a single "Momma" with a disability, "Momma" certainly had no fun with Reilly's disobedience as Reilly burst out of the back door while she was taking Camille to "go potty"—Reilly, albe unintentionally, added insult to "Momma"'s injurious state in life by making "Momma" chase her around the backyard, try to get her to avoid eating "nasties" such as mulch, and putting a neighbor in a bad position as he or she was unable to help get disobedient Reilly back inside and late leaving for a family obligation as a result—not to mention that the neighbor, even though he or she has recovered from his or her recent surgery, had the surgery only about a month ago.

This is also another reminder of why "Momma" needs a "Daddy" for Reilly as both "Momma" and "Reilly" get older—besides, an as-possible-as-able man would be able to have authority over Reilly than 5'1.75"-and-afflicted-with-CP-and-Scoliosis "Momma". Granted that, for example, the main person who inspired "Momma" to write about Reilly got frustrated when "Momma" once complained about her state in her life—as he understandably viewed "Momma"'s complaining as being a pity-party schtick, as most other people view it because they don't get how hard it is for "Momma".  

Still, as "Momma" wrote in her last "Offbeat" post:

"As if "Momma" isn't in enough pain, didn't hope for a miracle on Yom Teru'ah and National Boyfriend Day, and isn't even trying to be a good "Momma" to Reilly! As if "Momma" doesn't think about herself and "Reilly" getting older while "Momma" either needs Reilly's "Daddy" to come into her life soon or might have to end up remaining an alteh moid and being another stereotypical and forced-by-life case of the ableist argument that people with disabilities don't get married because society doesn't love them!

"'Momma' hurts enough for herself and for Reilly, and feels like Daisy in The Great Gatsby did:

"'Through this twilight universe Daisy began to move again with the season...'

"["Momma"'s own "twilight universe" is mental-illness flareups that only exacerbate "Momma"'s injurious situation in life.]"

On that note, may "Momma" have a Yom Kippur miracle and have God break her forced fast known as being single with little to no hope of having a "Daddy" for Reilly unless by some miracle. Whether "Momma" will observe the tzom l'Yom Kippur, by the way, is nobody's business but her business and God's business.

By the way, Reilly came back inside after the last time that "Momma" bribed her with yogurt—and Camille got extra yogurt for being a good girl and waiting patiently inside while "Auntie Nicole" had to chase Reilly, had to admonish Reilly several times, pray to a God whom seemed to be not helping her out at quite a few points, try to bribe Reilly with multiple treats (e.g., turkey, yogurt, peanut butter), try to trick her (e.g., "Is Mom-Mom home?"; "Let's go get some salmon."), and otherwise try to get her to go back inside after she explicitly disobeyed "Momma" by bursting out into the backyard as "Momma" was trying to get out through the doorway with Camille.

Also incidentally, as Reilly turns two weeks older and perhaps more stubborn, Reilly's 2016 seventh-month birthday will be wedged right in between what would've been "Momma"'s great-granddad Czarnecki's 112th birthday and his paternal grandmother's 178th birthday—and her namesake granddaughter's 119th birthday (and if only she'd've lived to 120 years instead of died in her 51st year of Breast Cancer!), By the way, "Momma" talks to Reilly about her human family all of the time—and speaking of family, Reilly's twice-removed cousin Shelby turns a year old on October 20th! 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Originally On LinkedIn, With Some Additions And Revisions Here: Can "Bregret" Turn Into "Bredemption"/"Breversal"/The UK's "Kol Nidrei" Moment? | Nicole V. Czarnecki | Pulse | LinkedIn

When I wrote about "Bregret", I did not write about it for no reason. As Labour Party MP David Lammy and other UK citizens are begging, "Let us not destroy our economy on the basis of lies and hubris...".

Destroying an economy includes throwing people out of workforces, for example; and unless Britain can turn "Bregret" into "Bredemption"/"Breversal", the UK is in trouble.

May there be a "Bredmption"/"Breversal" that we can truly call the UK's "Kol Nidre" moment—since Yom Kippur 5776 is coming up in October, anyway, and the UK may have time to reverse their "Leave" votes and keep PM Cameron from stepping down in October. After all, this seems to be the tone of many of the 52% of UK voters whom prohibited the UK from vowing itself to the EU any longer:

"Prohibitions, oaths, consecrations, vows that we may vow, swear, consecrate, or prohibit upon ourselves..."regarding them all, we regret them henceforth."
By the way, PM Cameron is a descendant of Eliyahu HaLevi Levita, and that makes the Yom Kippur connection all the more fitting.