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Monday, October 3, 2016

Offbeat: Yom Teru'ah For Reilly And Camille, And #NationalBoyfriendDay

Ha! Doesn't "Momma" wish for at least Reilly's sake that Reilly had a "Daddy"? May Yehovah (im yirtzeh Yehovah) provide a Yom Teru'ah miracle for Yom Teru'ah and within the beginning of October, and for #NationalBoyfriendDay—after all, the Seventh Month of 5776, and the 10th month of the Gregorian year and "Momma"'s 26th year just begun. Also, Reilly's going to be two years and seven months old on October 25th—both "Momma" and Reilly are getting only older, and "Momma" has lived almost a third of her life expectancy (which is 83, which she calculated yesterday) while Reilly has lived about 17% of a normal Maltipoo's maximum life expectancy (which is 15 years), although—im yirtzeh Yehovah—"Momma" will try to get Reilly to live at least until "Momma" is 60 (at which age, Biblically speaking, she could be expected to be a widow at minimum) and Reilly is 34—since Reilly does eat almost-exclusively organic and natural food and treats, gets regular exercise, etc.—although Reilly may not be able to even eat or get exercise if "Momma" is left single and unable to go anywhere. Besides, "Momma" can't live with "Mom-Mom" forever—and "Momma" thinks about all of this quite frequently for both her sake and Reilly's sake.

As for Yom Teru'ah, meanwhile:

  1. Camille did not like the shofar sounds at first—and "Auntie Nicole" will, i"y"Y, post videos of Camille's reaction to the shofar sounds later.
  2. Camille and Reilly did enjoy some honey for the night of Yom Teru'ah—today, i"y"Y, they will each get an apple piece and honey (Don't tell "Mom-Mom"!)
  3. Yom Teru'ah has sadly been quiet and not as much of a yom l'simcha for Reilly or Cam, or for anybody else—life has been rough for a while. 
Reilly and "Momma" wish everyone a Teru'ah Tovah, by the way. 
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