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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Like Heck If "Momma" Knows How Reilly Got Fleas, And "Momma"'s Impatience (Or Something) With God

Imagine that Reilly and Camille come up to greet you every morning. Then imagine the following sequence of events from today:

  1. "Mom-Mom" tells you to hurry up and "Auntie Michelle"—the greeters' sender—that she wants Reilly off your bed.
  2. You find out that Reilly has fleas—and you ask, "Are you serious?"
  3. "Mom-Mom" yells at you and blames you for the fleas "BECAUSE OF THE FILTH IN YOUR ROOM!"
  4. You later find out that "Mom-Mom" saw only two fleas on Reilly, and the fleas weren't even on or in Reilly's skin.
  5. "Mom-Mom" won't answer your question as to how Reilly could've gotten fleas, and tells you to not tell anybody that Reilly might have fleas. The case later turns out to be that Reilly had only those two fleas; she perhaps could've gotten them from another dog (though "Mom-Mom" wouldn't answer the question about whether that's a possibility), and "Mom-Mom" was worried about flea eggs in your room & on Reilly.
  6. "Mom-Mom" was able to spray down the room, etc. with anti-flea spray and get any flea eggs off of Reilly. Meanwhile, she earlier dismissed that your room isn't as clean as you'd—let alone she'd—like it to be because of your Cerebral Palsy (e.g., lack of physical strength), Depression (e.g., a lack of enough energy), ADD, and OCD/Anxiety (e.g., afraid of throwing something valuable away—and as "Momma" told "Mom-Mom", "[what "Momma" has up there is] not all trash").
Then people wonder why "Momma" can't be as patient with God about having a "Daddy" for Reilly as Camille and Reilly can be with "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" in general.
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