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Showing posts with label tefilah. Show all posts

Monday, September 30, 2013

I Dedicate This To the Foczkos, Etc. Who Were Never Properly Mourned, And...

That includes those of us who went through becoming Anusim and going through the Shoah (such as little Joszef Foczko of blessed memory). "El Male Rachamim" is a prayer that is recited in memory of the deceased in the Ashkenazi Jewish community. Shlomo Katz HaKohen sang this version.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Prayer For the Hanukkah and Christmas Season, And the New Year; And...

To begin, I'd go to a Messianic beit knesset, but the problem is that the closest one that I can get to requires that I keep all 613 mitzvot; which is in direct contradiction with Tanakh itself: you cannot keep all 613 mitzvot and live under chen (grace) at the same time; especially since some of the mitzvot were set up to contradict with chen. Also, I am a Patrilineal Jew and would thus not be accepted as a Jew. Since being a Jewish former Catholic priest born of two Jewish parents gets one considered a mere ger tzedek and not a Yehudi; how much harder a time would a Patrilineal Jew whose own patrilineal family won't admit their Jewishness have! So, I still remain churchless and hopefully not sued like Crystal Cox was  (You can guess what a mean spirit threatened me with. As usual, I am a target of lawsuit abuse.).

Now for the prayer:

First the "Avinu" ("Our Father"), then

G-d, if it be in your will, we pray for the continuing Christmas and Hanukkah season, and for the New Year; and we also pray for the fullness of the gentiles to come in, that You might come soon. We also pray that if our desires be according to your desires and that if our desires are according to your desires (and your desires are according to our desires), and if it be in your will; that you give us the desires of our hearts. Amen.