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Showing posts with label Florida_v._Zimmerman. Show all posts

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Nudniks the Martin Family Are!

I read this article--how disgusting of the Martins!

Martin's mother and father watched the interview and appeared on "Fox & Friends" Thursday morning. His mother and father both said Zimmerman's apology appeared insincere and were troubled that the man accused of killing their son considered it all "God’s plan."
"I don't understand what he was thinking by saying it was God's plan that he murdered our child," Tracy Martin, the teen’s father said. "I really don’t understand what God he worships because it’s not the same God that I worship."
Sabrina Fulton, Martin’s mother, also appeared angered by the comment.
"Why would God have him kill an unarmed teenager?" she asked. "It makes no sense."

How can the Martins live with themselves--twisting what a man meant? Sabrina, you're right, by the way: you worship a way different G-d than George Zimmerman worships. Your G-d is probably who you and your race-baiting buddies call "Yashahrali" or whatever you call him. George Zimmerman's, my, and quite a few others' G-d had George Zimmerman save his own life from your pothead, nudnik son who didn't have the decency or common courtesy to identify himself to and ask for directions from George Zimmerman when he was wandering around the neighborhood during a rainstorm, and with the neighborhood being one that wasn't his normal residence--if you're lost, you ask for directions and identify yourself if need be. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Take On the George Zimmerman Case...

So we know and/or can infer from the "Hannity" interview (and other reports) that, among a plethora of other things:

  1. Trayvon Martin was indeed on top of and beating up George Zimmerman.
  2. George Zimmerman's lie detector and other tests indicated "No Deception Indicated".
  3. Witness #9 claimed both racism and molestation.
  4. Trayvon Martin, again being on top of George Zimmerman, was reaching for his belt. So, he was either going to beat George with his own belt or even rape him (and criminals, perhaps especially if and when they're drugged--e.g., on pot--will do things like that. Remember the pothead who stripped himself and ate the homeless man's face off?).
  5. Trayvon, at 17, was out shopping alone in the first place (and didn't ask his dad or his dad's girlfriend, or someone else with a car to take him); would not even ask George Zimmerman for directions or even take his hood off for a minute to identify himself, and tried to pick a fight with George Zimmerman.
  6. George Zimmerman was going to Target when he noticed Trayvon.
  7. Trayvon was reasonably profiled among other Black men, and among White and Hispanic men--many of whom had been involved in (as I believe that George Zimmerman himself stated) "a string of burglaries".
  8. George Zimmerman once helped, among the kids whom he tutored, a homeless Non-White man.
  9. Trayvon Martin was suspended from school and (as I implicity brought up before) a pothead.
  10. George Zimmerman didn't mean to follow Trayvon Martin--he was going in the same direction to get to his own house or the neighborhood club to meet the police.
In conclusion, the racist Martin Family and Benjamin Crump, "Reverend" Al Sharpton, the NAACP, and others have a hard, long look to take at the troublemaking 17-year-old that their beloved Trayvon Martin was.