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Showing posts with label etymology. Show all posts

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Why Sexual "Assault" Isn't Really Assault—It's Worse!

"Sexual assault" is actually sexual battery. When I read the news about Abigal Breslin having spoken about being "sexually assaulted", I thought back to my days in criminal-justice college classes—and if only she had been assaulted as opposed to be both assaulted and battered!

Sexual assault—threatening any form of sexual harassment, including any form of sexual battery—is bad enough. Sexual battery is worse, and intentionally or unintentionally calling sexual battery "sexual assault" is mitigating what sexual battery, which is often to almost always preceded by little to no sexual assault whatsoever, is—and sexual battery (which I myself almost mistakenly just called "sexual assault" just now) can happen in the smallest amount of time and totally unexpectedly on the part of the victim.

For example, a woman who's walking up to her apartment complex may not see her rapist assault her as he stalks her—especially as he swiftly and forcibly grabs her, batters her, and physically batters her separately from having physically battered her when he sexually battered her. Similarly, the middle-school student at her locker may not see her perverse male classmate assaultingly hover behind her and reach his hands out to commit battery against her. Jennifer Christie had the first kind of case happen to her (except for that she was in a hotel and battered prior to being grabbed); and too many a female student has the second kind of case happen to her in real life, which is why "Malcolm In the Middle" demonstrated another art-borrows-from-life episode.

By the way, as I recall, I had an experience in which a middle-school classmate put his hand on my backside without my permission or before-it-happened knowledge; although I don't know who he was, and I just frankly nervous-laughed it off, as he did so when quite a few people were walking in the middle-school halls. With a crowded hall and the school being (at the time) Owen Brown...I'm lucky that it wasn't worse, as some forms of sexual battery are worse in degree and form than, notwithstanding that no form of sexual battery is lucky—and I was walking with a walker, so I wasn't exactly going to have time to fully deal with it.

In conclusion, then, let's stop being incorrect about what sexual assault and sexual battery are, since the only way that calling sexual battery "sexual assault" is correct is that it's politically correct—or at least what's thought to be correct in a politicultural or culturopolitical sense.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Re "Christian" As An Adjective

I just have a few thoughts. For example:
  1. Being a non-proselytizing Jewish Christian, I myself agree with many that many so-called "Christians" (including the notorious so-called and David Brickner-run "Jews For Jesus", whom far from actually follow the New Testament) are Christians in name only (Moshe Rosen would be ashamed. Read Stuart Dauermann's open letter to David Brickner re the Anti-Semitic "That Jew Died For You" stunt).
  2. Sadly, Webster wrote the definition for "Christian" back in the days when it was indeed assumed that only Christians can do good, notwithstanding that Tanakh says that nobody is righteous.
  3. "Christian" is used usually only in regard to self-professing Christians such as not-at-all-a-Christian D****d Tr**p.
  4. During "Roe v. Wade", Catholics and Protestants did indeed identify as Catholic Christians because of the anti-abortion tenet within Christianity.
  5. One's politics reflects one's worldview, as can be seen in the "Roe v. Wade" example alone. By the way, real (or at least strong) Christians would be both against abortion and for reforming the adoption system.
  6. Real (or at least strong) Christians condemn racism (especially Anti Semitism), sexism, xenophobia, ableism, and other bigotry, such as Muslimophobia (Islamophobia is another discussion, as Mohammed hated both Jewish Christians—and other Jews—and gentile Christians. One can hate certain ideologies, including religions, without hating their followers. By the way, most Muslims in at least the Western World are moderate, or secular).
  7. "Turning the other cheek" was actually a Samuel Jackson type of defiance. "Say 'what' again..." became "hit me again...", and "turn the other cheek" has been misinterpreted for years.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Maczkovecz...Definitely Jewish; Just Trying To Break It Down


from maka ‘flour’ [See "Monk"], presumably a metonymic occupational name for a miller or a nickname for someone with a very pale complexion.nickname from a diminutive of mak ‘poppy’.


Macko Name Meaning

Polish (Macko), Ukrainian, and Slovak: from a pet form of Polish Maciej, Slovak Matej, or some other Slavic form of Matthew.

"Mattityahu" (מתתיהו) is originally Hebrew.

So, the Maczkoveczes (Mackovecs, etc.) were either "Millersons" or "Matthewsons"—basically, "of Matthew" or "bnei-Mattityahu" (בני מתתיהו). "Vec" or "vecz" ("vec" Magyarized or Polonized) means:

dôsledokotázkapredmet sporusporný bodsporná otázkavec
príčinadôvodvecsúdny spor
zadaniepracoviskoťažká prácazamestnanierobotavec
vecvo veci

So, basically, we're—unless we're "Millersons"—sons of Matthew or "things of Matthew" (Nice! In all seriousness, Jews didn't always get desirable names.). I don't know whether this Matthew was one in the Diaspora or even מתתיהו התלמיד himself (if מתתיהו התלמיד had any children, and any children that stayed in or reverted to Non-Messianic Judaism. On the other hand, they could have been children who were Messianic and became part of the lost tribes and/or completely assimilated and absorbed, since I know of no Messianic lines that have been fully Messianic since the time of התלמידים ושליחים.). He could've even been מתתיהו המכבי, but this is doubtful.

By the way, I had to play around with Google Translate, take Hebrew 101, etc. to get the Hebrew. I am not translating this for you; so, look it up and/or otherwise learn it for yourself—to do so is the best way to learn it for yourself. I grant that some would say, "Well, didn't you have people teach you and otherwise help you learn?" כן, and I had to—עם עזרת וחן יהוה— be a willing תלמידה.