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Showing posts with label ironies. Show all posts

Monday, September 18, 2017

"Corruption = Entertainment", As Far As The Emmys Are Concerned

While Donald Glover and Lena Waith made history when each won an Emmy tonight, Anti Semites and kapos also made history. As one community had simchot, one has a reason to mourn—and one which is not entirely separate from the history over which the one community has to rejoice.

Hollywood hypocritically invited Sean Spicer to speak. By inviting Sean Spicer to speak, the Emmys are trying to normalize Anti Semitism and condemning Anti-Black racism in the same way that they tried to normalize both Anti Semitism and Anti-Black racism with—either the ironically- or the kapoesquely-promoted—"Birth Of a Nation", promoted by none other than Louis B. Mayer—whom himself was a victim of discrimination and child émigré as a result of discrimination (not unlike my father's paternal grandfather, whom Louis B. Mayer persecuted along with everyone else whom that the "Birth Of a Nation" writer persecuted in the first place).

Actually, Hollywood in the end is trying to once again normalize Anti-Semitic and Anti-Black racismⁱ as they did 102 years ago—and they're trying to ruin the African-American community's simchot and once again torment Jews in the process—and imagine where my Black lantzmen¹ and lantzfroyen² must be caught, as if being caught between other rocks and hard places weren't enough!

PS Some actually rated the junk above a "★". I asked them to ask themselves what they would rate Leni Riefenstahl's films.

PS Update:

There are two tweets before this one as well.

 Remember that Tr**p hates Black people almost as much, if not as much, as he hates Jewish people.
¹ e.g., Eric André—by the way, I'm pretty sure that he's not an Andrelewitz; and I've yet to come across a Black Andrelewitz besides my cousin Brianna (and as I've said, I don't know where we got "Andrulevičus" and subsequent variants).
² e.g., Kat Graham—whom really shares a part of my family's background, as my paternal family has Russlande Yidish roots, and one of my family's matriarchs is Alexandria Alice Andrulewicz Czerniecki (Osnat Sara bat Yosef HaKohen Andrulevitz), of blessed memory (Other relatives were "Alexandrias" as well, "Alexanders", etc.).

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Somebody—Or Rather, Some Puppy—Got a Yom Kippur Miracle

One of life's ironies—or rather, paradoxes—that tempts "Momma" to be envious: soon-to-be-two-months-and-seven-years-old Reilly received a Yom Kippur miracle—which tempted "Momma", whom succumbed to the temptation, to call Reilly a "lucky little bastard". All the meanwhile, "Momma" has to limit her fasting (if she'll really fast at all; and even though she's a Jewish Christian, she'd—or at least she'd try to—fast if there was no issue with fasting) due to Wellbutrin (and Momma's never been a shomeret tzomim tovah, anyway). She also remembers that she has to find simcha in the fact that the not-at-all-obligated-to-fast Reilly and Reilly's wanting-to-get-the-sofa-moved-in "Mom-Mom" got their miracle—and "Mom-Mom" doesn't even try to fast for any reason, even for remembering that fasting happens because the Bridegroom is taken away for the time being).

The Bridegroom must really love Reilly and Reilly's "Mom-Mom"—whether He loves Reilly's "Momma", or at loves her as much as He loves Reilly and "Mom-Mom", is quite often another question—after all, Reilly gets back her window-watching spot and a sofa on which to do what puppies do on sofas (including using the sofas as ramps to window-watching spots); "Mom-Mom" gets the sofa moved into the family room by the guys whom came to measure something for her the day before (and they didn't have to move the sofa into the family room), and "Momma" gets loneliness, conflicted feelings over fasting, and other bad things—such as the incumbent-on-"Momma" obligation to explain to the guys that Reilly is a gregarious puppy whom likes to act tough as she barks like a klipeh.