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Showing posts with label video. Show all posts

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Maybe Reilly & Camille Get Their Cameraphobia From "Mom-Mom"?

Camille once again had be tricked (with a sock and to say "Hi" to "Mimi"); and "Mom-Mom" chose to serve as a background prop for Camille's and Reilly's photoshoot, notwithstanding that "Momma" already promised to crop her out. 

By the way, the lighting should indicate a literal morning-evening difference in the photoshoots; and Reilly was inadvertently in a "puppy-in-a-blankie" ("dog-in-a-blanket") setup.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

"The Shelby Bowl"! Maybe Not The Puppy Bowl, But Hey...

On Superbowl LI Eve, when everyone's out in the neighborhood (or rather, "Momma" is visiting Shelby & Reilly is walking with Camille, "Mom-Mom", and "Auntie Michelle")...

All of the canines and humans at the "Shelby Bowl" had an entertaining time, and the score was a three-way tie with no overtime!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Few Reasons That YouTube Needs To Restore Its Webcam-Upload Technology, Or In Short....

Some people literally used the YouTube webcam-upload technology to make their livings, or at least parts of their livings, sometimes even as YouTube partners. Other people used the YouTube webcam-upload technology to try to get their foots in the doors, and even others used the webcam-upload technology to open up their professional—and personal—worlds to others, and quite often to help others.

Examples include:

  1. Myself. I'm trying to get my foot in the door, help others, etc.—a number of videos talk about subjects that I cover in "The Real Stories"
  2. Guitar teacher and worship leader Daniel Choo—unless I speak out of turn and arrogance, I can reasonably ascertain that Daniel Choo had an easier time doing more-frequent covers when the webcam technology was available. By the way, I'm merely citing Daniel as an example.
  3. Greta van Susteren—unless I speak out of turn and arrogance, I can reasonably ascertain that even Great van Susteren had an easier time making more frequent "Gretawire" videos.
With one laywoman and two professionals being cases in point as to why YouTube was wrong to discontinue the use of its webcam-upload technology, the cited laywoman in question asks that you ask YouTube to restore a vital uploading means for everyone from the layperson whom doesn't have fancy studio- and on-location equipment, to the professional whom can increase the accessibility of his or her professional world

YouTube Needs To Restore Its Webcam-Upload Technology

That is all.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Reilly Rosalita Czarnecki

This is Reilly Rosalita Czarnecki. She was born on March 25, 2014 at Ole Field Farm in Union Bridge, Maryland. The daughter of Oobi-Won and Apple Fleming, she is a Patrilineal Maltese and a Matrilineal Apricot Poodle. She has one sister, two brothers, and many other relatives; and her human family brought her home on May 24, 2014. A maiden Maltipoo, she resides in the Baltimore, Maryland area with her human mommy, Nicole, her "Auntie" Michelle, and her "Grandma", Cecilia. She currently spends her days teething, playing, exploring, napping, and doing all else that puppies do. Her chag kelevah mitzvah ("bark mitzvah") will occur in February or March 2015, given that Second Adar 22-23, 5773 fell in March 25, 2014. May, G-D willing, Reilly live 34 or more calendar years (149 or more "human years").

Too cute!

Friday, August 2, 2013

I Don't Hope That Nehemia Gordon's Happy With Himself, And...

Why should he be? After all, he took what I said--that "Rashi" ("Rabbi' Shlomo Yitzchaki) was Anti Messianic--and twisted it into some horrid and perverted rhetoric that I would never say. After I exposed him for doing that with a certain video, I got this strike on my YouTube account and had to later repost the video with the disclaimer that Nehemia is a public figure:

Unreal! And there's no chance to appeal it! As I've said, "My life is driven by being informed and informing others about what I know. After all, 'Tzedek, tzedek tirdof--Justice, justice, you shall pursue.'" and "Pursuing justice, therefore, begins with pursuing justice for my people and within my family--and that includes talking about....subjects which are to my mom's chagrin for me to talk about." And, of course, Mom and Michelle wouldn't want me talking about Nehemia--they'd just want me to let the whole situation go!

But as the situation stands, my moving forward as a commentator and pundit is hampered by him; and I'm also quite sure that he's still out there verbally abusing others and trying to wreck their lives all the more while abusing them! From what I understand, the guy still has a career--and that he does is rotten!

He also still has sleep at night! And how does he? That's part of why I get pretty riled up in my latest video--that is, I get riled up when I reflect on the fact that abusers and otherwise-jerky people like Nehemia Gordon can hamper and even destroy aspirations, careers, and lives of the very people who used or even put aside their own careers to support them. Remember that, for example, I would constantly refer and link to Karaite Korner on this blog, in my YouTube videos, etc.--and I had my defense of one of Nehemia's arguments twisted into horrid, perverted, Anti-Semitic rhetoric that Nehemia tried to put into my mouth!

And, again, that's part of why I'm moving forward with my aspirations and career as a commentator and pundit--so that people like Nehemia Gordon don't have careers and can't destroy the careers and lives of others (let alone of others who used or forewent their careers to help them).