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Friday, February 9, 2018

As I Submitted To the Patients For Affordable Drugs Website: Why I'm For Lower Drug Prices

I am one of the ones whom is both unlucky and lucky. I have Cerebral Palsy, OCD/Anxiety, Depression, ADD, and IBS; and I have to be on three medicines for my mental illnesses. I also have to use a Baclofen Pump for my CP, and at least the medications that I take for my mental illnesses help somewhat with the IBS. I additionally have to be on Medicaid and receive SSI benefits as well as be on my mom's insurance for the time being.

Without being on Medicaid and my mom's insurance (since she's a single mom whom works for the federal government, and I still have to live at home at 28 because of my conditions) at present, I don't know what I do. For example, my psychiatrist doesn't accept insurance; so I have to pay the full $125 every time that I have a psychiatry appointment. I can only imagine, then, how much I'd have to pay without being on Medicaid and my mom's insurance, and receiving SSI benefits in my current situation.

Of course, I'd like to get married and not have to be on Medicaid or SSI benefits, and I'd surely like to not have to be on my mom's insurance. Part of what scares me nonetheless is the idea of never getting married and having to depend on my mom for the rest of her life, and being on SSI benefits and Medicaid for the rest of my life. Another part of what scares me is if I get cheated on and get divorced if I do get married because I'm ableistically seen as worth cheating on, and being cheated on will hurt enough without me having to fall back on SSI benefits and Medicaid to afford the Baclofen Pump appointment followups, medications for my mental illnesses, etc.

I can only imagine, then, the circumstances of those whom are in worse situations than I am. That's why I'm for lower drug prices and reasonable drug prices, and especially for the rich and otherwise better off to philanthropically help the poor and otherwise less fortunate afford the drugs that we need.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

On the 71st Anniversary Of the Liberation Of Jews From Auschwitz And Other Murder Camps, I Remember The Life Of...

My distant cousin Antoni Andrulewicz (אנתוני בן יוחנן הכוהן אנדרולוביץ, ז''ל והי''ד).

When I was doing more family research, I found out about him (and found this picture) and read about the horrid circumstances of his death.

According to what cited, he was "arrested" (read "kidnapped"), "held hostage in the Suwalki prison" for almost three months, and murdered by asphyxiation with other victims of a "mass execution" (read, quite frankly, "mass lynching"), and put into a mass grave at the murder site.

Remember that not all Sho'ah victims fit the profile of the oft-described Sho'ah victim—and certainly, not all lived to be victims whom became liberated survivors. Because he was a ben Anusim, he (like other bnei Anusim in Non-Hispanic Europe) got overlooked (despite that Anusim and bnei Anusim were not only in Iberia and not only during the Spanish Inquisition).

As has been said, ****** didn't care whether Jews were Rabbinical, Karaite, or Non-Rabbinical and Non-Karaite Jews; and many continue to leave millions of those whom were counted for murder out of the count of those whom are to be remembered ("[B]ut for Thy sake are we killed all the day; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.").

Even 71 years later, only 6-11 Million victims of the Sho'ah (not counting the gentile ones) are counted and remembered for a blessing; and Stalin, despite that he had his equivalent of a "Final Solution", is remembered as part of the Yalta Three whom led the armed forces that liberated Jews from Auschwitz and other murder ("concentration") camps (and lets be clear: the "concentration" camps were not designed to be anything but murder camps).

Even 71 years later, then, Israel is still not fully liberated from the Nazis—how can Israel be fully liberated when his murdered sons and daughters are still not fully counted and what he endured in, e.g., murder camps is minimized?

לעולם לא שיכחו; לעולם לא שוב!

 "Andrulewicz" and variants thereof originated with "Andrulevičius" (especially "Andrulevičus") in Stakliškės (as I was told on Polish Forums). However, we also have Sephardi or Mizrachi roots, as two of our cousins were named "Kasis" (not "Kasis" as in "spit" or "Kazys" as in "Kazimierz", since that was a later renaming). As far as I can tell and other sites, then, "Kasis" probably comes from "Casis", which comes with "Qisis" or "Qasis". 

As far, BTW, as why the various branches were all over the place in terms of not speaking to each other, etc., I do not know. I do know, though, that, e.g., the Andrelewitz branch in Vilna probably was done with most of us long before my branch became Anusim (Rochla bas Gitla was among the Vilna branch). 

As far as the Vil'gel'm Andrulevich branch, we last had contact with them roughly about when Great-Granddad was born in Cuman (now Tsuman), since Vil'gel'm lived in Buzhanka near Zvenigorodka (now Zvenyhorodka). Whether it was before Great-Granddad was born or after he was, I don't know. 

I've had to figure out quite a bit of this through inference, etc.. Ultimately, nonetheless, it won't change that I'm a bat-Anusim whom has a duty to make sure that even distant relatives who were Sho'ah victims aren't forgotten.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Bladder Cancer And Why I'm Volunteering for the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network

By the way, the BCAN Baltimore Walk is on:

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 at Canton Waterfront Park (Registration begins at 9 am and Walk begins at 10 am)

BTW, I did not share this in the video: look at the following two pictures:


Then imagine how having a condition such as IBS or an Enlarged Prostate would exacerbate Bladder Cancer (


PS The BCAN website states "Bladder cancer is the sixth most commonly diagnosed cancer in the U.S.". I was either told or thinking that I heard "most diagnosed".

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Apparently, You're Not Supposed To Ask Why a Jew Is a Jew Or a Ger Is a Ger; And If You Do...

Don't let the others get to you. I had the same question and desire to know the story of a man whose story I read while I was randomly browsing ("Were you born Jewish or did you convert? Either way, tell us your story. I am curious to learn."). Besides:
1) We know of the conversion of Rachav.
2) We know of the conversion of Rut, the history of which G-d devoted a whole sefer b'Tanakh.
3) That's part of how I suspected that I'm Jewish. My paternal grandfather was very dark skinned for such a Polish and Lithuanian American, and the case turned out to be that he was a Litvak and Belarusish Yid (on his paternal side. On his maternal side, he was an Ungarish and a Slovakish Yid on his maternal side.). By the way, both of my father's parents were Anusim and bnei-Anusim (Pop-Pop made a veiled confession that we are Jewish in one of our final conversations after he denied it for years, and Grandma also made a veiled confession once. Dad, on the other hand, is still like Pop-Pop was—not happy that I found out.). Also by the way, Mom is Jewish (She denies her heritage as well.).
In addition, Rabbi Jack Romberg once wrote, "It is the power of constant questioning that creates the dynamism that keeps Judaism relevant. The world changes and Judaism must respond to those changes." That includes, of course, asking how a Jew found out that he or she is Jewish and/or came to terms with and/or came to appreciate and live in light of his or her Jewishness, or why a gentile stated "thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God" as Rut stated to Na'omi.

Friday, June 7, 2013

As Controversial And Ill Timed As This Seems...

When anyone dies, I (or at least I should) always hope that they were saved or came to salvation if they were not saved prior to their dying moments (As for the ones who were saved, that "[p]recious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His saints." is obvious. Nobody has to worry about where the saints are going.). As for those who weren't saved, their fate depends on their works. For the saved, "This is He who came by water and blood—Jesus Christ; not only by water, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit who bears witness, because the Spirit is truth.  For there are three that bear witness in heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one And there are three that bear witness on earth: the Spirit, the water, and the blood; and these three agree as one."

I myself testify as one whose Believing Jewish family members--e.g., Mark Gavrish--have helped save their Non-Believing (even Crypto-Jewish) family members (v.g., Stanislaw "Stanley" Czarnecki, z'l). I also testify as one who has family members in Hell (and if you think that that's easy and not troublesome for me to say, think again--I have gotten heat for speaking out against family members and their actions, for example, and even disbelief. One example is the dishonest Claire Bradley--I even offered that she contact Granduncle Tony, so that he could tell her what I told her happened to Great-Granduncle Bernie; and what does the perverter do? Cut out that part that I told and make what I wrote to her sound like she wrote it herself--and those are the kinds of people who run FindAGrave, by the way [Long story, but now you know why I detest  FindAGrave, though that site is a necessary evil for the time being.]).

In conclusion (and writing this blog entry with the sad guarantee that, verbi causa, Great-Granduncles Johnkie and Suzy are in Hell right now), I urge you to communicate to especially unsaved Jewish souls that grace is a Jewish idea before the time passes, and let them choose what their fate will be

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Geraldo Rivera Is Not a Roman Catholic

Meanwhile, at least I know what I'm going to here on the podcast now. Anyway, being born to a Roman or other (e.g., Byzantine) Catholic does not make one a Catholic. Geraldo is a Reform Jew, although his dad (the late Cruz Rivera) was a Puerto Rican Roman Catholic. Geraldo himself has stated that he was raised "mostly Jewish". His mom, Lillian Rivera nee Lillie Friedman, is an Ethnic and Religious Jew; and (as Geraldo stated) she wanted Cruz to convert to Judaism if and when she married him, but "he never got around to" it or stopped being a Catholic layman.

Catholicism is not an ethnic grouping, whereas Jewishness is. Besides, I have a claim to Catholicism more than Geraldo does, but I myself am not a Catholic. Like Geraldo, though, I was born in an interfaith home--which eventually became a broken, divorced-parent, single-mom home. I, specifically, was born to an Anusi Ashkenazi dad and a mostly-Irish Roman-turned-English Catholic (Episcopalian) home (Mom, though, is of Jewish descent--at least through the Siedenburg-Mueller Pundts. They eventually became Anusi Protestants as well, since they had their daughter Betha Mueller baptized; and Great-Great-Granddad Pundt became Roman Catholic when he married the Irish-American Mary Ellen Green. So, Mom's mom is Jewish; but given that Mom is only 1/32 Jewish--so far as we know--she's of Jewish descent, but not Jewish.

(Mom could be Jewish, however, if--for example--Pop-Pop "McCoy" [Mom's paternal grandma's maternal granddad] was a Sephardic Jew--regardless of that he [assuming that he was Jewish] an Anusi Catholic.).

I'm, therefore, descended on both sides from Catholics--regardless of that they were a mix of Anusi and genuine, Jewish and gentile, Roman and Non-Roman Catholics. Geraldo does not have this claim. Let's also assume, just for hypotheticality's sake, that his granddad Juan Rivera--who was an Ethnic Spaniard--was actually a Sephardic Jew and Anusi Catholic. The claim that Geraldo claims to have on being Catholic would be even less; especially since Anusim really don't count as Catholic (unless, of course, they're truly Catholics who are just hiding their Ethnic Jewishness; but that is another discussion)--and I say the same of my Anusi relatives (including living relatives): unless they truly believed (or believe) Catholicism and were (or are) just hiding their Ethnic Jewishness, they were not (or are not) truly Catholic.

I was also baptized as a Roman Catholic and raised as an English Catholic, and became saved in the graveyard of Christ Episcopalian Church on Easter Day 1996 or 1997 (I still have that memory of Mom and the then-pastor Jen talking in the parking lot while I, in a blue dress and white shirt under the dress, was praying by Miriam Thomann's grave--not to or through Miriam, in case anyone is wondering; but Miriam's legacy did affect me to become saved. Incidentally, her dad--Ron--has long since been deceased, but I'm not sure whether he's buried next to her. Also, I don't know whether Miriam's mom--Alma--is still alive.).

In conclusion, Geraldo Rivera is less Catholic than I am--and I'm not religiously Catholic; though I descended from both Jewish (including Anusi) and gentile Catholics, and was baptized and raised as a Catholic.

geraldo rivera a practicing catholic
geraldo rivera i'm a catholic