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Showing posts with label school. college. Show all posts

Monday, November 28, 2011

And Here Comes the Mark Off on My Project (Surprise; Surprise...)

Many people seeing this have already heard about me via Jack and Greg Czarnecki (Thanks for getting my project marked off, you two. You've said that you read this blog; and I know that you're snidly reading this and seeing how else your estranged granddaughter and daughter can fail all the more.). I already acknowledge that I'm the pariah of the family-- from getting defriending because I brought up (according to them, chalilah!) our Jewish heritage, Great-Grandma Gaydos' kapoesque behavior, that Jack Feldman and so many of the rest of us are sick because we and our ancestors did not eat kashrut; to getting no family pictures (without figuratively twisting arms, anyway; and not getting any more since), no justice for Great-Grandma Czarnecki, and no good repute among many.

"Turn in your project using the 31 observations or as many as you can get." In other words; do what you can, but I'll still mark you off (She marked me off when I couldn't get other votes before.). So I try and I fail, thanks partly to a murderer and his like-dad-like-son progeny who have influence in the family, in the government (since Pop-Pop was not only an IRS Agent, but also a volunteer for the Ann Arundel County Courts), and otherwise.

I know why many of my family didn't vote on the project. "Oh; don't help her. She's only doing this for [whatever other reason besides a Stats project]."; "She'll use this and your information against you."; etc. I know how my family works; believe me-- I was more than just born into the family.

The Pariah Part Was Not a Ploy For My Project; The Project Only Showed Me Again What A Pariah I Am...

I can't even get a response from my professor for an extension when I had to be out for two classes for Criminal Justice field trips-- that's bad news. I wasn't was absolutely not kidding about the pariah part, meanwhile. I've seen these other kids get 10,000, 20,000, more votes than I could get in years; and I know it's because I'm a damned pariah.

"Oh G-d; Oh My G-d; Jack Czarnecki's granddaughter."

"Jesus Christ; it's that Nickidewbear, etc.".

My own cousin  Marcela J. "Mia" Danilowicz called me a "fucking psycho", too. I know the deal. I can't get help even on a Stats project because I'm the one YouTuber, Facebook, Tweeter, family member, etc. that quite a few people would love to strangle if they could get away with it. I'm not stupid to that even other relatives and others are friends with me only because they feel obligated for whatever reason to be.

And yet, people think that I'm so damned stupid.

Maybe If I Were As Famous As Krystal Keith, I Could Get My Stats Project Done...

A little wry and self-depreciating humor. I still can't get the 50 votes that I need for today/tomorrow (Kislev 3/November 29). Besides, I was signed up for Statistics by my mom (Not that I had a choice, anyway.). If I wanted to be a mathematician or pollster, I would've majored in Math or Math with a Concentration in Statistics and Political Science.

But I've seen where other Stats students get over 1,000 votes for their Stats projects, and they're not even famous. Why can't I get at least 50 votes? I failed my first project because I couldn't get the 20 votes needed then. As I said, maybe if I were as famous as Krystal Keith, I could get my Stats project done...

She has a famous dad and has had a privileged life, though; and is part of why people find my blog, anyway. Me, I've had a thorn-in-the-flesh life and an infamous granddad-- anyone who knows or at least knows about Jack Czarnecki either considers me a pariah or wants to strangle him and me alike (I get the blame for exposing Pop-Pop for being a Self-Hating Jew who had hutzpah to serve tax papers to Richard Nixon while hiding his Jewishness, and then later murder his Jewish mother. Isn't that nice?).

Count your blessings, Krystal Keith-- and don't become like your dad, please. I used to be a fan of his until he went down that "Stays In Mexico", "White Trash With Money", and "Red Solo Cup" road. And please be actually "country as cornbread" as your dad says that you are-- not what he considers "country" nowadays.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Do I Look Like I Like Touting My Stats Project? But I Thought That Social Media Was More Powerful, Anyway...

So, porque tu no me ayudas con mi proyecto de matematicas? I'm even appealing to fellow Hispanophones here (y no que hablo espanol bien, pero...). Here's the project:

  • Your part of the project-- you help me get at least 50 votes. All you have to do is vote on "How will/did you spend Thanksgiving?"

  • My part:

Project 3

MATH-138: Project #3

Do the following (in order):

1) Obtain some quantitative data (with at least 50 observations) and treat this data as your “population”. In your project write-up, explain what your data represents.

2) Without calculating the population mean of your data, guess what the mean is (and record your guess). It is okay if your guess is “bad”.

3) Calculate the population mean of your data

4) Randomly sample 15 observations from your population. You must explain how you did this sampling and record your results (i.e. your sampled observations)

5) Calculate the sample mean

6) Build confidence intervals around your sample mean with the following levels of confidence: 80%, 90%, 95%, 99%. Which intervals (if any) actually contain the population mean (gotten in Step #3)?

7) Perform 2-sided hypothesis tests that the population mean equals your guess from Step #2 using the following alpha levels: 0.20, 0.10, 0.05, 0.01. Note that your hypotheses, test statistic and P-value will stay the same for each test (therefore, you only need to write these down once). However, your conclusion might change from test to test.

8) Did any of your tests result in a Type I error? If so, which tests?

Write all this up in a report that is clear, concise, neat, and typed. Include your population and sample data in tables at the end of your write-up.

Por favor tu me ayude con eso proyecto. Please help me with this project. I'm trying to get random voters from Facebook, Twitter, etc.; the United States, m'Ha'Eretz Yisra'el, del Estado de Mexico, and everywhere else. Even if you didn't celebrate Thanksgiving, just vote "Other" or whatever else.