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Showing posts with label incidents. Show all posts

Thursday, May 21, 2015

יהוה As My Witness, I Am Telling This True Story

When I was outside and Reilly saw the neighbors' dog Leo (to whom she takes a particular affinity), she bolted out of her coat (the buckle of which she had chewed and made loose) and to the fence. She interacted with and chased Leo, who was the one who came to the fence in the first place (and his human mother had to pick him up to get him back over to his house—and imagine picking up an about-two-years-old Border Collie mix who could bolt over to see Reilly like that! Yes; I was perhaps a bit of a jerk for recording it, too, admittedly—running over would have made the situation worse, though. Besides, I can't run! Also, staying and recording the video does give me: firstly, a memory to share with others; and secondly, corroborating evidence that I did nothing wrong.).

I did eventually coax Reilly into the house with a promise of peanut butter. Incidentally, she did get some exercise on this rainy day and while "Mom-Mom" and the UMBC alumna known as "Auntie Michelle" were at Michelle's commencement ceremony and on a visit to Reilly's "Great Mom-Mom".