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Showing posts with label kvetching. Show all posts

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This Is What I Get When...

I have family that doesn't even know that I exist, let alone what's going on in my life. The Chicagoite, I'm guessing, is a Rusnak or Petak (I'm beat--who else is in Illinois, let alone Chicago)? Levittown or Monroe Township (Jamesburg?) has got to be the Czarneckis--this includes the Guhanicks and Dobroskys (People don't think that I don't do the research--well, they couldn't be more wrong.).

I get it: Great-Grandma cut off Great-Granddad's side when he committed suicide. I didn't know that Great-Granddad was the Jewish son of Crypto-Jewish immigrants who may be kohanim--well, the Chernetskis may be. Was telling that potential relative that we unfortunately converted a mistake? Maybe. But at least I was honest; and to be fair, to be proselytized--even though later generations of us became genuinely saved because G-d used evil for good--was unfortunate. No Jew should ever have to convert to survive and avoid Pseudo-Christian Anti Semitism. So, in the end, "unfortunately" was a honest word to describe it--albeit that it was used to bring later generations salvation--, and being honest about our conversion was better than lying by omission. Besides, it helps explain why we didn't know that we chose more than Lipsk and Warszawa as our Diasporan homes--we chose [apparently] Kobryn, among other places, as well.

By other places, I mean, for example, "Mogilev". To be a Danilovich who's related to Kirk Douglas? Do I look happy about it? Lo! But life is what it is. By the way, all I know is that we're Daniloviches (Danilowiczes) related to Kirk Douglas--I don't know exactly how, but he has the "Czarnecki" (really, the Danilovich") look (including "our" chin--nice. We're related to the guy who raped Natalie Wood. Zeh mishpateinu l'atam. Besides, someone did ask me once, and I said, "No"--I was unwittingly wrong!

Anyway, I could go on. Kvetching done l'ha'yom.

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