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Showing posts with label customs. Show all posts

Friday, October 21, 2016

Somewhat Offbeat: "Momma" Will Name Any Human "Siblings" Of Reilly That She Has (God Willing) Like She Named Reilly

As "Momma" has written:

"Reilly is a Patrilineal Maltese (Patrilinealtese?) and a Matrilineal MaltiJew (and you can definitely see what I did there in terms of the talking about the Matrilineal Poo[dle]), whereas Camille is a Patrilineal Maltipoo and a Matrilineal Toy Poodle. Thus, she's a MaltiJew on her dad's side. Meanwhile, Reilly's "Momma" identifies more with her Jewish heritage (and Reilly was even named in a shiyum shel haminhag Ashkenazi), whereas Camille's "Mimi" identifies with her more-remote French heritage (Incidentally, at the reunion, I found that the DeBoys are of Jewish heritage, anyway—not to mention that "Mimi" inadvertently named Camille Dominique after Great-Great-Granddad's paternal grandmother!)"
Of course, this far from rules out shivum shel minhag HaSefardim—after all, for example, Reilly's "Great-Great-Grandaunt" Agnes took the name "Mary Rosalita" when she became a nun (and when Reilly's "Great-Three-Times-Grandma" was still alive); pause here—Reilly's "Great-Three-Times-Grandma" Rosalita "Rose [or "Rosa"]" may have been Sephardic after all, as her first two siblings were "John Henry" (which was their father's English name—since his dad was born in Lisboa, and he was likely an Anusi) and MaryAnn (which was their mother's name), and Sephardim will name their children after parents.

Here's are some example names that "Momma" would use:

  1. "Alexandria Alice" or "Alice Alexandria" after another "Great-Three-Times-Grandma" of Reilly, whom had Sephardic heritage & named one of her own daughters "Alexandria Alice". She also had a grandchild named "Alexandria Rose", presumably for her and for her daughter Celia's alive-at-the-time in-law mother (So, here, Ashkenazi and Sephardi custom likely played a role.).
  2. "Xavier Joseph" after quite a few people: Reilly's "Great-Granddaddy" Francis Xavier "X." Allen (with "Xavier" being carried on as a middle name for one of his sons, two of his grandsons, etc.); one of the people whom inspired "Momma" to write about Reilly, one of her uncles with that middle name, Reilly's "Great-Four-Times-Grandfather" Joseph Andrulewicz (although his namesake "Susi" was, from what "Momma" heard, was a real somebody), and other relatives and friends
  3. "Rosalita Reilly" or "Reilly Rosalita" (though, in all seriousness, to name a child after a puppy, even a beloved puppy—whether or not the puppy is still living, might be highly insulting)