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Showing posts with label loyalty. Show all posts

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Camille Fights Back And A Wondering That "Momma" Has

Camille let jealous Reilly know that she was not having it. Two instances stick out:

  1. When Reilly tried to get possessive and block Camille from getting further affection, Camille growled at her and let her know that she could have affection from Reilly's "Momma", "Auntie Nicole", too.
  2. As "Auntie Michelle" reported, Camille stood up to Reilly when Reilly tried to block Camille from interacting with her own sister Shelby.
Incidentally, "Momma" thinks that someone may have been romantically jealous like that over "Momma" once—and it baffles "Momma" why even Reilly as a "dogter" would be grateful for her "Momma", let alone that there may actually be some chance that "Momma" will ever have a helpmate and a "Daddy" for Reilly—especially since "Momma" has disabilities and Reilly so far seems to have not been an incentive for any potential guy for "Momma".

Jealous Reilly Is Jealous...And She Lets Camille Know When She's Jealous

When Reilly and Camille went to greet "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" and came up to her yesterday morning, Reilly got jealous enough for "Mom-Mom" to have to take Camille out of "Auntie Nicole"'s room for Camille's safety—"Reilly! No, no! We don't do that!"

Reilly later attempted to keep Camille from getting on "Momma"'s/"Auntie Nicole"'s lap, and she otherwise attempted to keep "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" from paying attention to Camille throughout the day—and "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" had to use one of the common phrases which Reilly's human family has to use all of the time: "Reilly, I can love two puppies."