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Showing posts with label reunions. Show all posts

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Reserved About Going To the Rusnak Family Reunion This Year Because...

  1. Until further notice, I'm still estranged from my dad.
  2. I haven't been to reunions since 2006.
  3. Not all of the family is meshuga, but some are--and they think that I'm meshuga and have gotten others to think so.
  4. Some of the ones mentioned in Reason #3 are very unhappy that I found out that we're Jewish, that Great-Grandma Gaydos was a kapo (And what else do you call someone who stopped writing to Vilmosz et. al. when they asked for help?), and that I'm a Jewish-Christian Republican.
  5. Some of the ones mentioned in Reasons #3 and #4 would like to see me dead (You don't think they would if they could get away with it?).
  6. They won't invite Foskos (which is a stupid move, since Great-Great-Grandma Rusnak was a Fosko--how much stupider can you get thannot to invite the matriarch's family?).
  7. I'd prefer the Rapture to come first.
I have more reasons, but you get the point; and as I said on Twitter, the Spirit be with me if I go to the family reunion!