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Showing posts with label computers. Show all posts

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Friend Is Scheduled To Look At the Webcam Issue Tomorrow, So...

We'll see what happens. The webcam is currently not connecting to the Internet for some reason. So, until my webcam can reconnect to the Internet, no Facebook or YouTube videos-- or I could go the long way and upload videos recorded in Windows Movie Maker via "USB Video Device" or (if it works) "ASUS Virtual Webcam". Meanwhile, my mom suggested GeekSquad, so I can be thankful that my friend offered to help before (as he explained) I was about to get ripped off.

The other option is praying for a miracle for the webcam and my computer so that my friend doesn't have to come right after his class to help me on my computer, and so that I could save him time while I get a Valentine's Day miracle (besides any that I can forsee, which is essentially no miracle besides the computer being fixed; though I'd prefer the "'catching away' of kallat Mashiach").