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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Most Of My Commentary Will Have To Be On Twitter, My Blog, &c..

A couple of reasons for this are:

  1. YouTube's continued kiboshing of webcam-upload technology.
  2. Cerebral Palsy and mental illnesses—part of the reason that YouTube's kiboshing of webcam-upload technology is abysmally detrimental to me (and others with disabilities)—don't allow me to have the wherewithal—physically, mentally, or otherwise—to be able to write, type, hold a camera, etc. 17-15/7. There are even days on which I can't write about Reilly of late.
  3. I'm working on becoming an author and I have other things to do as well—I don't have the luxury to write, type, etc.. at least 8/7.
Thus, most of my commentary will have to be on Twitter, Blogger, etc. to save me strength energy, time. 

"Momma" Tried To Roll Reilly Over Herself; "Auntie Michelle" Had To Deal With Stubborn & Jealous Reilly, Etc..

Trying to roll over Reilly herself—although Reilly at least gets that "Momma" will roll her over if she has to do so, as she demonstrated just now—got "Momma" only to hold Reilly as she stood on her two back legs—once again evidencing that "Momma" needs to have her helpmate and Reilly's "Daddy" in both her life and Reilly's life as soon as possible. Also not helping "Momma" was when Reilly decided to have "Auntie Michelle" again "pick her up" to take her downstairs to "go potty" and bring her up to "Momma" as exhausted and fighting-off-an-ear-infection "Momma" was studying for an online class, fell asleep multiple times during the study session—though she at least benefited in inadvertently engaging in the study-sleep cycle of information retention—and was already upstairs for the night, anyway—and since "Momma" is not fighting off her infection with antibiotics, she still is a little more sleepy of late.

Incidentally, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" fell today when she was carrying both the book for her class and what she needed to replace Ri's and Cam's water in their water bowls in their crates—and had Ri and Cam not been in their crates in order for "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" to have focused study time, a chair and/or "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" could've fallen on one or both of them—and she at least landed on her stomach and without hitting her face on the cabinet in front of her. Meanwhile, she stayed by Ri and Cam while she was studying—and she did fall asleep this time!

Speaking of and back to when she did fall asleep and was upstairs for the night anyway, "Momma" had to deal with a jealous Reilly both during "night nights" time and this morning—Reilly would neither let Camille say "night nights" to "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" or onto her bed when they came to greet her in the morning, and "Mom-Mom" had to convince Camille that jumping up on "Auntie Nicole"'s bed was going to be safe despite Reilly's jealousy. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Is Reilly's Bark Worse Than Her Bite? Apparently...

Her bite is worse than her bark, as she told "Momma" by nosebutting her hand when she asked her. Besides, Reilly did seem to concede that—for example—she could take advantage of "Auntie Michelle"'s lack of moral authority of her—basically, along with "Mom-Mom" (whom, for instance, once again refused to roll Reilly over when Reilly was barking like a klipeh) leaving "Momma" helpless in any case and all the more needing someone whom can have moral authority over Reilly (especially if he is who "Momma" thinks that he is). Reilly took advantage of this twice over the two past days alone.

The first instance occurred last night when "Auntie Michelle" took off Reilly's harness and leash after she took her "potty", thus leaving "Momma" unable to keep Reilly from running back to "Mom-Mom"'s room—which she does when she doesn't have on the harness and leash—and "Momma" persisted to no avail for "Auntie Michelle" to get Reilly and bring her into "Momma"'s room, and "Auntie Michelle"'s excuse for not getting Reilly is that Reilly repeatedly attempted to bite her.

The second instance occurred this evening when Reilly bit "Auntie Michelle"'s wrist and arm in order to try to get her attention.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Somewhat Offbeat: An Observation Re "Momma"'s Possible Helpmate & Reilly's Possible "Daddy"

"Momma" thinks that even less than a few could compete with him, assuming that who she thinks that he is, is who he is—besides (and forgive the language), "Momma" would like to see what happens if and when ones that are punks try to compete with him ("Momma" again assumes that who she thinks that he is, is who he is)—and how many of either the punks and non punks would stay with her in the long term, even if just for Reilly's sake? After all, even Reilly might not help—for example—their images and reputations with their families, their friends, or other associates—in this ableist society, including even among "Momma"'s own family, ableism prevails to the point at which "Mom-Mom" has pulled the card that many have pulled: i.e., the "people with disabilities shouldn't own pets" card; and never mind "V'ahavta et Yehovah Eloheikha..." or "v’ahavta l’rey’akha kamokha.

Also, back to the point about how many of them would stay with "Momma" in the long term—Reilly's "great-grandaunt" Kas rejected three marriage proposals likely because—as far as her grandniece knows and guesses by having lived it—she knew that they'd likely run in the long term because of the CP—whether or not they knew that that's actually what had (Score One for one of Reilly's name honorees—again πŸ™„, notwithstanding that she is one of Reilly's memorialized name honorees.).

Meanwhile, "Momma"'s getting Reilly to come back to the porch after she ran when "Momma" was adjusting her grip on her green leash (since "Mom-Mom" did not get her pink leash out of the cart wheel) was a real cinch—in terms of, for instance and in all seriousness, being tempted to have to crawl again because of an almost-entirely-non-maneuverable cart—who'd be willing to deal with that image & reputation cramper?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Planned Book On Camille, When "Mimi" Doesn't Spend Enough Time With Camille, Etc..

With the second edition of Reilly's book out, "Momma" gave away another copy (and as she's said, she really is working on trying to become an author)—and she polled to see if people would read a book on Camille (and "Auntie Nicole" made the giveaway a "no vote, no entry" one).The results are as follows:

If Nicole Czarnecki were to write a book on Camille, would you buy or try to win it?

More likely than not16%
More unlikely than likely5%

Incidentally, "Auntie Nicole" fails to understand why anyone who wouldn't read the book on Camille would enter the giveaway but for a few reasons such as:

  1. He or she likes trying to get free books, maybe even—in this case—to resell it offline if it's a paperback book, e.g.—and yes, there really are people whom hate "Auntie Nicole" that much (notwithstanding that, e.g., Reilly is currently napping by her "Momma"—at least some sentient creature loves "Momma" on a consistent basis, compared to even many fellow human sentient creatures in her life). If he or she also tried to get the book to resell it, or—on the other hand—get it just to make fun of it and/or have his friends make fun of it, that would not surprise Reilly's "Momma"—even "Mom-Mom" and "Auntie Michelle" made fun of it at first. 
  2. He or she is a big fan of Reilly and not Camille—poor Camille. πŸ™
  3. He or she wants to get a free book for a friend.
Meanwhile, "Auntie Nicole" can relate in filial and non-filial ways to Camille's filial pain—even "Mimi" doesn't spend enough time with Camille (Who shouldn't own a puppy, by the way "Mom-Mom"? Even "Mom-Mom" has acknowledged that "Mimi" doesn't prioritize Camille as much as she should, and how hurtful "Mom-Mom" can be only adds to when "Momma"'s Jirish temper can be affected.). As a result of "Mimi" not prioritizing Camille as much as she should, Camille can get sleepy and feel depressed—and as recently as Sunday, this happened—and Cam wakes, perks, and lights up when "Mimi" comes into the room to actually spend time with her and, e.g., puts that darn Kindle or laptop down for once—even under guilt of being teased that, e.g., "Auntie Nicole" will become Cam's "Momma" if "Mimi" doesn't come downstairs from a long-enough nap to spend time with Cam.

In a similar way, "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma"'s loneliness and confusion re what exactly Camille's possible "uncle" and Reilly's possible "Daddy" wants continues to affect una noche oscura del alma en parte de su vida—a dark night of the soul in part of her life—as she is trying to be patient and wait on God to have Reilly's possible "Daddy" reach out to her—and patience in general is all the harder for a person with OCD/Anxiety, Depression, and ADD to learn.

How fitting, by the way, that a converso coined that term!

Monday, February 20, 2017

When Reilly Brings Out An Ugly Side—e.g., The Jirish Temper—Of "Momma"

Give how Reilly caused a panic attack yesterday; take that she got into the bathroom trash again today and got "Momma" into trouble for it—this notwithstanding that "Auntie Michelle" left the bathroom door open again and that Reilly knows better; and add your understanding of the panic attack and trouble because of "Auntie Michelle" and "Reilly" to, e.g., the comments that maybe "Momma" shouldn't have a puppy because of C.P., etc—not to mention that she "shouldn't have kids" because Reilly can bring out, e.g., an irritably and a Jirishtemper to simmer, well, and/or flare up in her—and you will understand why "Momma" is less strong for Reilly than she can and needs to be. You will also understand why that Jirish temper quite a bit more often simmers, wells, and/or flares up in her.

By the way and just to clarify, "Momma" has never hit or otherwise abused Reilly.

*✡️ and ☘️

A Massacre In Sweden Really Did Occur, As It Happened In Bowling Green. Guess Who Really Caused It?

  1. Tr*** himself—bowling over massacring any liberty and freedom is dangerously making people 🀒.
  2. Tr***'s offical and unofficial cabinet, including his family.
  3. Tr***ites from Milo to Newt Gingrich.
There are others whom caused Tr***'s Bowling Green Massacre, including pro-Trump and Anti-Zionist Benjamin Netanyahu—Agudat Yisrael's "natural partner". Meanwhile, not just the U.S., Sweden, and Israel are suffering—so are, e.g., Poland, the Ukraine and Crimea, and Slovakia, all of where substantial kehillot still exist. 

Somewhat Offbeat: When "Momma" Is Thinking About Asking Reilly How To Get Reilly's Possible Daddy To Reach Out To Her...

That is bad, especially considering that the same puppy on whom "Momma" just had to use the spray bottle could have caused her to die yesterday. Still, there is an impasse, and he's gotta budge—or at least give some clarification one or another way—and as "Momma" has written:

"She's also been thinking about Reilly's possible "Daddy" and what he wants—and she's told Reilly that and kept asking her if she thinks that the person in question will be her "Daddy". Reilly seems to have answered in the affirmative every time, as—as "Momma" has explained—a prophetess giving a prophecy or an oracle¹²!

"As she's written before, too:

 "'For all that "Momma" knows, though, maybe loneliness will count as enough of a fast for God to send her a helpmate for her and a "Daddy" to Reilly, whether soon or down the road—and whoever the 'Daddy' for Reilly might be could be anyone from a total stranger to even one of the guys among guys and gals whom inspired 'Momma' to write about Reilly, no matter what "Momma" thinks of the chances that any given guy would or will ever be Reilly's "Daddy".'"

By the way, "Momma" just had to use the spray bottle again—if only someone could and would help "Momma" roll Reilly over!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

"Momma"'s Near Panic Attack (Still Occurring As Of 1:58 PM EST), Trying To Take A Quiz, Etc..

Because of Reilly's barking and wanting scritches while "Momma" was taking scritches during a quiz for an online class which is taking, "Momma"—not withstanding that she did give Reilly scritches and persisted when Reilly wanted more scritches and had to wait to get more scritches after the quiz—got especially frustrated when Reilly barked and had no help from "Mom-Mom" despite that the quiz was timed for 60 minutes and "Momma" couldn't just get up to get the spray bottle—with"Mom-Mom" in fact categorically refusing to help "Momma" when "Momma" asked for help (something like, "I'm not doing that"—i.e., using the spray bottle or rolling Reilly over. "Mom-Mom" was also causing distracting noise by vacuuming after cleaning out the pellet stove—so, that really didn't help!)

...2:07 going into 2:08 PM, by the way, still has "Momma" having an audible heart rate, needing to really inhale for breath, etc. (2:09 PM, and Reilly is barking loudly again, and Cam is, too—still no rolling over or spray bottle, and let's see if "Mom-Mom" actually carries out her ultimatum to use the muzzle! 2:11, and like "Mom-Mom"'s simply telling Reilly, "Quiet", etc. is helping as Reilly continues to bark, stopping and starting—and 2:12 PM, and Reilly starts barking again as Camille barks! "Mom-Mom"'s closing the window is not helping, by the way!...

Does "Momma" really need to really emphasize, by the way, why she needs a helpmate for herself and a "Daddy" for Reilly, by the way? Is asking Reilly's possible "Daddy" to reach out to "Momma" too much—especially as her heart rate remains high (and reminiscent of when she had to go to the ER because "Auntie Michelle" scared her and effected her heart rate to go up to 133 beats per minute in later 2013, bruxism flared up, etc.?

By the way (at 2:17 PM), "Mom-Mom" finally got the spray bottle for "Momma" in case Reilly barks again—and "Momma" almost had to use it at 2:18 PM! Also, the spray bottle continues to be on standby for use as of 2:21 PM, and "Momma"'s ITB Pump hurt for a while at 2:21 PM due to an IBS flareup, the near panic attack, and stress now!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Jewish "Zhang" In China With MRKH? If So, Another Factor In the "Be Fruitful" Mitzvah To Examine Comes To Light

A 23-year-old woman named "Zhang", possibly "Joshua", had a corrective surgery to improve her marital and fertility prospects:

"As time went by, Zhang's parents became more and more worried that their daughter would not be able to date, marry and have children due to her condition. So the family contacted the No.1 Affiliated Hospital of the Medical School of Xi'an Jiatong University for help.
"Zhang was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-KΓΌster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH), a congenital abnormality characterised by women who have no vagina, womb and cervix...
"A B-scan ultra-sonography revealed that Zhang has no vagina or uterus, but she has functioning ovaries.
"She told the doctors that she had not been able to date any men because of her condition. She also had to turn down many admirers who had asked her out."

As an bat-Anusim, I would not be surprised if she is a Kaifenger Anusit and/or bat-Anusim*. After all, the reproductive aspect of "be fruitful and multiply" is heavily emphasized in traditional Judaism (not withstanding that some did and do focus on the non-reproductive aspects)—and in her case, it may have brought up another issue in Rabbinic halacha: "May one have any corrective or curative surgery that involves grafting a non-reproductive part onto a reproductive part, or would having such be a chillul Χ™Χ”Χ•Χ” in that it would involve l'sachek Χ™Χ”Χ•Χ”?"

*By the way, you will never catching me using "Anus" or "Anusah". If you can't figure out why, you may have never faced the kind of Anti Semitism that I have.

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Vo-Cam-u-la-Ri: aka, The Reilly and Camille Lexicon—Well, At Least Part Of It

As "Momma" promised:

  1. "Night nights": bedtime or evening nap
  2. "Potty", "potty outside", "outside", etc.: self explanatory (πŸ“–), including the bathroom for the humans
  3. "Peedy" and "poody": πŸ“–.
  4. "Nasties": including the two aforementioned items, hair, dust
  5. "Num nums": food for them
  6. "Speedy" (a name for a tire-shaped toy that has yellow bones), "Froggie" (the desqueakered frog toy), "Mr. Monkey" (the monkey toy that each got for Christmas), and "Buddy" (a puppy-shaped bottle-holder toy).
  7. "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole": πŸ“–
  8. "Mimi"/"Auntie Michelle": πŸ“–
  9. "Mom-Mom": πŸ“–
  10. "Ms. [Whomever]", "Mr. [Whomever]", etc.: πŸ“–
  11. "No-no", "no-nos", etc.: πŸ“–, including "nasties"
  12. "Blankie": πŸ“–
  13. "Harness": πŸ“–, including seatbelts for the humans "on a ride" (πŸ“–)
  14. "My bladder and colon [or colon and bladder] are acting funny": "IBS flareup" (πŸ“–)
  15. "Dentastick": used generically for a dental chew
  16. "Riley treat [or "Reisy treat"]": πŸ“–
  17. "Birdie": πŸ“–
  18. "Scritch": πŸ“–
  19. "Belly rub": πŸ“–
  20. "The blessing": The Birkat HaKohanim (with "Yevarekhakh" and "v'yishmerekakh"—which "Momma" needs to correct to "yismerakh")  that "Momma" does for Reilly every night (or almost every night) before "going night nights" (and Reilly's been prone to lick the oil that she's been able to reach, which is a "No-No").
  21. The word for which the possible definition will have to be self supplied.

"No Fox. She Wanted To Go After the Rabbit!"

Another pre-"night nights" "potty" session turned interesting. With "Auntie Michelle" already being exhausted and in dread because of a fox in the neighborhood, she became scared over a rabbit. Meanwhile, a certain furniece of "Auntie Michelle" wanted lapin for a midnight snack—not withstanding that she had a beef-liver treat the last time that she went "potty"!

By the way, "lapin" is the name of "rabbit meat"—and speaking of names for things, "Momma" plans to post a Vocamulari lexicon in another post.


1) In case you didn't see what "Momma" did there, "Vo-cam-u-la-ri". Now try to see what "Momma" did there.
2) There's one word which "Momma" doesn't plan to fully define yet, just in case she's wrong about the definition.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Reilly Could've Committed Negligent "Matricide" Today, And A Could-Be-Missed Opportunity?

For Reilly to be a loving "granddogter" to her "Mom-Mom" was fine for her, and to almost kill "Momma" today seemed better—this time, Reilly's getting the pink leash stuck in the crate entailed getting it stuck and tangled in one of the wheels to the point at which the cart is still basically rendered unhelpful for "Momma"—and Camille started it by running off of the porch while "Auntie Nicole" was going to get Reilly's leash unstuck from one being wrapped around on the sides of the cart.

"Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" ended up having to crawl on the ground to get back in the house (and roll over each of the girls and ask "Who rules?"), hold the girls' leashes while she crawled, and hold her left shoe and wait to put it on until she got onto the porch. Meanwhile, the left foot being bare (as has frequently happened when the right foot has been bare due to, e.g., Reilly not waiting for "Momma" as she climbs up the stairs) was the usual insulting reminderand of course without the hopeful side of the whole insult-to-injury ordeal. Of course, "Reilly's 'Momma'" remains the answer to the question of who misses an opportunity if "Momma" does decide to give up on waiting on Reilly's possible "Daddy".

Speaking of risk-and-reward and cost-and-benefit-analysis, by the way, that's part of why "Momma" tried to get the leash out of the cart wheel for as long as she could—the mud on her pant knees, shoes, and coat sleeves demonstrate that she had to take the dreaded risk of getting down on the ground and crawling instead of continue to try to get the leash out of the wheel and then instead of maneuver the cart with only three wheels available. 

Second Valentine's Day Card, Reilly's Loving Filial (And Foodie) Gesture, And...

As desperate as "Momma" seems, she just wants an answer from Reilly's possible "Daddy"—and even on Valentine's Day, that seems too much too ask πŸ™„. It even seems too much to ask even when she thought about it and stayed up until about 3:30 AM thinking about it, once again failing Reilly and trying her patience—quite literally, that is part of why she stayed up on a literally-cold-and-lonely night when she broke a promise go "night nights" with Reilly as soon as the pellet stove cooled off, and the poor pup was waiting on the couch for "Momma". Needlessly to say, Valentine's Day was Singleness Agony Day for "Momma".

Meanwhile, Reilly herself made quite a Valentine's Day for everyone when she jumped up on "Mom-Mom"'s lap during dinner to try to get some food—and she gave "Mom-Mom" some "grandogertly" affection, although she did not like being hugged by "Mom-Mom" and jumped down when she was hugged.

As for the second Valentine's Day card:

Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day From Reilly & Camille; Winter Bath Day, &c.


Secondly, a few pictures of the long-awaited and constantly-having-to-be-delayed winter bath (and ending up getting all groomed for the cards):

Getting brushed

Shaking off the water

Relaxing after her bath

Not liking getting her backside clean

A rest-and-relax retreat to the crates

Getting fed a treat? Or brushed? 

By the way, a quick message to Reilly's possible "Daddy" and "Momma"'s possible helpmate: don't be afraid to reach out to "Momma" if you think and/or are sure that you're Reilly's eventual "Daddy" and "Momma"'s eventually helpmate.

If Only "Momma" Were More Like Reilly In Some Ways

"Momma" tends to be a bad influence on Reilly in some ways as well. Meanwhile, "Momma" needs to be like Reilly in terms of the following:

  1. More patient
  2. More caring
  3. More loving
  4. More content in areas in which she can be content, and more able to take one day at a time in as much as she can take a day at a time
  5. Less caring about what people think of her—although with jealous Reilly, Type-A "Momma" might have a hard time doing that.
Per Point Four, by the way, "Momma" thinks about this picture that a certain Denver's owners once shared on (and which she couldn't refind on) Denver's page:

Reilly can afford to be content in every area, though—"Momma" can't, since she as a human has been given way more privilege and responsibility than Reilly (not to mention Reilly's cousin Camille and every other canine). Besides, "Momma" has some advantages—at least for Reilly's sake—in having some burdens such as OCD/Anxiety and even loneliness—at least "Momma" won't give up trying to keep Reilly safe and have someone to be both someone to love and be loved by "Momma" and Reilly (especially if he is who "Momma" thinks that he is).

By the way, Reilly nosed "Momma"'s hand when "Momma" asked if she liked that someone won a copy of her book recently—maybe "Momma" also needs to learn to be more content in and/or appreciative of when she has her own wins and victories.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Somewhat Offbeat: An Update On Reilly's Book An Excerpt of "Momma"'s Upcoming Book That Involves A Reilly-Inspired Character

  • As for the excerpt (By the way, the upcoming book will not have links to the blog entries or other resources, unless Yehovah wills otherwise. Also, mind you that usages of both actual elements in a fictitious way and products of the "Momma"’s God-given imagination; and any resemblance to any actual elements—human or non human, living or deceased, and past, present, or future—are designed by Whom is the only one who knows why they are designed to be not coincidental.)

She Took Her Dog, Anyway

“As long as you can afford to take her, fine—go—take her!” With that, her mother kicked her out of the house.

She didn’t even want to live there, anyway; and she fell in a love with a man whom her mother didn’t like—or at least didn’t think was a good man for her. Besides, she was tired of her mother and her sister telling her how to live, take care of her dog, &c.—they damnedly and unequivocally knew that they wouldn’t be able to take advantage of her had she not had disabilities—so, she moved herself and her Maltipoo, Vered (whose English name was "Rose"), into an apartment in New York City.

At least now, she could use public transportation—paratransit be damned! (or not for her, anyway)—she didn’t need paratransit services, and paratransit services were a gimmick to her—what good could the red tape, backlogs of applications for particularly-specialized services, and addition of ways to game people with disabilities do her and others? She especially didn’t like how the paratransit system left those whom had more severe disabilities than she did in the lurch, anyhow.
She could even walk herself and Vered around—or at least find some pro-bono walking buddy and dog walker to help her out. Besides, she really didn’t need much—she was on Medicaid and SSI benefits, and she could get her medication and other necessities that way—also, she’d no longer be an insurance burden on her mother if she left. In the meantime, she looked to get off of Medicaid and SSI benefits, pay off her student loans, provide for herself and Vered, and maybe even walk or ride down—or, as they say in Wilkes-Barre parlance, walk or ride up—to catch up with family and friends—including, if God willed, a certain gentileand meet other family members in Pennsylvania.

Of course, part of her going down—or up—to Pennsylvania involved family research and personal heritage tours—and part of that touring included going up to her great-granduncle Benjamin’s grave in one of the Sugar Notch church cemeteries, as well as seeing the graves of other family members there. She was a bat-Anusim and wanted Vered—whom’d’vebeen named for her “Great-Great-Granduncle Ben” had she been a male dog—a sense of her adoptive heritage—and in any case, she was inadvertently named for several family members, as “Rose” and similar names were used as shemot chilonyim for many of the women in her family.

As for Vered’s shem sheni, it was “Osnat”—for which “Alice” was a shem chiloni—and “Osnat” was used for two of her human matriarchs, each of whom had descendants named “Rose” besides their Hebraically-named canine “dogter”—though perhaps neither of the matriarchs would be amused about being such name honorees, although Vered’s “Momma” stated “Chai, hu chai; v’zeh, ma zeh” (“Life is life, and it is what it is.).

Speaking of “zeh, ma zeh”, perhaps “Momma” was a little too ambitious just yet even with simply planning to walk or riding up to Pennsylvania, let alone taking Vered from New York City to Wilkes-Barre—not to mention Philadelphia, through which one of her matriarchs came and in which she had loved ones—nonetheless, zeh hayah ma hayah (it was what it was).

Saturday, February 11, 2017

"Momma"'s Exhaustion Again & Sweet Reilly, More Bathroom-Trash Antics, Excitement Over A Treat, And Still Waiting On Reilly's "Daddy"

Here's the promised post:

  1. "Momma" fell asleep briefly on the floor last night because she had a headache, fatigue, and a need to lay down last night. She was going to take Reilly upstairs a few minutes after Reilly went "potty", and a few minutes turned into a few hours. Laying by her feet that whole time, meanwhile and as she saw when she woke up, was Reilly.
  2. When someone else left the bathroom door open by mistake, only later did "Momma" catch that Reilly had taken the open door as an invitation to play with the bathroom trash—for which "Momma" scolded Reilly!
  3. As for this morning, something else excited Reilly—that something else was one of her favorite kinds of treats, and it got her excited enough to the point that she could've choked on the first treat alone—and "Mom-Mom" had to help calm her down!
  4. Meanwhile, "Momma" stayed up late on Thursday again still wondering and heartbroken for her and Reilly's sakes—and as "Momma" stated, she's is still waiting on Reilly's "Daddy" and wanting to know what the possible one wants πŸ’”. If he is who she thinks he is, she wants to tell him that he doesn't have to be afraid to reach out to her—after all, Reilly wants to meet him πŸ™‚

Short Preview of the Next Post: "Momma"'s Exhaustion Again & Sweet Reilly, More Bathroom-Trash Antics, Excitement Over A Treat, And Still Waiting On Reilly's "Daddy"

  1. A slight cold catches up to "Momma" as Reilly lays by her feet, and blessing oil becomes a defiant treat.
  2. When someone leaves the bathroom door open by mistake, Reilly takes it as a play-with-the-bathroom-trash invitation.
  3. Let's just say that Reilly got very excited over one of her favorite treats this morning and almost choked.
  4. Of course, as usual, part of why "Momma" often stays up too late and often her and Reilly's detriment is still waiting on Reilly's "Daddy" and wanting to know what the possible one wants πŸ’”.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trump: Bad On Morality And Bad On Morale

As more of the Trump saga unfolds—and only God knows why He wrote it the way that he did—morality and morale are showing to be on the decline in the United States, and some absolutely- and truly-ugly colors and sides of people are either coming out or beginning to be formed. For example, and as if this hasn't been written about before:

  1. Anti Semitism, including Self-Hating Jewishness, is coming out in the open & on the rise. At least Jews like Dennis Prager, for instance, are revealing their far-from-dati colors—and there is nothing dati or b'ahavah about supporting a man whom keeps "My New Order" by his bedside, "[doesn't] want [Jewish] money", as if we're the canardic "short little guys that wear yarmulkes every day", and is friends with Anti-Zionist Netanyahu & Agudat Yisra'el. By the way, the only reason that there are even friends of Trumps like the Netanyahus and their mutual friends known as the Adelsons—whom really spurned the hand of Whom blessed them—is: 1) the one Whom blessed the families like the often-enviously-disparaged Rothschilds and the self-hating Adelsons remade us the head and not the tail; and 2) the Anti Semites that forced many of us into banking as the only available occupation had the evil that they did to us for good; and these Anti Semites now don't like when the tables turned on us and even their families are blessed by B'nei Yisra'el.
  2. Ableism is definitely on the rise. As Serge Kovaleski got mocked, Marlee Matlin got cursed as "retarded"—which, by the way, Donald Trump violated the mitzvah of not to curse the deaf in so doing—and people like me have been threatened by "physically fit German American[s]," many can see why Betty DeVos wants to repeal the ADA and make the lives of PWDs (people with disabilities) than it is, for instance.
  3. Misogyny is on the rise. Ask, e.g., the Chuck Nellis whom attacked me for being a "girl" when he lost the argument regarding how dangerous Trump is; and ask the GOP Senate whom cowed to Trump by silencing Elizabeth Warren.
  4. Racism and xenophobia are on the rise. By the way, thank God that Coretta Scott King died when she did—she did not have to live to see this (cf. Isaiah 57:1-2), and she's a gentile whom went to the mountaintop where her late husband and others are (cf. Micah 4:2).
  5. U.S. military morale is on the decline. Ask, e.g., the family of CSWO William "Ryan" Owens, USN, KIA. Also ask the troops that dread that they will be sent to war against Mexico and actually with, instead of against, Trump's and Putin's mutual friend Rouhani—a known Anti Semite.
In conclusion, envious Anti Semites and Self-Hating Jews, dehumanizing ableists, patronizing misogynists, and nativist racists and xenophobes are helping Donald Trump put the United States of America and the U.S. Armed Forces on a slope of moral and morale decline,  

Camille Being A Literal B****, Reilly Putting "Momma" & Herself In Danger, Updates, And Still Waiting On Reilly's "Daddy"

  1. Just now, Reilly sat on "Mom-Mom"'s lap—and only to literally get b**** at by Camille—Camille decided to aggressively growl and even (according to Camille's "Mimi") bite Reilly. Of course, "Mom-Mom" and "Mimi" soundly reprimanded Camille.
  2. Reilly's pink extendable leash is still in the backyard with "Momma"'s cart in which it is stuck—and Reilly is very lucky that neither she nor "Momma" were hurt when the cart fell and when one of the solar lamps' lids fell onto the ground. To make a long story short, Reilly decided that not finding her "potty spot", coming when she was called, listening when she was told "No pull", or avoiding "nasties" was okay—and the only way that "Momma" got Reilly back up on the porch is by pulling on the rope of the extendable pink leash—and Reilly is also lucky that she has a harness and not a collar to which to attach her leash.
  3. The paperback edition of Reilly's book is finally on Amazon!
  4. In the midst of all this, meanwhile..."Momma" still has a broken-as-Hell heart. As much as Reilly is her "Momma"'s filial "Valentine", she can't be "Momma"'s overall "Valentine"—besides, as today's incident demonstrates, Reilly needs a "Daddy" whom can be a "Valentine" for "Momma" and help "Momma" reign her in a little bit—and "Momma" hasn't given up on whom she thinks might be Reilly's "Daddy" down the road if God wills.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Literal Bone To Pick With Reilly, An Update On Reilly's Book, And Still Waiting On Reilly's "Daddy"

To make a long story short—and per the video—Reilly decided that a bone of a vulture-eaten squirrel that fatally encountered a car two days ago (per "Mom-Mom") was both delicious and enough to keep in her mouth with a fight, complete with growling and biting—needlessly to say, Reilly lost the fight to keep the bone:

(By the way, as "Momma"'s been typing, "Auntie Michelle"'s been scolding Reilly for eating "partially-produced 'bunny beans'" with "the culprit in the yard" while being outside to "go potty".).

Meanwhile, Reilly's book has sold nine copies, and plenty more free ones have been given away and claimed (Yep! "Momma"'s trying to promote it as best as she can). Part of why "Momma" wrote the book as well is because she wants to make enough to (and she hasn't yet made anything off the current book; so she can't) provide for Reilly as much as she—as a "Momma" with disabilities—can.

While "Momma"'s been promoting the book, meanwhile, she's also been failing Reilly again—as a heartbroken "Momma" stares at her heartbroken and waiting-patiently-for-"Momma"-to-wrap-up "dogter", she thinks about why she's been up—partly given that Valentine's Day coming up, she guesses, she's been thinking about a helpmate for herself and a "Daddy" for Reilly (and especially who she thinks that he might be).

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Somewhat Offbeat: Was Reilly Right The First Time, Or Is Superbowl 51 Football's 1919 World Series?

Until "Momma" mentioned Tom Brady, Reilly wanted and predicted that the Patriots would win the Superbowl. While the Patriots did win and Reilly may have been right the first time (since "Momma" believes that animals can be prophets on certain matters, from small to grand matters, if God wills), something of the 1919 World Series smacks in Superbowl 2017. e.g.:

  1. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick (who the Ravens let go in 1999, by the way) had Donald Trump, just as the White Sox had Arnold Rothstein. The difference? The White Sox never had an equivalent of a Deflategate or a corrupt businessman-turned-Putin-abetting POTUS, and the Cincinatti Reds ended up winning, anyway.
  2. Donald Trump predicted (or "predicted"?) that the Patriots would win by eight points.
  3. The Patriots, like the White Sox, were "coming back after a rough season" (or something like that, as an NFL analyst put it about the Patriots).
By the way, Camille indicated to her "Mimi" that she also wanted the Atlanta Falcons to win. Reilly's "Momma", meanwhile, will keep everyone posted on what Reilly thinks about Superbowl 2017 (As "Momma" forestated, puppies can really sense even specific happenings.). 

"The Shelby Bowl"! Maybe Not The Puppy Bowl, But Hey...

On Superbowl LI Eve, when everyone's out in the neighborhood (or rather, "Momma" is visiting Shelby & Reilly is walking with Camille, "Mom-Mom", and "Auntie Michelle")...

All of the canines and humans at the "Shelby Bowl" had an entertaining time, and the score was a three-way tie with no overtime!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Somewhat Offbeat: "And Then One Fine Morning..." Either Way, "Momma" Is Torn

"Momma" is still crying and has cried regarding Reilly many a time. Even in those moments when, for example, "Momma" wonders about a helpmate for herself and a "Daddy" for Reilly, she knows that time passes more quickly every day (even when it doesn't seem like it passes) and that every day, even closer to the day if and when "Momma" does find a helpmate and Reilly's "Daddy"*, is a day closer to "Momma"'s and/or "Reilly"'s death unless God wills that they'd be raptured (and thankfully, animals do have souls).

What do other pet owners do, meanwhile, as they reconcile, deal with, or do whatever it is as they're torn or trying to balance their respective worldviews (faiths/religions/philosophies) and the hopes that their worldviews give them (e.g., Normative Judaism and Christianity; the World to Come, and the Resurrection of the Dead and Messianic redemption at hand) with the reality that the even the best-cared-for and longest-living pets may or will die someday and/or even outlive their owners before they would or will die?

That's something that's honestly kept "Momma" alive for Reilly's and her own sakes, meanwhile—what would happen to Reilly if "Momma" died and left her behind?

* "Momma" still hasn't given up on the one person whom is Reilly's possible "Daddy"—maybe the hopeless romantic in her and the upcoming Valentine's Day explain a part of it.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Reilly's Super-d'oh! Prediction

Reilly licked and nosed "Momma"'s hand more times for the Patriots for whom she wants to win the Superbowl and for whom she thinks will win the Superbowl. At one point each, she licked "Momma"'s hand for "just don't care", "just like what's on ["Momma"'s] hand" (maybe a pizza smell?), and (at least once) for the Falcons for whom she wants to win the Superbowl. πŸ’”

Luckily, neither the Ravens, the Steelers, nor the Eagles are playing the Patriots; and the neither the Ravens nor the Eagles are playing the Steelers—Reilly would give "Momma" a double πŸ’” if the Ravens or Eagles were playing the Patriots or the Steelers, and she predicted that the Patriots or the Steelers (unless the Steelers were playing the Patriots) would win the Superbowl! Camille already gave "Auntie Nicole" a heartbreak when she voted for the Broncos last year!

Besides, "Momma" has enough heartbreak upon heartbreak in her life.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Jump, Slide, BOOM—Right Into A Chair Leg!

Maybe that was payback for Camille being mean to Reilly when Reilly came near her and the wishbone toy today? πŸ˜‰ As "Mimi" described what happened when "Auntie Nicole" asked what happened, "Camille jumped off the couch, slid on the blanket, and hit one of the chairlegs very hard. But she was not hurt. It sounded like a shoe hit the couch."

Maybe Camille's just a klutz!