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Showing posts with label holidays. Show all posts

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017 Card From Reilly

PS Reilly would not put that paw down for anything—when she wants her belly rubs, she stretches her legs out and keeps that one up in particular.

Happy Easter From "Momma" and Reilly!

Be on the lookout for an Easter card from Reilly soon—she (albe very begrudgingly) did a Passover card, after all.

By the way, remember that Easter/Resurrection Day/ Día de la Resurrección/ יום התחיית/ , celebrates miracles*—including the Exodus*, since Easter commemorates Aviv/Nisan 16, the day after Israel left Egypt and the day on which Jesus is believed to have risen from the dead in 3793 (on April 5, 33)—and the hope of the Resurrection Of the Dead—which is a big deal for pets and pet owners alike, since no human or animal is guaranteed the next moment, let alone tomorrow—and especially nowadays, humans and pets are either almost as much as or equally in danger of not seeing each other tomorrow (Ask, e.g., Gary Fisher ☹—his "Mommy" is not here to celebrate Easter with him.).

*And "Momma" really needs a miracle—if (and, as "Momma" and Reilly believe) the Resurrection did happen, can't God perform an albe-smaller-and-nonethless-important miracle to a "Momma" whom needs miracle after miracle, even when small miracles like occasional IBS-flareup reliefs happen for her and Reilly's sakes?

Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Day To Let the Self-Cleaning Oven Clean & A Freaked-Out Reilly

And "Momma" thought that Reilly was freaked out over the harness and leash—poor baby! Notwithstanding that windows and the backdoor with the albe-closed screendoor are open, the fans are on, and the aide whom comes over every day to help "Momma" get out and walk is here, Reilly is sufficiently freaked out—and notwithstanding "Momma"'s assurances, either. "Momma" has decided to leave Reilly in the crate for the meantime, then, and Reilly's stress—which "Momma" is trying to let Reilly work out at present—is freaking "Momma" out. As for Camille, meanwhile, she freaked out for a while and is okay now.

By the way, the self-cleaning oven has needed cleaning for a while; and "Mom-Mom" or "Auntie Michelle" could've been nice enough to let the self-cleaning oven clean for Pesach, since "Momma
warms up matzah in there and would like to avoid as much chametz v'se'or as possible during Pesach—they didn't, though someone else probably would've nice enough to let Reilly out for Pesach.

¡Pobre Reilicita!

∗Nota al él, incidentalmente: ¿estás me dando una respuesta clara eventualmente or continuando no me dar una  respuesta clara? ¡Soy muy frustrata en esto momente! Feliz Pascua y Día de la Resureción a tí, por cierto.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

One Heart-Breaking & One Hilarious Moment

On the second day of the early Pesach observance:

  1. Reilly finally had it and ran away from night-owl "Momma" when "Momma" wanted to put back on her harness and leash, since "Auntie Michelle" took it off despite knowing that "Momma" can't get Reilly to go upstairs like she's supposed to without Reilly having the harness and leash on, and "Momma" had to bribe Reilly with matzah crumbs and actually go by the hallway gate.
  2. When Reilly and Camille heard a car-door sound in a video, they thought that "Mom-Mom" was home and ran to the front door. Then Reilly was even more confused and started barking loudly when she heard a truck outside.
By the way, as much as it is hard to be a Jew, it surely is interesting when you have puppies like Reilly and Camille around—as, for example, Reilly following "Momma" around for matzah crumbs reminds "Momma", and Reilly's bringing out of gray hairs in her Jewish "Momma" reminds her.

Also, by the way, a Happy Belated National Pet Day to all from "Momma" and Reilly.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

First Day Of the Early Pesach Observance...And No Card Yet...

At least "Momma" completed part of what she needed to complete for the card photoshoot, though—and to say that Reilly did not like some of the pre-photoshoot preparation is needless, as she hates trying on anything and having her photo taken in general.

Meanwhile, both Reilly and Camille received some matzah pieces as treats—beyond that, neither Reilly nor Camille partook in any of the dietary requirements for Pesach; and they'll receive more matzah in the coming days (י ר י ל ר). As for other treats? If they're, e.g., macaroons with chocolate or matzah-ball-mix-formed matzah balls, lo! Besides, having Reilly wait for matzah crumbs to drop while "Momma" was sprinkling matzah crumbs into the matzah-ball-soup-turned-matzah-ball-mix soup added more gray hairs to "Momma"'s head, as that particular brand of matzah-ball mix contains onion powder—and so did being afraid of Reilly getting even the slightest crumb of chocolate-chip-containing macaroons. 

An Early "Happy Pesach" From "Momma" and Reilly!

Notwithstanding that Pesach actually begins on the 12th, "Momma" caved and started observing Pesach yesterday because most people who observe Pesach it observe it per the Rabbinical calendar. By the way, be on the lookout for a Pesach card featuring Reilly and Camille. Also, Reilly will get some matzah as a treat and does not need to observe mitzvot v'halacha l'kashrut l'Pesach —meanwhile, only time will tell whether "Momma" and Reilly get a miracle that'll liberate (or at least help liberate) "Momma" (and Reilly) on individual levels.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Reilly's Photoshoot For Rosh HaShanah, Accompanied By the Promise Of A Treat

In sum:
  1. Reilly didn't like it, though she was a begrudgingly-good good sport for a treat.
  2. When Reilly ran despite that "Momma" actually wanted her to come in order for her to get her tallit and kippah off, Camille started playing with the tallit and panicked "Auntie Nicole".
  3. Reilly got her promised treat once she came (and had to be bribed with a treat to come) and got the tallit and kippah off.
  4. With the photo that was used in the card, "Momma" had a total of five photos that she took.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

לשנה תשע״ז טובה מ"אמא" וראיללי!

By the way, "Mimi" ecstatically kvelled when Camille demonstrated that she learned "Lie down!" last night. Also, may 5777 be the year in which a certain person finally enters (or, especially if he is who "Momma" thinks that he is*, reenters) "Momma"'s life and enters Reilly's life!

*He could be any of a few given people, though "Momma" thinks that he knows that she's referring to him. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Pictures For National Puppy Day...And Two Puppies In A Very-Loosely-Tied Bowtie

During National Puppy Day:

The brats finally got their hamantaschen (Don't tell "Mom-Mom": "Momma" tried a few 😉).


Cam's bowtie was very-loosely tied and wrapped around the knot without tying it (In other words, the bow was tucked back).

The bow was loose enough for Reilly, too. By the way, both Reilly and Camille received some peanut butter as a treat.

Of course, one thing was missing for National Puppy Day: Reilly's having a person whom she'd love very much in her life (and whom "Momma" wishes would confirm or refute her thinking re him—as that still keeps her up at night).

Thursday, March 23, 2017

National Puppy Day 2017, &c.

Remember that "Momma" wanted Reilly to have a more-obedient nature by her third birthday? That is apparently not happening—after all, what better way to mark National Puppy Day is there but to eat many "nasties", bark inappropriately, and even play roughly enough with Camille to the point at which Camille yelped as puppies do when other puppies are playing too roughly with them?

As "Momma" has said, she needs somebody to be a helpmate to her and a co-human parent to Reilly (and this admittedly is partly a "hint, hint" to whomever Reilly's "Daddy" is supposed to be, especially if he is who "Momma" thinks that he is). After all, for example and as "Momma" has also said, being 5'1.75" with Cerebral Palsy far from helps her, for instance, be able to try to roll Reilly over when she inappropriately barks.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Countdowns To Birthdays, An Anniversary That Happened Re Writing About Reilly Two Weeks Ago, &c.

Reilly will be three years old in five days on the Gregorian calendar, and Camille will be two years old in a week. Meanwhile, "Momma" is also remembering another milestone: exactly two weeks ago, two years passed since "Momma" became a mentoree to the main person whom inspired her to write about Reilly and become an author in general; and three weeks and two years will have passed since "Auntie Nicole" became a mentoree on Camille's birthday.

Of course, Reilly has example after example of when she's spoiled, whether it's her birthday or any other given day. As for "Momma", not so much—in fact, "Momma" wonders if God loves Reilly more than He loves herapparently, for example, it's good for "Momma" to be alone while it's not good for anyone else, notwithstanding that "Momma" needs a helpmate and Reilly needs a "Daddy". Also, how will "Momma" surely know, for instance, whether the guy is a total stranger or even one of the guys among guys and gals whom inspired "Momma" to write about Reilly, no matter what "Momma" thinks in regards to who is or might be Reilly's "Daddy"?

Saturday, March 18, 2017

More Reil-ish or Rei-rish Luck

After a lucky St. Patrick's Day for Reilly, Reilly gets:

  1. An auspicious date for a week prior to her Gregorian birthday: the 18th. In Jewish tradition, "18" is "חי" or "life". She also gets a Yom Shabbat. Also, 1 + 8 + 3 with "3" for the third month = 12.
  2. Her Gregorian birthday is on the 25th, also a Yom Shabbat. 2 + 5 = 7. As for 2 + 5 + 3 = 10; and "10" is considered a number of perfection in many traditions.
PS God does use numbers as, at the least, reminders; and Reilly has both math and Shabbatot on her side this year. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Luck Of The Reil-ish Or Luck Of the Rei-rish? Either Way...

Reilly had a better Saint Patrick's Day than "Momma". She and Camille (as one can see below with Camille snuggling one of the gifts, "Ducky") even got early birthday gifts (Brats! 😉)—and one of the gifts has green in it!

Reilly definitely got the luck of her name honorees (or the supposed-to-be luck, anyway—as they did not have easy lives!).

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Second Valentine's Day Card, Reilly's Loving Filial (And Foodie) Gesture, And...

As desperate as "Momma" seems, she just wants an answer from Reilly's possible "Daddy"—and even on Valentine's Day, that seems too much too ask 🙄. It even seems too much to ask even when she thought about it and stayed up until about 3:30 AM thinking about it, once again failing Reilly and trying her patience—quite literally, that is part of why she stayed up on a literally-cold-and-lonely night when she broke a promise go "night nights" with Reilly as soon as the pellet stove cooled off, and the poor pup was waiting on the couch for "Momma". Needlessly to say, Valentine's Day was Singleness Agony Day for "Momma".

Meanwhile, Reilly herself made quite a Valentine's Day for everyone when she jumped up on "Mom-Mom"'s lap during dinner to try to get some food—and she gave "Mom-Mom" some "grandogertly" affection, although she did not like being hugged by "Mom-Mom" and jumped down when she was hugged.

As for the second Valentine's Day card:

Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day From Reilly & Camille; Winter Bath Day, &c.


Secondly, a few pictures of the long-awaited and constantly-having-to-be-delayed winter bath (and ending up getting all groomed for the cards):

Getting brushed

Shaking off the water

Relaxing after her bath

Not liking getting her backside clean

A rest-and-relax retreat to the crates

Getting fed a treat? Or brushed? 

By the way, a quick message to Reilly's possible "Daddy" and "Momma"'s possible helpmate: don't be afraid to reach out to "Momma" if you think and/or are sure that you're Reilly's eventual "Daddy" and "Momma"'s eventually helpmate.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Somewhat Offbeat: On A Few Milestones, Including Reilly's Third New Year's Day & A Painful Anniversary

"Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" just realized that January 2017 marks happenings such as:

  1. Reilly's third New Year's Day and Camille's second New Year's Day
  2. The tenth month of Reilly's third year and Camille's second year—Reilly and Camille will be, respectively, three human years old on March 25th and two human years old on March 27th!—can you believe it?! Time passes, doesn't it?
  3. A painful anniversary for "Momma" that explains a significant part of why she has failed Reilly many times over the past year.
Those who know the specifics know them. To those whom don't know the specifics, "Momma" will say this much: a year ago on January 6th was when she lost touch with one of the people whom inspired her to write about Reilly, and that loss has been hurting like Hell ever since then—and it's also affected mental-illness flareups that have her to be a quite-often-relatively-bad "Momma" to Reilly, which is paradoxically contrary to what "Momma" thinks that the person whom inspired her to write about Reilly would want.

As patient Reilly waits for "Momma" once again, "Momma" thinks about how she'll at least try to be a better "Momma" to Reilly as she waits to see if that person will ever be in touch with her again—and at least give Reilly a gift for Molad HaKatan and Shabbat, not to mention Molad HaKatan b'Shabbat. 

By the way, this is Reilly's first Molad HaKatan b'Shabbat—and Reilly therefore has another milestone in January 2017!

Meanwhile, "night nights" and Happy Little Christmas on Shabbat from Reilly and "Momma". 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

That Time When Camille Fought "Mom-Mom" & "Mimi" When They Trimmed Her

"Auntie Nicole" is writing about that time now—and she probably isn't getting as much credit for it as she could. Besides, she was a main factor in helping Camille be calmer than Camille was being—and Camille was getting to the point at which "Mom-Mom" would've accidentally cut off the tongue of thrashing-around and scissors-biting Camille—and even with "Auntie Nicole" there, "Mom-Mom" had to keep admonishing Camille to stop trashing around.

Such was another case with Camille hating being trimmed—and hating baths as much as hating to be trimmed—and the natural calming supplements that "Mom-Mom" gives her during trimming time and bath time not—or at least not fully—working—and this time, with an in-conjunction pre-trimming-time long walk also not working. With "Auntie Nicole" there and giving Camille, for example, scritches and the soothing talk ("It's okay," "You're almost done being trimmed," etc.) at least some more of the edge was taken off of Cam's aggression and stubborness. Nonetheless, "Auntie Nicole" didn't get to hold Cam the whole time that she was there—eventually, "Mom-Mom" and "Mimi" put her back on the mess-preventing towel and had to deal with more ensuing thrashing.

Camille still has her tongue, meanwhile, though she also still has the hair that she didn't let "Mom-Mom" trim off of her—and "Mom-Mom" thinks that "she looks like an Ewok" because of the excess hair. As for her bath that (if God wills) is upcoming, that may help "Mom-Mom" trim the excess hair if the calming supplement and a warm bath actually work to relax Camille—with "if" and "actually work" being the key word and the key phrase.

By the way, Reilly contrastedly behaved when she was getting trimmed—and she also contrastedly behaves when she's getting baths.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Not Off To A Good Start For the Year—And Part Of That Had To Do With Camille!

While Reilly didn't bark at last night's fireworks, she had no problem beginning 2017 by barking when she wasn't supposed to bark—at least some things never change, and Reilly barking even while "Momma" is waking up for the day is one of the things that's stayed the same. Reilly also ate "nasties" as usual, though she was nowhere near being as defiant as Camille was when she and Camille were on a little walk in the backyard—in fact, Camille had to be pulled away from "nasties" quite a few times!

Meanwhile, Camille chewed through her toy monkey (Guess who plans to do a destuffing tomorrow? By the way, most—if not all—of the destuffed toys have held up quite well.)—and she seems devote part of her insistent nature to on chewing everything through which she chew! She also used that insistence to—as "Auntie Nicole" recalls—lead in the barking during a window-watching session  and try to block "Auntie Nicole" from giving Reilly scritches at one point (after the window session during which Reilly had to be rolled over!).

Reilly and Camille will undoubtedly keep 2017 interesting—and Reilly and "Momma" wish everyone an interesting(-in-a-good-way) and a happy 2017!

Reilly chews her toy monkey on Chrismukkah Day.

Don't let this brat fool you—she tries to get away with whatever being cute might give her a pass to do.

12:22 AM & Reilly Is Not Barking At the Fireworks Yet

Patiently, "Momma" is waiting to hear as the next New Year's fireworks go off as a neighborhood-rule violator once again uses a holiday to commit reckless endangerment and breaches of the peace...

12:26 AM: The girls just came down a-barking and "Mom-Mom" stated that "The fireworks woke them up."

12:27 AM: "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi" explained to the girls that a "dingbat" set off fireworks.

12:28 AM: After Reilly gets scritches from "Momma" for about a minute and flouts "Shanah Tovah" as she gets distracted by a "nasty", she rings the bell to go "peedy" outside.

12:30 AM: She rings again (Hint, "Auntie Michelle"!)

When (or if) "Auntie Michelle" finally decides to take Reilly "peedy" for the night (and Reilly rang the bell again at 12:31 and 12:32), "Momma" will see whether Reilly behaves during her "peedy" session to start off 2017 well. Whether "Auntie Michelle" puts the computer down already and takes Reilly "peedy" is another question...and she finally put the computer down at 12:33.

At 12:34 (as "Auntie Michelle" kvetches and is at least taking Reilly "peedy"), "Momma" continues live updates to chronicle 2017 so far...

12:36 AM: Reilly actually behaved, per "Autie Michelle"! And "Momma" thought that she ha a guilty look at first!

12:38 AM-about 1:00 AM: "Momma"'s final thoughts for the night and first night of 2017:

  1. Taking Reilly "potty" took "Auntie Michelle" long enough; didn't it?! Meanwhile, tonight is Day Eight of both Christmas (January 1st) and Hanukkah (Zot Chanukkah; Tevet 2, 5776, per moonwatchers in Israel whom stated that the New Moon occurred on December 30, 2016). Little Christmas (HaMolad HaKatan) is coming up, though. Still, "Momma" could use a "miracle" (Of course, the appropriate interjection is "God willing"; not "Hint; hint, God!")
  2. God willing, "Momma" will write about how she seemed to be at least of some use as "Auntie Nicole" while "Mom-Mom" and Camille's "Mimi" had to trim Camille on Friday. "Momma" will also (God willing) write about how, according to "Mom-Mom", Reilly was afraid when "Momma" kept the hannukiah lit for Zot Chanukkah.
  3. "Momma" and Reilly wish everyone a Happy 2017.
"Night nights" and Happy New Year from Reilly and "Momma"!

Reilly enjoys the first day of Chrismukkah 2016 with "Mom-Mom" and "Auntie Michelle".

PS 1:30 AM: Reilly's "Great-Granddaddy" Allen would've been 95 yesterday, and "Mom-Mom" did bring up the milestone this time.