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Showing posts with label 5773. Show all posts

Monday, September 17, 2012

Is "Rosh HaShanah" Really Rosh HaShanah?

As Nehemiah Gordon explains on his website, today is actually Ha'Erev Teru'ah, not Rosh HaShanah. Firstly, Aviv (Nisan) begins HaShanah Chadashah whereas the "rabbis" (according to Hebrew4Christians) inverted "B'reshit" to mean "B'Chodesh l'Tishri" and make HaShanah Chadashah seem to begin in Tishri. Secondly, HaChodesh L'Tishri is to be sighted on the night of September 17, 2012 whereas the Chodesh L'Elul was cited August 19, 2012--viz., the day is presently Ha'Erev Teru'ah 5772, not Rosh HaShanah 5773.

Nonetheless, as I shared on Facebook:

In other words, today's actually 'Erev Teru'ah and tomorrow is Yom Teru'ah 5772 (if Nehemia Gordon cites HaChodesh l'Tishri). Nonetheless, L'Shanah Tovah to those who want to get a head start on Yom Teru'ah or what I call "Rosh-HaShanah l'Kesef"--viz. the Fiscal New Year--5773.

Via Elizabeth TylerDawn Rosenquist

I should have said "sighted", but a sighting cannot be confirmed without a citing. Anyway, L'Erev Teru'ah v'Erev HaShanah L'Kesef Tovah--and for those who are getting a head start, L'Shanah (L'Kesef) Tovah.