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Showing posts with label heirlooms. Show all posts

Monday, May 27, 2013

Even God Doesn't Create Like He Used To...

We are in the Never-Was-and-Never-Again Time, and people are particularly wicked and apostate. Therefore, even God is creating more cheaply than he used to--even most of the vilest of sinners used to have a redeemable or redeeming quality back then (There were exceptions like Mohammed and, arguably, Martin Luther who had no redeeming quality whatsoever--after all, Luther stole the Reformation from Jan Hus.). Now the vilest of sinners has no redeemable or redeeming quality.

I know that the Bible admonishes to not look back on the days of old or preserve usable objects of this age, but I can't blame my mom for not wanting me and my sister to use Nana Pundt's heirloom family teapot but for special occassions. After all, "They just don't make them like they used to"--and neither does God.