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Showing posts with label generations. Show all posts

Monday, October 24, 2016

An Issue That's Been On My Mind: How 400-430 Years Could In A Parallel Way In Post-Ancient And Post-Medieval History

I didn't say "exactly 400-430 years". Nonetheless, I've concluded that that 400-430 years again applied to Jews from the time of the Alhambra Decreewhen a disgusting practice of throwing Jews whom paid ship captains overboard happenedto either the time of the Dreyfus Affair—which began with his May 1892 arrest—or May 6, 1922, when strokes incapacitated Lenin and effected that Stalin would become Lenin's successor. At those points, Jews knew that making aliyah would be a wise action:

"13 And He said unto Abram: 'Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; 14 and also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge; and afterward shall they come out with great substance. 15 But thou shalt go to thy fathers in peace; thou shalt be buried in a good old age. 16 And in the fourth generation they shall come back hither; for the iniquity of the Amorite is not yet full.'"

This time, the Moseses were Herzl and the B'nei Akiva branch of HaPoel HaMizrachi—which was founded in Yisra'el 22 days after Lenin's stroke. Granted that both events occurred in Iyar instead of Nisan in the respective years, and that the Alhambra Decree happened in Adar II of 5251—right before Rosh HaShanah 5252. Still, right in the middle of Adar—the month in which Hadasah saved Persian Jewry from Haman, whom made a decree of ethnocidal murder in Nisan—and Iyar—in which Yisra'el was refounded—is Nisan:

"And the LORD spoke unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying: 2 'This month shall be unto you the beginning of months; it shall be the first month of the year to you[']."

By the way, a generation is 20 years, though generations and lifespans were usually longer back then (cf. the passage from Exodus 6 below. The 120-year life expectancy that was declared in the time of the Flood, by the way, began when Moses died.):

"And the LORD spoke unto Moses in the wilderness of Sinai, in the tent of meeting, on the first day of the second month, in the second year after they were come out of the land of Egypt, saying: 2 'Take ye the sum of all the congregation of the children of Israel, by their families, by their fathers' houses, according to the number of names, every male, by their polls; 3 from twenty years old and upward, all that are able to go forth to war in Israel: ye shall number them by their hosts, even thou and Aaron. 4 And with you there shall be a man of every tribe, every one head of his fathers' house.[']

Also, Iyar is the second month—again, when the Dreyfus Affair began and Lenin had his stroke—and Iyar was the time for Zionism to begin—after all, Adar and Nisan were the months that culminated the buildup to the Dreyfus Affair and the beginning of Stalinization. Remember, by the way, that the 12 sons of Ya'akov and others had to pass away before slavery in Egypt began:

"1 Now these are the names of the sons of Israel, who came into Egypt with Jacob; every man came with his household: 2 Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah; 3 Issachar, Zebulun, and Benjamin; 4Dan and Naphtali, Gad and Asher. 5 And all the souls that came out of the loins of Jacob were seventy souls; and Joseph was in Egypt already. 6 And Joseph died, and all his brethren, and all that generation. 7 And the children of Israel were fruitful, and increased abundantly, and multiplied, and waxed exceeding mighty; and the land was filled with them. {P}"
"These are the families of Simeon. 16 And these are the names of the sons of Levi according to their generations: Gershon and Kohath, and Merari. And the years of the life of Levi were a hundred thirty and seven years. 17 The sons of Gershon: Libni and Shimei, according to their families. 18 And the sons of Kohath: Amram, and Izhar, and Hebron, and Uzziel. And the years of the life of Kohath were a hundred thirty and three years. 19 And the sons of Merari: Mahli and Mushi. These are the families of the Levites according to their generations. 20 And Amram took him Jochebed his father's sister to wife; and she bore him Aaron and Moses. And the years of the life of Amram were a hundred and thirty and seven years. 21 And the sons of Izhar: Korah, and Nepheg, and Zichri. 22 And the sons of Uzziel: Mishael, and Elzaphan, and Sithri. 23 And Aaron took him Elisheba, the daughter of Amminadab, the sister of Nahshon, to wife; and she bore him Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar. 24 And the sons of Korah: Assir, and Elkanah, and Abiasaph; these are the families of the Korahites. 25 And Eleazar Aaron's son took him one of the daughters of Putiel to wife; and she bore him Phinehas. These are the heads of the fathers' houses of the Levites according to their families.
So, a generation's life expectancy by that point—at least among HaB'nei Levi—was 137 years. So, go for 120*4 and 137 * 4, and you get 480 and 548 years. The average is 514 years, and enough below 514 years had passed between 1492-1892 and 1492-1922. Also consider this: the max life expectancy for those whom the Spirit is with (cf. Genesis 6:3) will someday be 100 years, and is pretty much the max life expectancy that by now—which is why centenarians and those whom are older than centenarians are celebrated and make the news:

"19 And I will rejoice in Jerusalem, and joy in My people; and the voice of weeping shall be no more heard in her, nor the voice of crying. 20 There shall be no more thence an infant of days, nor an old man, that hath not filled his days; for the youngest shall die a hundred years old, and the sinner being a hundred years old shall be accursed 
We can see here that the sinner will die at 100 years and that the redeemed will go on to live past 100 years. By the way, 25 is close enough to 20; and that's when the brain reaches its full-development point. So, generations in terms of biology could really be argued to begin at 25 at max and 20 at minimum.

If you don't believe me, look at both Tanakh and at these Google searches, and peruse the sources that you find:

  1. 10:42 AM
  2. 10:42 AM

As I concluded, then, 400-430 years on a literal level and on parallel levels have applied to Sephardi, Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, and other Jews to this day.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Disturbing Statistics From My Ad on Facebook

Ages [expected or typical from January 1st]
18-24 [1991-1997]
25-34 [1981-1990]
35-44 [1971-1980]
45-54 [1961-1970]
55-64 [1951-1960]
65+ [before or during 1950]

Out of all 2,672 people who have been reached, zero have gone to Represent.Us's website, and the majority are older middle-aged people and seniors. How disheartening that my generation (Gen Y, 1982-2000 or, Biblically, 1980-2000 for 20 years), does not want to be involved in fighting corruption in politics as much as the older middle agers (1954-1970) and seniors (before to during 1950-during 1953). What example, by the way, is Gen Y giving the younger generations (the oldest younger generation being 2001-2021, if 2021 carries us into a continuance of the present age)? Also, what example have the Baby Boomers (1950-1970 or 1940-1960, depending on how one factors in World War Two) and previous generations set for Gen X and younger generations?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

To Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz At HaKotel b'Yerushalayim

Rabbi Rabinowitz,

Think of the song "Light One Candle". Part of the song goes, "Don't let the light go out; it's lasted for so many years." So have our people, 'Am Yisra'el, Ha'Or L'Goyim. We have lasted for millennia, ever since Yitzchak was conceived and born; and then Yitzchak conceived and had born to him two sons of his own, one of whom became Ya'akov Avinu.

Without Imoteinu, our coming forth and longevity as a people would have been impossible. Without achoteinu, habanot imoteinu, none of acheinu would have been able to conceive and have born to them successive dorot m'Yisra'el. Without further dorot m'Yisra'el, we would've died out as an 'am.

Therefore, your banning of HaNashot HaKotel is a chillul HaShem and a chillul zichronot ha'avot v'imahot. Even Ya'akov Avinu told even Imoteinu, "'Put away the strange gods that are among you, and purify yourselves, and change your garments; 3 and let us arise, and go up to Beth-el; and I will make there an altar unto God, who answered me in the day of my distress, and was with me in the way which I went.'" (From Bereshit 35, JPS 1917) Why do you, then, put away achoteinu as Imoteinu put away their strange g-ds?

Please consider whether to put away achoteinu, habanot Imoteinu, like Imoteinu put away strange g-ds is an avodah tovah. If it is an avodah tovah, then to have put away Imoteinu would have been tov, would it not have been?

Toda v'Chanukkah Tovah.

Monday, April 28, 2014

How Were and/or Are You Affected By the Holocaust?

One incident that is particularly in my mind is the following:

For whatever reason, God appointed me to break through my family's bubbe meise that family had simply written for money during the Depression, and that we sent them food although we had to stop writing. I had found out that we are Jewish and started looking on YadVashem. When I saw the pictures of Vilmosz and Aron David "Dudus" Rusznak, I (so to speak) blew the cover off of what really happened. Then the story quickly changed from what Grandaunt Mary Ann hideously wrote in the 1999 family reunion letter (that is, that we stopped writing and sent food) to that Vilmosz and his in-law brother Zoli Grinfeld (z"l) wrote to us for financial help for which they never would have written otherwise.

As the convert branch and the descendants of Gyorgy "Gyorgy Kvetkovits" Rusznak, we were their absolutely-last resort. Realizing that they should've risked getting out of Europe after all (despite that, for example, they had young children with them and Vilmosz's mother had died in 1937), they wrote to us to ask for help—it was an act of piku'ach nefesh, not an act of wanting money (After all, they could've done quite well without us had they had the chance to do so. Vilmosz, e.g., owned a bakery; and he knew that the U.S. was hit harder in the Depression than Slovakian Hungary was hit, since the U.S. had been the better-off country.

When I blew that cover (and part of doing so was contating Alan Sidransky and telling him what we did), people got mad. The reason that I say "what we did", by the way, is because we're just as responsible as Great-Grandma Gaydos as long as we continue to cover up for her and lie about what she did, and what she did is out in the open now. Besides, compare Andrew Rusnak in a few years prior (He was born on November 1, 1877.):

Incidentally, this is one that I scanned in poorly from my own copy of the 1999 Reunion Book.

And in 1946 (He died on February 9, 1947. He also assumed that his brother Stef was still in Czechoslovakia—he didn't even want to know if his brother died.):

The only property of the picture that I changed was the size.

That's when that he was as complicit as his daughter became clear. G-d will punish those who hurt His people (including those among His people who hurt their mishpacha) and their descendants down to the third and fourth generations. I'm of Generation Four (from Andrew Rusnak) and Generation Three (from Mary Gaydos), and the subsequent third and fourth generations will be punished if we do not talk about it.

By the way, that Julia Fosko Rusnak died when she did is a blessing. Indeed, the righteous are taken away while nobody understands why they are! How do you think that she felt sending her sons (including Andy) to war when she damned well knew that they could become Holocaust victims? After all, a Jewish POW—whether Messianic or Non Messianic, Anusi or openly Jewish, or from the U.S. or England—held no distinction to the Germans:

To the Germans (save for the Gomerim Tzdukim), a Jew was a Jew (and not in a good way!). In fact, Great-Great-Grandma Rusnak (like so many other Jewish mothers) has to be one of the unsung heroes of the Holocaust—sending a son or daughter to fight the very enemy who could commit ethnocide against him or her is one of the ultimate acts of maternal sacrifice.

By the way, to Grandaunt Mary Ann, you don't necessarily have to be part of the Czarnecki Family Tree—in fact, your sister's dad-in-law's family wanted nothing to do with Great-Granddad Czarnecki once his parents became Anusim; so, you don't have to worry about the Czarneckis! You are responsible for covering up for your mother, though—and you are Sandor's age (and I'm sure that Sandor is in Heaven with his brother and his parents, and I fully believe that Jesus was with them as He was with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego)!

The damage that your mother did and the damage that you have continued is unbelievable! All I can tell you is to remember that Jesus Himself said that what is hidden will be revealed, and that what is in the darkness will come to light—and I can only hope that you get to meet Sandor and the rest of our family in Heaven, because to do what you've done and not repent for it is not a good sign.

Perhaps you'll take Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's words to heart:

So I ask: How is it possible that so many people failed to understand the reality? The bitter and tragic truth is this: it is not that they did not see it. They did not want to see it. And why did they choose not to see the truth? Because they did not want to face the consequences of that truth.During the 1930′s, when the Nazis were gaining momentum, the influence of the trauma of the First World War was still fresh. Twenty years earlier, the people of the West experienced a terrible trench war, a war which claimed the lives of 16 million people. Therefore, the leaders of the West operated on the basis of one axiom: avoid another confrontation at any cost, and thus they laid the foundation for the most terrible war in human history. This axiom of avoiding conflict at any cost, this axiom was adopted not only by the leaders. The people themselves, primarily the educated ones, shared it too....
Month after month, year after year, more and more information was received in London, Paris and Washington regarding the capabilities and intentions of the Nazi regime. The picture was becoming clear to everybody. However, “they have eyes, but cannot see; they have ears, but cannot hear.”When you refuse to accept reality as it is, you can deny it. And this is precisely what the leaders of the West did. They dismissed the murderous Nazi rhetoric as internal German politics; they downplayed the seriousness of the danger of the military build-up of the Nazis, claiming that it was the result of the natural will of a proud nation, that it should be taken into consideration, that it should be accepted.The reality was clear, but it was cloaked in a bubble of illusions. This bubble was burst by the stealth attack by the Nazis on Europe. And the price of the illusion and desire was very heavy because by the time the leaders of the West finally acted, their people paid a terrible price. World War II claimed the lives not of 16 million people, the unimaginable number of victims during World War I, but of 60 million, including one third of our people, who were butchered by the Nazi beast.Citizens of Israel, my brothers and sisters,Has the world learned from the mistakes of the past? Today, we are again facing clear facts and a tangible threat.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

I Need A Big Break Because....

  1. While I'm not the pinnacle embodiment of a rags-to-riches story, I've certainly had struggles in my life. Here's a (so to speak) Molotov Cocktail (or worse of a cocktail) of struggles which I've had:
    1. Diplegic Spastia Cerebral Palsy, for which I spent 75 days in the hospital. Born January 23, 1990, I came home on April 7, 1990.
    2. OCD/Anxiety--this comes from my dad's Levitical family, the Foskos (Foczkos).
    3. Major Depressive Disorder--my dad's paternal granddad committed suicide over this. Relatedly, two Foczko great-great-granduncles and their dad (my great-great-great-granddad) committed suicide.
    4. ADD--All I know is that this come from Dad's side.
  2. My family history, to say the least, is very sordid. For example:
    1. My dad's family in particular was Crypto Jewish from around 1755-after March 12, 2008. I was the on who was chosen to catch them in their fanciful ignorance and deceit.
    2. My great-grandma Mary Rusnak Gaydos was a kapo--to not send the money to the Rusznaks who desperately broke the protocol of Evel Rabbati 2I  for the sake of piku'ach nefesh (whether Vilmosz was the one really writing or a Nazi was posing as Vilmosz--though, safe to say, Vilmos had to be the one writing given that Vilmosz survived the Shoah and is still covered up by the family). Because of this, my family is broken and cursed--and I am of the third generation removed from Vilmosz's curser, and of the second removed from his curser's enablers.
    3. Because of Points One and Two, my family story is not well known--and besides for what was noted in Point Two, my family is broken.
    4. Great-Grandma Czarnecki's blood is left unavenged (As much as I forgive Pop-Pop, I'd still like what he did to catch up with him.).
    5. Pfc. Bernard S. Czarnecki (Army, 111th Infantry Division Medical Corp, WW2) is left unrecognized and unavenged.
    6. A lot of the verbal and other abuse that I had to endure from 1996 (from when Dad twisted Mom's arm--which is pretty traumatic for a six-year-old child to have to see--and after seeing my dad sleeping on the couch one time at 7:00 on dark morning in 1994) to November 2006 (to when I had endured quite a bit of my own abuse, thank you) is explained by the family history--"Hurt people hurt people"; abuse begets abuse, and (as Granduncle Tony quoted), "Like [dad], like son." (The couch thing--to see parents sleeping separately from each other is also traumatic--if I didn't realize that something was wrong then, I can look back and say that I should've realized that something was wrong then.)
  3. I'm no Jeremiah, Elijah, or even faithful son; but I've been a Christian since Easter 1996 or 1997--long before I even suspected that I am Jewish, by the way.
  4. I get that "having one's cake and eating it, too" is not a Biblical concept (or usually one), but David, Solomon, and even the disciples (excepting Judas, and counting Mathias) had their cakes and ate them, too (at least in the end).
  5. I've never fit anyone's mold--a psychological case with a physical disability, a sordid family history, a broken home, and a situation in which I don't fit in the Christian or the Jewish worlds (and mainly because I'm that interfaith, interethnic[?], broken-home kid with a sordid family history and a medical record to boot. By the way, Mom's--as far as we know--a gentile of Jewish and Latino [Sephardic Jewish?] descent.).
  6. I've been a victim of abuse (including what I've mentioned previously and cyberbullying), rejection, and dejection.  
  7. I've had two crazy exes, both of whom I've had to call the police on; and I'm only 23. Therefore, my chances of ever getting married--let alone ever staying married--are nill. Besides:
    1. My dad and both of his siblings divorced, and my dad and his brother remarried.
    2. Out of my mom and her eight born siblings, only two have never divorced or remarried.
    3. My Allen great-great-grandparents and my Green-Carroll great-great-grandma all divorced. My "McCoy" great-great-grandparents may have also divorced.
    4. There were other divorces in my family.
    5. There were terrible marriages in my family, including those of my Czernecki great-great-grandparents and Czarnecki great-grandparents.
    6. Take all five previous "Besides" points and Point Seven together, and I'm bound to be a divorce statistic. Also take that I was born disabled and (thus) into the lower level of the American de-facto caste system,  and you get that I'll be perpetually an alte moid  or someone's to-cheat-on "gimp" of a wife (and, yes, I have been called a "gimp").
The list goes on, but my point is that I'm one who needs a break from God. In other words, someone who needs a break from God is me, if there was or has been someone who needed a break from God. Otherwise, my life's going to amount to less than worthless--and I'm just looking at factual and statistical reality.

Besides, someone needs to get my family back together; someone needs to tell the stories of--e.g.--Vilmosz's side of the Rusznak Family, Great-Grandma Czarnecki, and Great-Granduncle Bernie; and someone needs to show that a lower-caste, born-disabled, broken-home, chanceless kid can overcome by God. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

When Bringing Criticims to, Avoid Guys Like CulsenGenealogy

 This is to warn you about agenda-driven and feinshmeker genealogists who claim to be experts about everything pertaining to AncestryDNA, etc.. Watch out for them. For example (and in case CulsenGenealogy decides to be a smart aleck and delete his comments on

Nicole Czarnecki 21 hours ago
With all due respect, Kris, I'm going to be honest with you: AncestryDNA is a good starter test, but people who had taken it before my dad warned about problems that I should've believed them on before his results came back. For example, AncestryDNA links my dad's third cousin Kevin as his 5th-8th cousin with low (< 50%) confidence; and AncestryDNA counted Greece and "Belgarus" (whatever that is) as Eastern Europe. Use the AncestryDNA test as a starter test & stick with using the paper trail.
Reply  ·


CulsenGenealogy 2 days ago
I - like others whom study migration of the ancestors AND also realizes that our DNA is thousands of years old - am happy to see Kris make a video and say the same thing: your genetic history is NOT your immediate paper trail. Even if that immediate trail is up to 3-500 years ago. AND that we are the result of history in the making.
Reply  ·

Nicole Czarnecki 21 hours ago
That's what I thought, too--that people who were complaining about AncestryDNA "have no idea how genetic testing, and algorithms work.." and "I do not think a lot of people understand how these DNA tests work." (From TheGeneticGenealogist) Then I saw the results, and "Greece", the Balkans, and "Belgarus" as a part of Eastern Europe. Also see the comment about my cousin. As I said, use the AncestryDNA test as a starter test & stick with using the paper trail.
Reply  ·   in reply to CulsenGenealogy (Show the comment)

CulsenGenealogy 19 hours ago
FTDNA shares the same EE country break down as Ancestry : Eastern European (Poland, Greece, Macedonia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Moldova, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Belgarus, Kosovo)
I am not sure what you are trying to say? you clearly are not happy with Ancestry results, so perhaps you were looking for something specific? Deep genetics are just that. A paper trail can give you some names. DNA cannot lie.
Reply  ·   in reply to Nicole Czarnecki (Show the comment)

Nicole Czarnecki 6 hours ago
I didn't say that DNA lies; I said that AncestryDNA is not as accurate. They even admit that they're in Beta. Also, the Balkans are Southeastern Europe (way different than Eastern--Slavic, Magyar, and Ruso), and Greece is Mediterranean (often considered Western, not Eastern) Europe. Also, you never addressed my comment about my cousin and "Belgarus".
Reply  ·   in reply to CulsenGenealogy (Show the comment)

CulsenGenealogy 1 hour ago
I don't need to address anything, actually. You clearly are angry over what results you see, and are all over the internet raging about it. You just simply brought your newest rants to Kris Williams video blog.
You state that AncestryDNA is not as accurate, YET FTDNA uses the same countries, including 'Belgarus' - try looking up the history of that word. No. I will not help you. Again, you are looking for what YOU want to see, not what is there, and already known.
Reply  ·   in reply to Nicole Czarnecki (Show the comment)

Nicole Czarnecki 1 second ago
I've looked it up. "Belgarus" is a village in Iran. Nice try, though.
Reply  ·   in reply to CulsenGenealogy (Show the comment)

See for a sample of the warnings, for example. You can Google "AncestryDNA reviews", for example, as well.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Monday, November 19, 2012

DeLand, You're Looking, Too?

I'm looking, too. If you're a Trudniak, Trudnak, etc.; please contact me. Mary Trudnak Czarnecki was Rosalie Trudnak Petak's sister; and their children were obviously cousins, so that makes me a twice-removed cousin to MariAnn and a once-removed second cousin to her children. I put the Wooster map there for reference, because:

  1. That she lives in Wooster is in the public records.
  2. At least one of Great-Grandaunt Rosalie's children moved to Ohio (I actually just found that out on Ancestry, but anyway...). The point is that we could be related; because if you're part of the Trudnak-Petak gang and your grandma is the late Anna Monka Trudniak (nee Anna Monkova), we're related--and you could have (so to speak) scattered from Luzerne County, PA to Illinois, to Ohio and elsewhere like the rest of the Trudnak-Petak family.
By the way, I'm a Trudnak-Czarnecki; so there's that.

View Larger Map

De Land, Illinois arrived from on "The Nicole Factor: So Great-Grandma Czarnecki Was Jewish After All.." by searching for monka grandma.
22:20:23 -- 1 minute ago

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Serbian or, Particularly, Croat? As Much As I Love Kevin...

Over my dead body on this one. The Kvet-Kovits Rusznaks were not Croats, or even Serbs or Slovenians. First, the original name would have been "Cvetković" pronounced "S-vet-kovi[t or c]--a far cry from "Kvetković" (which is pronounced "K-vet-ko-vits") or "Kvetkovits". Second, only the Jews fled from Constantinople in droves or were particularly targeted for expulsion and murder--Christians were exiled by choice or force, too, or murdered as well; but not like the Jews. In fact, Jews fled Constantinople at least two times--once under Leo III, the second time when Constantinople fell to the Mohammedians.

Besides, the Rusznaks did marry fellow Anusim--Elizabetha Molnarová (Gyorgy Kvet-Kovits Rusznak) and Mária Novákova (Jakub Rusznak). Furthermore, Anusi families can exist and have existed as Anusim for centuries, and the Kvet-Kovits-Rusznak family existed as such from about 1848 (at least until here in America, I--so to speak--burst our bubble)--roughly, within three (the 19th-21st) Centuries and for a century and three-and-one-fifths scores (164 years, 1848-2012). 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why I've Suffered So Much: At Least Partly Because of That Kapo Mary Rusnak Gaydos

I don't exactly remember who Jack Feldman is descended from, by the way; but I begin to suspect more and more that his Chron's-- besides his trief eating-- comes from his Fosko-Rusnak matriarch being a kapo as well. My side (the Fosko-Rusnak-Gaydos side) has been visited for certain:

Numbers 14:18
‘The LORD is longsuffering and abundant in mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression; but He by no means clears the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation.’

I mean, I don't think that we can any more into entering the abyss zone than having four of the five Rusnak-Gaydos children (Grandaunt Mary Ann and Grandma included) being absolutely wicked (The only one who would not be wicked by doing or enabling any wickedness was Grandaunt Helen, who I didn't know was habat tzedekah until after she was gone.), having even some of habnei v'banot shel habat tzedekah take after the bnei-v'banot ra'im (Ashley and Matt, I'll name you as two of them. Shame on you for not acknowledging our Yiddishkeit and Eloheinu v'Elohim Avinu.), and having some of us bnei v'banot suffer abuse which we have not (or at least tried not to have) perpetuated the cycle of.

While I'm on the subject of Matt, by the way, why does he have Spina Bifida? And why do I have Cerebral Palsy? And why does Jack have Chron's (if his Fosko-Rusnak matriarch was indeed also a wicked kapo)?

Deuteronomy 7:13
And He will love you and bless you and multiply you; He will also bless the fruit of your womb and the fruit of your land, your grain and your new wine and your oil, the increase of yourcattle and the offspring of your flock, in the land of which He swore to your fathers to give you.

Let me give you a hint: Great-Grandma Gaydos and her zerim sure haven't been blessed:

Leviticus 21:17-24

New King James Version (NKJV)
17 “Speak to Aaron, saying: ‘No man of your descendants in succeeding generations, who has anydefect, may approach to offer the bread of his God. 18 For any man who has a defect shall not approach: a man blind or lame, who has a marred face or any limb too long, 19 a man who has a broken foot or broken hand, 20 or is a hunchback or a dwarf, or a man who has a defect in his eye, or eczema or scab, or is a eunuch. 21 No man of the descendants of Aaron the priest, who has a defect, shall come near to offer the offerings made by fire to the LORD. He has a defect; he shall not come near to offer the bread of his God. 22 He may eat the bread of his God, both the most holy and the holy; 23 only he shall not go near the veil or approach the altar, because he has a defect, lest he profane My sanctuaries; for I the LORD sanctify them.’”
24 And Moses told it to Aaron and his sons, and to all the children of Israel.

Hint two: 

While we may not be koheinim, let me ask you this: if being one "who has a defect" (including one that results in the said one being "blind or lame, who has a marred face or any limb too long, a man who has a broken foot or broken hand, or is a hunchback or a dwarf") is even a (for a lack of a better term) just-because curse to zerim shel Aharon; how likely would you think that any one of those defects could be inflicted even on non koheinim who are or whose predecessors were kapos?

Numbers 14:18
‘The LORD is longsuffering and abundant in mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression; but He by no means clears the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation.’

As I said, by the way, being crippled and being sickened (with me, Matt, and Jack-- if his Fosko-Rusnak matriarch was indeed also a wicked kapo-- included) aren't the only curses which the zerim of the kapo Fosko Rusnaks-- especially those of Mary Rusnak Gaydos-- have had to endure.