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Showing posts with label IBS. Show all posts
Showing posts with label IBS. Show all posts

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Commentary: I Haven't Delayed Getting Back Into Writing. Something's Delayed Me, And That Something Is That...

The sheer combination of—among other factors—the energy drain and other problems (including exacerbations of my Cerebral Palsy and IBS) that my mental illnesses cause me (and I'm even feeling nausea and anxiety over an OCD/Anxiety-effected thought as I type), discouragement because few to no people seem to be really buying my books (and am I really supposed to feel encouraged when few to none will read what I write?), and confusion and frustration regarding personal matters which affect my medical conditions to be exacerbated have really assailed me—not to mention that (as much as I love Reilly and Camille) Reilly's and Camille's inappropriate barking affect my focus to be taken away

Thus, feeling energized to write is hard. Feeling encouraged to write is hard. Finding the time and space to write is hard. Therefore, to get back into writing is hard.

What else can I say, then?

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Part Of Why I Don't Always Wish People A "Happy Birthday" On Facebook Or LinkedIn

Long story short, IBS flareups can drain me and affect me to not want to do as much as I could. Longer story short, those (especially with mental-illness flareups and draining-enough Cerebral Palsy) make breathing hard on some days (like today), which can be draining.

Consider this, after all: when your colon presses against your diaphragm and presses your diaphragm onto your lungs, your lungs can't fill up as well and are in a perpetually-somewhat-exhaling state. It'sas far as I knowa little-known symptom that's actually—as I had to Googlefrustrated other IBS users.

Try having been prematurely born as well (and having a father whom didn't quit smoking until you were about six years old) and probably being a carrier for long-dormant Tuberculosis—since at least some of your ancestors had it (and at least one died of it)as well as having ancestors whom had Miner's Lung and other lung-affecting issues (such as addictions to cigarettes and alcohol) and your lungs can really be, so to speak and forgive the language, *****ed up on some days.

In fact, I'm having IBS-related breathing issues as I'm typing—and that's why I mentioned that IBS flareups can make breathing hard on some day's, and thus draining in of itself.

PS If you suffer IBS (and/or any of the other health-related issues that I've mentioned here) and/or have loved ones and/or coworkers whom suffer from IBS (and/or any of the other health-related issues that I've mentioned here) , you might be able to relate to this and get a better sense of what you and/or those in your life suffer. You thus might, for example, be able to at least somewhat understand why even you and/or someone else in your life may seem like a distant and uncaring jerk on some days—not being able to breathe, and thus not being able to have as much as energy to do all that you could do, makes being able to express that you care for others hard.

Also PS: I was thinking about the Amtrak accident in Tacoma and wanted to tweet "#Pray for Washington", and I've been wanting to tweet "#Pray for Reilly, since she has another ear infection"—and wanting to tweet those things are just among the many things that I've wanted to do and that I still have to do.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Explaining IBS To Reilly, and How Reilly Deals With "Momma"'s IBS Flareups

For example, one IBS flareup occurred due to the self-cleaning-oven incident today—and Reilly's stress stressed "Momma" out. Others occur quite frequently, with—for instance—poor Ri having to deal with when "Momma" has IBS flareups at night. The ways in which "Momma" has explained IBS and IBS flareups to Reilly include telling Reilly when "['Momma's'] colon and bladder [or bladder and colon] are acting funny" to just telling Reilly that "['Momma's'] having an IBS flareup."

Of course, "Mom-Mom" and "Auntie Michelle" aren't exactly compassionate or helpful about that, and "Momma" doesn't need uncompassionate and unhelpful family*schwer zu sein genug a Yid, un a Yid vemen hot a shlafkeyt fun gederem ðŸ˜« !

*Incidentemente, persisto preguntar al un persona cierto: ¿estás me dando una respuesta clara eventualmente or continuando no me dar una  respuesta clara? La necesito para mí y Reily.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Bladder Cancer And Why I'm Volunteering for the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network

By the way, the BCAN Baltimore Walk is on:

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 at Canton Waterfront Park (Registration begins at 9 am and Walk begins at 10 am)

BTW, I did not share this in the video: look at the following two pictures:


Then imagine how having a condition such as IBS or an Enlarged Prostate would exacerbate Bladder Cancer (


PS The BCAN website states "Bladder cancer is the sixth most commonly diagnosed cancer in the U.S.". I was either told or thinking that I heard "most diagnosed".

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jews and IBS-- Hey; This Is a Jew With IBS Talking

"27 The LORD will smite thee with the botch of Egypt, and with the emerods * , and with the scab,and with the itch, whereof thou canst not be healed ." (D'varim 28:27, KJV)
KJV Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon
 Strong's Number:   02914  
Original WordWord Origin
rxjfrom an unused root meaning to burn
Transliterated WordTDNT Entry
T@chorTWOT - 803a
Phonetic SpellingParts of Speech
tekh-ore'    Noun Masculine
  1. tumours, haemorrhoids
 King James Word Usage - Total: 8
emerods 8

"Jews of Eastern European descent (Ashkenazi Jews) have one of the highest colorectal cancer risks of any ethnic group in the world. Several gene mutations leading to an increased risk of colorectal cancer have been found in this group. The most common of these DNA changes, called the I1307K APC mutation, is present in about 6% of American Jews."

Other proof that Ashkenazic Jews have even the highest risk and rate of colon cancer

So what's the point? The point is that besides the scientific evidence, I have individual-case evidence to prove 
D'varim 28:27-- I have personally experienced D'varim 28:27. I have IBS, my dad Chron's, and my granddad colon cancer (which caused 18 inches of his colon to be removed and is, as far as I know, in remission). Therefore, the ultimate point is that I can tell you both on a personal level and on an amateur-scholar level that if nothing else, even mainly-Darwinian science "with the emerods" proves Tanakh.