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Saturday, March 25, 2017

As The Old Jewish Saying Goes, And As I've Lived Especially Of Late...

What's keeping calm when you're Jewish? What's not worrying when you're Jewish?

As for me and being a Jewish Christian, I get the whole "Do not worry", "Come to Me, you whom are weary...", "Cast your cares...", etc.. Notwithstanding that (and here goes the "Oh, you of little faith"):

  1. Having Cerebral Palsy and IBS affects worry for good reason.
  2. Having OCD/Anxiety and ADD affects worry for good reason. By the way, I'm actually not the first one to have made an observation regarding whether OCD/Anxiety is inherently Jewish, and I was joking about that more to cope with my own OCD and wondering (so much for Jewish humor, as I got a hard time for making that observation)—the schtick about (I kid you not) OCD being a "Jewish disease" (as Dr. Avigdor Bonchek phrased the schtick whether OCD is Jewish) has been around for a long time. To be fair, look at, e.g., B'midbar 7 alone—having to be perfectly scrupulous about the right number of the right offerings like that could cause anyone to worry—then look at Vaiykra 11 and B'midbar 19—I myself (assuming that I'd survived birth and even had some part in Jewish life) would be washing and extra washing all day. Then try the fences around Torah. Overtime, that has to get embedded into one's genetic code and/or brain chemistry—thus, I think, part of why God desires mercy over sacrifice and obedience over burnt offerings, as His point seemed to be that ritualism as opposed to simply living by faith (e.g., "walk[ing] humbly with your God").
  3. Getting the amount of hate that I get (as I probably will over the observation above, for example), whether rightly or wrongly, affects me to always worry for good reason—even, e.g., who's going to unfriend me on Facebook or unfollow me on Twitter, thus reflecting online how what they think of me both online and offline? After all (as Curt Schilling of all people stated), people online are who they are offline and what they would be offline "if they could get away with it" (which he stated after two of his daughter's high-school classmates used Twitter to send her rape threats.
I could give more examples, though I think that three examples suffice—especially as I brace myself and bide to see how many more instances of Example Three will happen even over the next couple of minutes, especially in regard to Example Two. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Yet, They Never Believe "Momma" Until "Momma" Persists In Getting Them To Pet Reilly

Granted that "Mom-Mom" worked from home today and was holding Reilly on her lap. Still, Reilly did exactly as "Momma" said that she would—she let the home-improvement contractors pet her and gave them kisses. Reilly also barks because she hates when people leave in fact, Reilly is gregarious to the point at which she licked the spaying team as she came out of the anesthesia!

By the way, if God wills and "Mom-Mom" allows, Reilly and "Momma" would love to have family, friends, and others—including whomever Reilly's "Daddy" is or might be—to come over and meet and/or visit with Reilly on Thanksgiving! Maybe there'll even be venison ðŸ˜‰!

In all seriousness, Reilly would love to meet and regreet people. As for Camille, even though she did let one other person pet her today, she usually misses only "Mom-Mom", her "Mimi", Shelby, and a pitbull mix in her neighborhood (in a platonic way, mind you; though as for Camille's "Auntie Nicole" quietly wonders if Cam's platonic song of lament would ever apply to her and and Reilly's "Daddy" in another way—"Momma" definitely gets verklempt and bazorgt about Reilly not having a "Daddy" and herself not having a helpmate around the holidays).

Meanwhile, Cam is becoming more than just Jewishly emotive—and she's always Jewishly emotive (despite that there's apparently no Yiddish word for "emoter"—and thus no farklenervort for "Auntie Nicole"'s "plimenitse"—although she does call her "puppeleh", semi Yinglish for "little puppy",).

Friday, November 11, 2016

"Momma" and Reilly Thank The Veterans, Both Active-Duty And Non-Active-Duty Veterans

Remember that "Momma" even originally wanted a male puppy and to name him after Pfc. Bernard Stanley Czarnecki, WW2, DOW (בנימין שמריה בן יהודה יוחנן ושרה אסנת צהרנצקי, ז''ל). As for Reilly, she is a "great-great-grandniece" to Pfc. Bernard S. Czarnecki, and:

  1. A "grandniece" of a retired Air Force Colonel
  2. A "grandniece" of an almost-Vietnam War vet ("almost" because the war ended just as he was called to duty)
  3. A "once-removed cousin" of two Marines (one of them being an in-law cousin) and two Army soldiers (with one being a First Lieutenant, MSC)
  4. The "dogter" of a friend of an Air Force veteran, whom she has yet to meet
  5. The "dogter" of a friend of a Marine's aunt, whom she's already met
  6. The "great-great-grandniece" of a late VFW Commander and ACE member whom served in the European Theater and countless other WW2 veterans, including Pfc. Czarnecki (See above.)
  7. Countless other veterans
Reilly with one of veteran "cousins"

Many of Reilly's "relatives" are from the only state outside of Maryland in which Reilly has been. So is one of "Momma"'s friends whom was in the Air Force.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Besides What "Momma" Mentioned Re Naming Reilly Before...

"Momma" wanted a cat.


"Momma" then wanted a Golden (really, a Labrador) Retriever named "Bernie".

"No...a small dog..."

Then "Momma" wanted a French bulldog.

"No...". "Mom-Mom" wanted "Momma" to get a mixed-breed dog.

Momma still wanted a boy dog named "Bernie".

"No...a girl dog..."

After researching and considering breeds, "Momma" decided on a Maltipoo; and "Momma" and "Mom-Mom" reached an agreement on naming the puppy "Reilly Rosalita" for a friend's recently-deceased "Reilly" and Rosalita McCoy Reilly, and Rosa's daughter Alice Reilly Allen.

The rest is history—as "Momma" wrote down thanks to one particular person and other people whom inspired "Momma" to write about Reilly and other subjects.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Camille's Very Patient With "Auntie Nicole", Too

Just as much as Reilly as a "dogter" has been affected by "Momma"'s difficult times, Camille as a furniece has been affected. Nonetheless, Reilly and Camille still somehow love "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole". In fact, for example, Camille was napping across from "Auntie Nicole"'s feet the other day:

By the way, pets can teach people a few lessons. For example, one lesson is that you should tell someone that you love him or her—whether in familial, romantic, or other ways—if and when you can—after all, for instance, maybe Reilly's "Great-Great-Granddad" Czarnecki would've made it to 112 (on October 24th) had he felt more loved in his life (and hurt people do hurt people, as he hurt others during his lifetime. Incidentally, do Hillary and insidious RINO Trump want to ban cars, bridges, and lessons on how to jump while they advocate banning guns? After all, Reilly's "great-great-granddad" committed suicide by blocking traffic on Falls River Bridge and jumping off of the bridge 52 years ago on December 2, 2016).

For another example, pets can save lives of especially those with physical and mental disabilities—including mental illnesses. In fact, Reilly and Camille are honestly among the reasons that "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" has not tried suicide—for instance, what would happen to Reilly if "Momma" did succeed in a suicide attempt; and would Reilly even remember "Momma" if "Mom-Mom" gave Reilly to a shelter? What if "Momma" didn't succeed, on the other hand; and what if she ended up in a horrid condition like Reilly's "Grandaunt" Mary did? Besides, what if things do get better for "Momma" and maybe, for instance, Reilly will soon have a "Daddy"?

Nonetheless, "Momma" does think about how she and Reilly are getting older, anyway . Speaking of getting older, by the way, Reilly's cousin turns one years old tomorrow (Happy Birthday, Shelby!)—and Shelby is a bright spot in any day that Reilly's "Momma" gets to visit her, as well as a bright spot in any day that Reilly and Camille get to see and/or sniff her (not like Donald Trump sniffs, though. Incidentally, "Momma" wonders how Reilly would react to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton if she ever met them.).

Friday, September 30, 2016

Offbeat: On One Person Whom Particularly Inspired "Momma" To Write About Reilly—And Whom Is Anonymous For Right Now

Out of the people whom inspired "Momma" to write about Reilly, one in particular will always stand out to "Momma" and have a special place in her heart—no matter what, since especially that person inspired her to begin becoming a full-time author. In fact, as "Momma" recalls, she wrote and sent Reilly's first real full biography to the particular person—whom she thinks about every day, and about whom she's told Reilly.

When Reilly first came home, "Momma" wrote a biography on Reilly—though that biography was nothing like this biography:

Part One of A Short Biography Of My Puppy, Reilly Rosalita

I own a very-unique Maltipoo puppy—"Reilly Rosalita" by name, and "Reilly" by nickname (along with other nicknames). Born on March 25, 2014, Reilly was fittingly named after my Irish-American great-grandmother—she was, after all, born only a week and a day after a favorite holiday of my great-grandmother, Alice Allen nee Reilly. She was, meanwhile, given the first name of Nana Allen's mother—Rosalita "Rosa" Reilly—as her middle name.

With Reilly's unique name comes her unique personality—a sweet, firey, JIrish personality (with the "JIrish" part coming from her Jewish-Irish "Momma"—me—and perhaps from her "Momma"'s great-great-grandmother Rosalita, who may have been a Patrilineal Portuguese Jew. Incidentally, this reminds me that I jokingly call Reilly a "Malti-Jew" and a "Matrilineal Poo".).
As for Reilly's looks, they come very much from her sire—a four-year-old Maltese named "Oobie-Wone"—and from whomever Reilly's dame—six-year-old Apple—inherited her recessive genes, which she passed down to Reilly. Much of Reilly's personality also comes from "Oobie-Wone"—a quiet one—and Apple—a, as Reilly puts it, "reclusive", "sweet", "good mother". Oddly enough, by the way, Apple reminds me of, with her coloring and demeanor, Nana Allen (of whom I've seen pictures and about whom I've heard quite a bit) and Nana Reilly (from whom, as I understand, Nana Allen inherited her own looks and demeanor. Perhaps like Apple, as a canine, doesn't and does, Nana Reilly, as a person, "didn't like children, and she kept her girls to herself"—after all, Apple keeps to herself and keeps her offspring close to her).



Incidentally, "Momma" hopes and prays to reconnect with that person
—whom had and still has a huge impact on "Momma"'s life, and whom will hopefully meet Reilly—someday.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Offbeat: On Some People Whom Inspired "Momma" To Write About Reilly

A few people encouraged "Momma" to go and stay on her track to become a full-time author. Here are some interesting facts about them:

  1. One has met Reilly, and the others have yet to meet her.
  2. At least two of them share Irish heritage with the brought-into-a-partly-Irish-family Reilly, and at least one shares Jewish heritage with Reilly's "Momma".
  3. At least one has in common with Reilly that he or she has an Irish name of non-Irish origins with Reilly (which came from the Scandinavian "gregarious")
  4. All of them have lived in Reilly's birth state—Maryland—and are from ancestral states of "Momma".
  5. Reilly would love to meet and remeet the ones whom she's not met or seen in a while—whether they have full, half, one-month, or other birthdays in September—Reilly loves to meet and remeet people.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Besides "Momma" (Whose Biggest Fan Reilly Seems To Be), Reilly's Biggest Fan Is....Whom?

Besides "Momma" as Reilly's biggest human fan—and besides, for the time being, "Mom-Mom" and then "Auntie Michelle" after "Momma"—and besides Camille as Reilly's biggest canine fan, who's Reilly's biggest fan—or who would be Reilly's biggest fan?

For what noting Reilly's undying devotion to "Momma" is worth, "Momma"'s two—or however many—cents are that Reilly's biggest fan is or would have to be whomever among humans would love "Momma" the most—that is, whomever Reilly's "Daddy" is or would be, whether or not "Momma"'s (good-as-any?) guess or idea is correct.

Anyone—or anyone except those like George Soros, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton—could love Reilly—and Reilly could probably love even the Soros, Putins, Trumps, Clintons, and other most-indecent people. Loving "Momma", as Reilly as a "dogter" knows, would be a bit harder.

Meanwhile, wouldn't a gift or miracle be if Reilly's "Daddy" came into Reilly's life by her half-year birthday—September 25th—or at least by the end of September—despite that Reilly is far from good at reciprocating birthday wishes? While Reilly may not at first like having someone else in "Momma"'s life or her life at first, even Reilly thinks that she needs a "Daddy".

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

More Of the Best Friends Known As Reilly And Camille

Incidentally, "Momma" left the videos shaky on purpose to show what photographing and videographing with having Cerebral Palsy looks like*. Anyway, "Momma" couldn't leave the scene alone when she caught it—and she just had to photograph it. So, "Momma" took a picture of her "dogter" and "Mimi"'s "dogter"a Ying and Yang amongst canines.

*Now, if only "Momma" had a "Daddy" for Reisy with whom to share these kinds of moments, let alone if she could tell Reisy who she thinks that he could be.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Tu B'Av & All Different Kinds Of Love, Including Puppy Love

In short, Tu B'Av is the Rabbinic Valentine's Day, which comes after Tisha B'Av (the fast of the fifth month, after Tzom HaChodesh Tammuz—not, as it formerly was, for the "god" [dybuk] Tammuz), and before Yom Kippur and Asara b'Tevet). The rabbis decided that after two months with fasts and before Yom Kippur, a yom l'simcha was needed—including for, I suppose, pets and their feeling-much-better-after-breaking-the-fast owners—of course, making pets fast would be wrong.

As on Valentine's Day, the theme on Tu B'Av is ahavah (love)—of which there are different kinds, with three words for the main kinds in Biblical Hebrew, including "ahavah". Puppies—including adult puppies (dogs) like Reilly and Camille—show ahavah, including for each other and for their masters—and masters' families!

Reilly and Camille, yesh lahen ahavah l'echad achar—after all, e.g., to clean out each other's ears takes ahavah rabah v'g'dolah.

So does playing as roughly as Reilly and Camille do! 

So does napping together and (and as demonstrated with close ups included) inadvertently forming a heart shape and sleeping side by side!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Reilly Ringleader And Camille Compadre

While Camille sometimes leads the engagement in bad behaviors (such as a few seconds ago, when she was barking, although Reilly did not follow her lead), Reilly is usually the one whom leads in engaging in bad behaviors such barking, eating nasties such as mulch, as bursting out the back door in the first. Thus, Reilly Ringleader and Camille Compadre (although it should be "Camille La Compadre" or "Camillacompadre [i.e., Camil-la compadre]) continue to be Reilly's and Camille's nicknames. Besides, to come up with equivalents of "Camille Ringleader" or "Reilly Compadre" with alliteration (i.e., "C.C." and "R.R." for equivalents of "Camille Ringleader" or "Reilly Compadre") takes some thought.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

On Missing Someone

Actually. I miss quite a few people—even ones whom hate me and/or couldn't be gladder that I'm out of their lives for whatever reason, and the reason is that they usually cut me off (whether rightly or wrongly) for whatever reasons. I've written about some of these people before, by the way; and I've even yet to write about some of them.

Some of the people whom I miss, for example:

  1. Diane Magruder, whom my sister and I called "Ms. Diane": Ms. Diane was actually the one whom referred us to Reilly's breeder when I was talking about getting a puppy—and she got to meet Reilly before she died. She didn't get to meet Cam, though, although we know that she'll get to meet Cam and see Reilly again one day—and I was thinking about her when I visited Cam's sister Shelby and Shelby's family today, and they talked about how they referred someone to Joyce (Reilly's, Cam's, and Shelby's breeder). When I mentioned how Ms. Diane referred us to Joyce (and how Joyce and other good breeders get a bad name because of pseudo-breeder puppy millers), I also mentioned how Ms. Diane met Reilly on the final day that we saw her—and thought about how she was markedly different after her brother died, which she mentioned, and as ALS took her life, about which we didn't know until we got the call one day from another one of her friends—she wanted to spare us, I suppose, of knowing that she was in the throes of ALS and dying from it.
  2. Many family members, quite a few whom I too often took for granted. To be fair, I'm still dealing with a lot of my own issues (and some of the family members had their own issues, as well as common issues, in regards to other family members); and there were other factors which contributed to hardly being able to see them, etc.. Still, I never even got to see sides of them that others had known or ask them questions that I could've and should've asked when I had the chance.
  3. Quite a few family friends, including to whom I'd send my writings—including the writings which went into "The Real Stories", and stories about Reilly. While I send pictures of Reilly to two of the friends and I used to be able to send pictures of Reilly to the one friend (the dear friend, father figure, and writing mentor to whom I a biography of Reilly which I wrote for writing practice), having sent them pictures of Reilly as well as e-mailing my writings to them is not the same as being able to talk to them face to face. Besides, only one of them has ever met Reilly, and Reilly has yet to meet any of their furbabies (one of whom is an elder of Reilly, a Golden Retriever named Angel).
As far as I know, by the way, Reilly does and would love them all—as she's certainly loved the ones whom she's met, even though she won't see some of them again until the World To Come comes.

One of the stories that I sent regards when Reilly escaped to see Leo (which happened shortly before the first anniversary of her homecoming). 

Friday, May 27, 2016

One Of Those "I Couldn't Have Made This Up" Genealogical Finds (With Edits On May 29-30, June 5, and June 21, 2016)

When I was looking up Great-Granduncle Ed (Edward Leonard Czarnecki, z"l) and found an Edward J. Czarnecki whom (I think, or at least thought) was buried in the city in which Great-Great-Granduncle Teofil lived, I found this little tidbit (As I said, I couldn't have made this up.): he was registered in the service at in Upper Darby and lived in Havertown, and a dear friend of mine to whom I haven't talked in a while (and a childhood friend of my mom and her family) has associations with both cities.

I did end up finding his FindAGrave record (or at least I thought that I did; if so, it's a record) which I'm having trouble locating now, and Great-Great-Granduncle Teofil's trail has turned up dead ends since (from what I've gathered) he legally kept "Czarnecki" but used his wife's name (Kwiatkowski) on Census records. For whatever reason, he didn't like us—and I can imagine what reasons. Shver zu zein a Tshernetski.

By the way, Edward Leonard Czarnecki in Pittsburgh is (as far as I know) related, despite that the Pittsburgh (actually, Carnegie) branch did not keep in touch with us. Since Pop-Pop did not keep in touch with his uncles' and aunts' branches by the time that I was born, anyway, we weren't going to keep in touch with the other branches unless I began to research if we're Jewish and I had talked those such as Granduncle Tony (whom did say that there were Czarnecki, Charnetski, etc. families in the area that were unrelated to us; though I'm pretty sure that at least one of them was related and perhaps not speaking to us, and the ones who truly were not related were Charnitskis, etc. from Austria Hungary or "Czechoslovakia"—though then again, some of those Charnitskis, etc. could've been lying and/or related after all. Besides, Ignacy Andrulewicz lied and said that he was from Bohemia, not Orlinek in what is now Podlaskie, Poland.

(Also, Granduncle Tony was probably told that they weren't related, unless he did know and—once again—was going to either deny it or keep his mouth shut because of his older brother Jack.)

After all, as I've said, I didn't know Great-Granddad's real story until much later, and I thus did not know that all of those branches existed. By the way, the Charnogurskys, etc. are related to the Trudnak Czarneckis; so, ignore the "Charnogursky", etc. results in the Charnitski, etc. search as cited above.).

I should add, too, that even though many of us were in the Pale, many of us were Anusim and risktakers otherwise; and particularly the Andrulewiczes traveled—and we probably got away with it because we are kohanim.

Incidentally, I wonder if the following person from Havertown is the dear friend and Mom's childhood friend in question (Only God ultimately knows. :-) )

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PS As I keep remembering what relevant info I have and find other relevant info, e.g., I'll add some of it. I know that, e.g., some Czarneckis (Czernieckis, etc.) and related branches did end up or were already in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties—e.g., Great-Grandaunt Celia's branch and Granduncle Jim's branch ended up in Bucks, and I gather that part of it's that other branches were already there; some Andrulewiczes and Margiewiczes (Morgiewiczes, etc.) were already in Philadelphia; and the Carnegie branch's patriarch (Great-Great-Granddad's cousin Joseph) was born in Zakąty.

Meanwhile, I have a Danilowicz relative whom ended up in Havertown (I wonder if he knew my family friend.).