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Showing posts with label hypocrisy. Show all posts

Friday, May 4, 2018

Commentary: The PETA That Nobody Heard Condemn the YouTube Shooter And Mohair

After I received an email from PETA (because I had signed one of their petitions once, despite that I honestly wish that PETA wouldn't require me to receive their emails), I was reminded that I didn't hear them condemn the YouTube shooter. PETA could've condemned the actions of the vegan extremist, and they didn't condemn them. So, are they okay with the fact that a vegan extremist murdered four people at YouTube's headquarters? They might be. After all, they themselves go to extremes.

For example, they are asking Forever 21 to stop selling mohair just because of a few of their mohair suppliers whom have mistreated animals. They're also asking everyone else to stop selling and buying mohair products just because of Forever 21's cruel and inhumane suppliers. They, so to speak, are throwing out the baby with the bathwater, though that's as normal and acceptable to them as are (for instance) abortions in which babies are literally thrown out as waste. "Save the baby animals," though not the baby humans in spite of their belief that humans evolved from animals, right? 🙄

As for me, I modified the petition letter when I went to sign hypocritical PETA's petition to Forever 21. I kept the first paragraph, deleted the rest of the paragraphs, and added a paragraph. This is how my letter to Forever 21 reads:

"PETA's exposé of the mohair industry found that workers in South Africa, the world's top mohair producer, roughly handled goats, threw them around, and even cut their throats while they were fully conscious. Goat kids, who were being shorn for the first time, cried out in fear. Many goats were subjected to mutilation of their ears, with pliers that punched sharp needles through them, causing them intense pain and, as one farmer described it, to "scream terribly."

"There are humane ways to shear goats and harvest mohair. Please have your producers handle mohair-producing and other goats as well as other animals appropriately. There is no need to go to the extremes to which PETA goes to treat animals properly."

Meanwhile, I'm waiting for PETA to both issue a better-late-than-never condemnation of the YouTube shooter's vegan extremism and call for humane harvesting and supplying of mohair and other animal-produced materials. I'm also waiting for PETA to give a darn about the baby humans for once, since babies who are aborted are ripped away from their mothers when they are taken from the mothers' wombs via procedures such as D&C procedures and uses of morning-after pills. This isn't to mention the babies and other children whom are ripped away from their mothers when they're kidnapped or otherwise illegally taken by abusive relatives and others whom shouldn't be near children in the first place, by the way.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

***** Fatigue Is One Thing That Demonstrates That...

Maya Angelou was wrong. People may remember what you said, what you did, and how they felt—even if they don't remember the exacts of everything that happened and/or unless they either can't remember or have chosen to repress all of the bad memories because of how painful they were.

With the United States being fatigued by *****, Americans and others within the United States will be too tired and too overwhelmed from having to deal with the ***** Dictatorship to remember everything that *****. In fact, ***** (like other sociopaths and narcissists) is trying to tire and overwhelm America to the point at which it will forget everything that ***** said, did, and made it feel (like other sociopaths and narcissists try to do their victims). Part of *****'s trying to make America forget what he said, did, and affect it to feel is gaslighting, since gaslighting involves trying to get a victim to buy into at least one revisionist history of some kind—whether it's the individual history of the victim, the individual history of the abuser, the relational history of the victim of the abuser, or any other kind of history which somehow involves the victim and/or the abuser, and whether or not the abuser engages in trying to get a victim to buy more than one revisionist history.

With *****, a few examples that involved gaslighting included that:

  1. Even America wasn't broken, although it needed a tuneup. ***** propagated that America needed to be made "great again".
  2. ***** raped his now-long-since-ex husband and blackmailed her into changing her story twice.
  3. ***** had Julian Assange willingly hack, decontextualize messages from, and release decontextualized messages from Hillary Clinton's and others' email accounts.
  4. *****, as a RINO, supported the Hillary Clinton campaign until he could throw under the bus and try to convince others that he's a Republican.
Meanwhile, America has already forgotten the fourth example and seems to already forget that the second example fits the profile of a #MeToo movement; and it can't keep up with the number of racist (especially Anti-Semitic), sexist, xenophobic, and other bigoted attempts to apparently "make America great again" that ***** has made. It also can't keep up with who else ***** has as support—and according to the latest implications made by Pamela Anderson herself, ***** has Pamela Anderson has one of his supporters since she seems to be (even if implicitly) confirming the rumors that she is dating Julian Assange. 

As for me, that's part of why I'm tired of *****—can't the Republicans and decent Democrats in the House and Senate have ***** removed from office, and then a special prosecuter have **** prosecuted already?

Friday, October 6, 2017

Tr**p Trying To Cover His Own Trail...I Mean, Trace And Recover Ivanka's And Jared Emails

Once again, another "Can Congress remove Tr**p from office already?!" happening has occurred:

"The White House is investigating officials’ use of private email accounts to conduct government business, it has been reported.Of particular interest is a private email domain potentially used by Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, it is said....

"The White House probe could take several weeks or even months to complete as officials are searching for all emails sent or received about government business, Politico reported. "

With all due respect to Congress, how is removing Tr**p from office and having him prosecuted so hard?

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

To Rep. Tim Murphy: My Mother's Cousin Was Gang Raped And Kept Her Baby, And...

You didn't even want to keep your consensually-conceived child! Your ex mistress is absolutely right about your hypocrisy:

"In response to an anti-abortion message on the congressman's Facebook account, The Post-Gazette said the woman wrote: 'And you have zero issue posting your pro-life stance all over the place when you had no issue asking me to abort our unborn child just last week when we thought that was one of the options.'"

I suppose that your RINO friend, the so-called "POTUS", is rubbing off on you. By the way, how's your life working out, besides that it seems to suck right now?

In comparison (as my mother last heard), my mother's cousin's life ended up working out. When she couldn't adopt out the child, she kept the child and ended up with a man whom's long since been an adoptive father to a child whom could've easily been aborted or abandoned.

Incidentally, your pro-life stance and other moral stances are actually fake news—and remind your friend of that the next time that you see him, so that he'll have an actual example of fake news which he can't try to spin: after all, the direct source will have told him that his pro-life and other moral stances were fake news.

Monday, September 18, 2017

"Corruption = Entertainment", As Far As The Emmys Are Concerned

While Donald Glover and Lena Waith made history when each won an Emmy tonight, Anti Semites and kapos also made history. As one community had simchot, one has a reason to mourn—and one which is not entirely separate from the history over which the one community has to rejoice.

Hollywood hypocritically invited Sean Spicer to speak. By inviting Sean Spicer to speak, the Emmys are trying to normalize Anti Semitism and condemning Anti-Black racism in the same way that they tried to normalize both Anti Semitism and Anti-Black racism with—either the ironically- or the kapoesquely-promoted—"Birth Of a Nation", promoted by none other than Louis B. Mayer—whom himself was a victim of discrimination and child émigré as a result of discrimination (not unlike my father's paternal grandfather, whom Louis B. Mayer persecuted along with everyone else whom that the "Birth Of a Nation" writer persecuted in the first place).

Actually, Hollywood in the end is trying to once again normalize Anti-Semitic and Anti-Black racismⁱ as they did 102 years ago—and they're trying to ruin the African-American community's simchot and once again torment Jews in the process—and imagine where my Black lantzmen¹ and lantzfroyen² must be caught, as if being caught between other rocks and hard places weren't enough!

PS Some actually rated the junk above a "★". I asked them to ask themselves what they would rate Leni Riefenstahl's films.

PS Update:

There are two tweets before this one as well.

ⁱ Remember that Tr**p hates Black people almost as much, if not as much, as he hates Jewish people.
¹ e.g., Eric André—by the way, I'm pretty sure that he's not an Andrelewitz; and I've yet to come across a Black Andrelewitz besides my cousin Brianna (and as I've said, I don't know where we got "Andrulevičus" and subsequent variants).
² e.g., Kat Graham—whom really shares a part of my family's background, as my paternal family has Russlande Yidish roots, and one of my family's matriarchs is Alexandria Alice Andrulewicz Czerniecki (Osnat Sara bat Yosef HaKohen Andrulevitz), of blessed memory (Other relatives were "Alexandrias" as well, "Alexanders", etc.).

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Re The Alleged Puppy Miller Christina Fay, and A Message To the "Adopt; Don't Shop" Sloganeers

Hopefully, Christina Fay just got herself in over her head and did not commit intentional cruelty against animals. Also, people should not be demonizing legitimate breeders and people whom buy from legitimate breeders just because puppy millers give legitimate breeders a bad name. Not everyone can handle rescue animals.

For example, due to my Cerebral Palsy, I could not get a rescue animal. Besides, legitimate breeders have the right to make a living. I myself got a puppy from a loving, knowledgeable, competent, and well-regarded breeder whom the BBB has given an A+ rating (and with whom I keep in touch, by the way), and to whom a family friend of blessed memory referred me (She even got to meet my puppy when she visited my family one last time, before she died of ALS, and I still tear up thinking about how she never got to meet my sister's puppy.).

Also, I hardly see those of you whom are "Adopt; don't shop!" hypocrites standing up for abused children and wanting to reform the adoption system. In addition, where are you "Adopt, don't shop!" hypocrites calling for the overturning of "Coker" (1977) and "Kennedy" (2008)? You're more than willing to imprison puppy millers for life and demonize legitimate breeders, while you do nothing for those whom are raped (and even impregnated by rape) and otherwise abused on a constant basis!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Can The LGBTQ Militants Please Cool It—And Can the Proselytizy Non-LGBT Militants Cool It?

  1. I'm a Jewish Christian whom believes that homosexuality is a thorn in the flesh and not a choice. In fact, I've argued that Paul (who got his words right from Jesus, per Galatians 1:6-12) may have struggled with it—as the "Pharisee of Pharisees" and Gamali'el's impudent student (cf. Shabbat 30b), Paul would've known the yet-to-be codified Yevamot 63b and and Sifra Acharei Mot 9:8—and, so to speak, that's a hard pill to swallow. Paul even asked God to take the thorn in the flesh away three times, and the word "flesh" in Greek can mean something related to the flesh or carnality. By the way, an example of orientation and lifestyle being two different matters would be in regards to Paul if he was homosexual. Also, that's why some get LGBTQ conversion therapy in any case—they don't want to be LGBTQ people, and they want God to heal them if He wills.
  2. I've talked about that relative's high school classmate whom later chose to be celibate—and he became celibate once he became a strong Christian, and he even dated a girl in high school in part to try to be straight. By the way, Jesus did say that marriage is between one man and one woman when the Pharisees asked him if divorce violated Torah (cf. Matthew 19:1-10. Also cf. 19:11-13 on eunuch celibacy, which can apply to other kinds of celibacy as well).
  3. Contrary to what some argue, the First, Ninth, and 14th Amendments give no room to deny the right to same-sex marriage in at least this day and age—we go either back to the nominally-Christian days or allow freedom of religion for everyone. We don't proselytize like, for instance, one of Frank Peretti's "Prophet"—sharing our faith, yes; forcibly trying to make disciples, no. Peretti's character "Prophet" Barrett—and Peretti himself, by having his character stay at the rally and encouraging real people to do that—needed to back off. Shaking the dust off of one's feet and letting God grow the seed (cf. 1 Corinthians 3:5-8) don't mean nothing—reasonless words are not included in the Bible. Besides, even Lot—whom rebuked the Sodomites—didn't threaten to kill the Sodomites, despite that he judged righteously (cf. Proverbs 31:9, Matthew 7:1-3, 1 Corinthians 5). Also, we're to judge ourselves as well as others without hypocrisy—that's what "judge not lest be judged" and "make sure of your calling and election" mean.
  4. I have LGBTQ family members and friends, and I don't force them to be straight or celibate LGBTQ types.
  5. If LGBTQ people want to take risks (about which the CDC warns), that's their business—that doesn't mean that you can't point out that even the secular CDC warns that there are medical risks (e.g., exposure to higher rates of STDs) that same-sex couples take.
  6. Hatred of people whom practice certain religions sometimes come from the proselytizy ones that give the religious groups as wholes bad names.
  7. Everybody in the LGBTQ orientation-and-lifestyle debate needs to stop taking each other's words out of context, much less use reading-comprehension and listening skills in the first place.
In conclusion, the LGBTQ proselytizers and the Non-LGBTQ proselytizers can back off and understand that orientation is different from lifestyle, we're to judge ourselves and others without hypocrisy, etc.. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Hypocrisy Which I Don't Understand

How can certain loved ones of mine be against the decision of "Charlie Hebdo" to cease their portrayals of Muhammad, and how can they state that "Charlie Hebdo" is "caving in" to the Islamists? After all, they are attempting to ensure that I will not speak out against certain
other Anti Semites and racists.

My problem, then, is not with my loved ones' disagreement with the magazine: my problem is that they are doing to me exactly what they oppose that "Charlie Hebdo"'s editors are doing to themselves. How can they complain about, for example, the following re the Islamists when they complain about me fighting against particular groups whom support groups like "Charlie"'s enemies?

“We have drawn Muhammad to defend the principle that one can draw whatever they want. It is a bit strange though: we are expected to exercise a freedom of expression that no one dares to.”
I'm at a loss for words when they support "Je suis Charlie" at the same time that they tell me "Don't provoke crazies" and "Don't stir up the hornets' nest." While I'm not "Charlie", I'm certainly:

  1. Nicole
  2. Juive (i.e., Je suis Juive; or "אני יהודית.")
  3. Intent on not caving in to the Anti Semites
Meanwhile, God willing, I'll (so to speak) come back up from the underground eventually.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Someone Continues To Try To Intimidate Her Critics, And...

She has lied about it—when I was reading an article about an OSU (not Oklahoma State or University of Oklahoma, as I'm glad that I checked out), I found this huge lie:

""I know there are going to be people who only see me as Toby’s daughter, and I’m prepared for those criticisms because  I’m really confident that the album and my work ethic will speak louder," she says. "Obviously  I have an amazing opportunity to be on a great label and work with amazing people. I don't take that for granted or apologize for it, but I also hope people will be open-minded enough to listen  and base their judgments on the music. I have faith that most people will be pleasantly surprised.""

Mrs. Sandubrae, that "people...see you as [only] Toby's daughter" and that you are "prepared for those criticisms" is a lie. As I have proven on this blog several times, you have intimidated critics like me—you and Denise Denis accused me of being a "Dixie Chicks" fan, for example. You have even gotten criticism from your defenders. For example, you got criticized as "a little snotty" by  L. Kay in your hometown; where most people, as I and others understand, do not like you or your dadand their dislike of you and him has to with your character, which I am certainly sure does not include a "work ethic". In fact, your character has proven itself to not include a work ethic—people who have work ethics try to do the opposite of "no[t] getting around the shadow of a musical superstar in the room," especially when they whine about how they "want to have [their] own voice[s] [and] just want people to be at least open to listening to [them] with an open mind".

You are neither prepared for your critics nor an honest person—and that is on what people are judging you, Mrs. Sandubrae. By the way, according to Wikipedia, people have judged you on your music and have judged you as doing poorly:



TitleAlbum detailsPeak chart
US CountryUS Heat
Whiskey & Lace

Extended plays[edit]

TitleAlbum detailsPeak chart
US CountryUS Heat
Krystal Keith 5325


YearSinglePeak chart
US Country Airplay
2013"Daddy Dance with Me"58Whiskey & Lace
"Get Your Redneck On"A
  • ACurrent single.[9]

Guest singles[edit]

YearSingleArtistPeak chart
US Country
2004"Mockingbird"Toby Keith27Greatest Hits 2

Wise up, Mrs. Sandubrae—and my threat of prosecution stands for as long as you continue to try to come to this blog, use whatever I post here against me, and try to make trouble for me and my family (and let that be understood—that the Foczko DNA results solidify that we're Jewish, e.g., is none of your business to use against me—I watch my Feedjit feed and Google statistics carefully, Mrs. Sandubrae, and I record every instance of your visiting this blog.).

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some Singer Had Better Watch Out If She Keeps Playing Games—She May Find Herself Prosecuted!

Just what I needed (Not): My sister may be right. Some nepotist and failed singer may be trying to dig up dirt on me to try to sue me. For what? She's a public figure, has had nothing untrue said about her, and had better stay the Hell away from my family—unless she's family; in which case, she'd better really stay the Hell away from the rest of us (We have enough crazy relatives without needing to claim her.).

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Mrs. Sandubrae (and I didn't want to even give the dignity of naming you to you; but since I have to warn you about legal action that I may take against you, Mrs. Sandubrae), stay the Hell away or I will find a way to prosecute you for first-degree criminal harassment, criminal intimidation, cyberbullying, violations of a fellow citizen's First Amendment rights, and criminal misuse and abuse of the internet—and for whatever else you can and should be prosecuted. I have enough to deal with without you trying to sue me because you didn't like the hurtful truth that you're riding on your dad's coattails and will be known only as your dad's daughter instead of the singer in your own right that you wanted to be—and after that, you added insult to your own injury by, for example, indirectly (if not, quite frankly and actually, directly) cyberbullying me along with Denise Denis (and if the need to prosecute her arises, I will prosecute her for the same crimes as well).

By the way, real Christians don't sue, madam. I suggest that, for all your profession-of-Christianity drek (and that your profession of Christianity is drek is quite obvious), you brush up on your Bible—and that your "If I Was Jesus" daddy does the same.