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Showing posts with label names. Show all posts

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Why I Won't Change The Name Of My Blog

  1. If I change the name of my blog, I'm engaging in an ex-post-facto action. Besides, keeping "The Nicole Factor" isn't like—for example and perhaps using an extreme example—if people were to name their children certain names nowadays or, in some cases, keep names that they had prior to certain events. Incidentally, to see that some parents did name and have named their children names such as "_____o" is incredibly disappointing; and I cringe when I see people with that name on Facebook.
  2. I thought that those allegations were hit jobs against Bill O'Reilly.
  3. I've called for the overturning of "Coker v. Georgia" (1977) and "Kennedy v. Louisiana", pointed out that "sexual assault" is really sexual battery—I've also not shied away from the sad reality that I'm somehow related to Natalie Wood's rapist and Jean Spangler's murderer, and I've talked about how rape did not escape our side of the family: in fact, I was surprised that rape seemed to escape our family and should not have been surprised when I found out that one of Great-Granddad Czarnecki's second cousins was involved in a gang rape (Somehow, the Chernetskis and Daniloviches are related in more ways than one, and both have roots that go back to Chavusy; and every single generation has had to live with whatever started with some Danilovich.).
Point being, then, I'm not going to change the name of "The Nicole Factor" just because the now-ex host of "The O'Reilly Factor" became the worst factor in his and others' lives, since I had nothing to do with what Bill O'Reilly did and I've spoken out against sexual exploitation (including that of the would've-probably-been-raped-anyway Jean Spangler) even within my own family history (and since Natalie Wood's rapist murdered Jean Spangler after she exposed their affair via a note to him, he would've raped Jean Spangler and any other women whom'd've said "No"—that's sadly a pattern among Daniloviches whom continue the family dynamics on any side, sexual and non-sexual dynamics alike.).

Thursday, April 6, 2017

In Any Case, Camille's Hebrew Name Is Easier Than Reilly's; And...

"Camille Dominique"—per "Mimi", "perfect chosen one of God"—is...

  1. מושלמת ("Mushlemet")
  2. נבחרה-לאל ("Nikvarah-L'El") 
  3.  מושלמת נבחרה-לאל ("Mushlemet Nikvarah-L'El")
  4. Literally, "Perfect, she was chosen for God"
Google Translate, Milon, etc. helped "Auntie Nicole" greatly—nonetheless, coming up with Camille's Hebrew name was hard—and "Mushlemet" or "Nikvarah-L'El" might have sufficed, and "Mushlemet'el" may be controversial. As for Reilly's name...for starters, had "Momma" known that "Rose" is Vered...

Updated: Maybe it should be (שליחיה(ו—"Shliachyah(u)"—or (נביאהיה(ו—"Nevi'ahyah(u); or  "נבחרה מושלמת"—"perfectly chosen". Then again, Reilly has a middle name; though "Auntie Nicole" ("Momma" to Reilly) does not want to imply that Camille (or Reilly) is perfect, since only God is perfect.

(PS Speaking of names, "Momma" still won't reveal the name of whom she thinks her helpmate and Reilly's "Daddy" is. He'll have to confirm or deny "Momma"'s suspicions before she reveals it.)

Saturday, January 28, 2017

One Reminiscence Over Two Pictures, A French-Bulldog Video, A Laugh Because Of A Maltipoo In A Picture, And...

The story of Dixie Mirabelle Madeline Dominquie Camille Dominique (Wierzbinska Czerniecka Czarnecki)* comes to mind to tell. Like Reilly, except not like Reilly:

  1. Camille was going to be "Dixie Mirabelle"—and you can guess why that one, and any name with "Dixie" in it, was kiboshed!
  2. "Mirabelle"
  3. "Madeline"
  4. "Madeline Dominique"
  5. The dark apricot one, "Mimi" thought
  6. The black one, "Auntie Nicole" thought
  7. One of the boys in the litter
Camille Dominique ended up being a girl after all—and her human family should've known that she is the light apricot one, as she is the unique one in the pictures—and she ended up being related to Reilly!

Joyce sent "Auntie Nicole" these photos of the yet-to-be-named Camille upon "Auntie Nicole"'s request
Image may contain: 1 person
"Mimi" took the pictures of "Auntie Nicole" meeting Camille, whom came home on June 10, 2015

No automatic alt text available.
Camille developed a rapport with her human family.

Camille had been home for about a month and a half by this time.

Meanwhile, some things have yet to change—for example, Reilly and Camille still don't have Reilly's "Daddy"/Camille's "Uncle ___[?]" in the picture. Also, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" has "just" Depression, ADD, &c.—as opposed to Hypothyroidism—in any case, she's not as good a "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" as she could be.

* "Mimi" is going to kill "Auntie Nicole" for this. Incidentally, Camille was captivated by an electric-violin version of "Hatikvah" on YouTube minutes ago.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Besides What "Momma" Mentioned Re Naming Reilly Before...

"Momma" wanted a cat.


"Momma" then wanted a Golden (really, a Labrador) Retriever named "Bernie".

"No...a small dog..."

Then "Momma" wanted a French bulldog.

"No...". "Mom-Mom" wanted "Momma" to get a mixed-breed dog.

Momma still wanted a boy dog named "Bernie".

"No...a girl dog..."

After researching and considering breeds, "Momma" decided on a Maltipoo; and "Momma" and "Mom-Mom" reached an agreement on naming the puppy "Reilly Rosalita" for a friend's recently-deceased "Reilly" and Rosalita McCoy Reilly, and Rosa's daughter Alice Reilly Allen.

The rest is history—as "Momma" wrote down thanks to one particular person and other people whom inspired "Momma" to write about Reilly and other subjects.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Somewhat Offbeat: The One-Year Birthday Girl & More About Naming

The sister of a certain Camille just turned one years old on October 20th, meaning that she's a "bark mitzvah"! At least in Gregorian terms, she's a "bark mitzvah"—since one human year for Maltipoos equals 15 dog years—and she was an actual "bark mitzvah" in between 9-10 months—11.3-12.5 years, though one could count whatever's between 10-11 months for 12.5-13.8 years.

Like her cousin and her sister, Shelby tends to not like the camera when she is tired.

As for naming (though, by the way and as far as I know, Shelby won't get a Hebrew name), I'd already talked naming any human sibling that Reilly ever has. I will now talk about what I'd never name pets:

  1. "Donald", unless the "Donald" or "Donnie" or "Don" in question is not named for Donald Trump or similar Donalds. ("Bannon", "Kellyanne", and "Katrina" are no-go names in certain cases, too.)
  2. Any person whom is known or thought to not want a pet named for him or her
  3. Decedents whose names aren't worth carrying on. 
  4. As in Case 1, a name of any living person whose name is not worth continuing in either his/her lifetime or lifetimes after that
  5. Crude names (no matter how funny some of them might be)
  6. Other mean names—e.g., a cat that a neighbor bought was originally named "Lump Of Coal", as in "I guess it's better than a lump of coal." "Lump" or "Lumpy" might be mean as well, though "Coal" would be okay for a black cat or any other black pet (as a neighborhood couple named of their pets)
  7. Charged names—e.g., "Dixie", which someone wanted to name his or her pet until that idea was kiboshed
  8. Derogatory names—as charged names are bad enough
In other words, use common sense when you name a pet!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Somewhat Offbeat: "Momma" Will Name Any Human "Siblings" Of Reilly That She Has (God Willing) Like She Named Reilly

As "Momma" has written:

"Reilly is a Patrilineal Maltese (Patrilinealtese?) and a Matrilineal MaltiJew (and you can definitely see what I did there in terms of the talking about the Matrilineal Poo[dle]), whereas Camille is a Patrilineal Maltipoo and a Matrilineal Toy Poodle. Thus, she's a MaltiJew on her dad's side. Meanwhile, Reilly's "Momma" identifies more with her Jewish heritage (and Reilly was even named in a shiyum shel haminhag Ashkenazi), whereas Camille's "Mimi" identifies with her more-remote French heritage (Incidentally, at the reunion, I found that the DeBoys are of Jewish heritage, anyway—not to mention that "Mimi" inadvertently named Camille Dominique after Great-Great-Granddad's paternal grandmother!)"
Of course, this far from rules out shivum shel minhag HaSefardim—after all, for example, Reilly's "Great-Great-Grandaunt" Agnes took the name "Mary Rosalita" when she became a nun (and when Reilly's "Great-Three-Times-Grandma" was still alive); pause here—Reilly's "Great-Three-Times-Grandma" Rosalita "Rose [or "Rosa"]" may have been Sephardic after all, as her first two siblings were "John Henry" (which was their father's English name—since his dad was born in Lisboa, and he was likely an Anusi) and MaryAnn (which was their mother's name), and Sephardim will name their children after parents.

Here's are some example names that "Momma" would use:

  1. "Alexandria Alice" or "Alice Alexandria" after another "Great-Three-Times-Grandma" of Reilly, whom had Sephardic heritage & named one of her own daughters "Alexandria Alice". She also had a grandchild named "Alexandria Rose", presumably for her and for her daughter Celia's alive-at-the-time in-law mother (So, here, Ashkenazi and Sephardi custom likely played a role.).
  2. "Xavier Joseph" after quite a few people: Reilly's "Great-Granddaddy" Francis Xavier "X." Allen (with "Xavier" being carried on as a middle name for one of his sons, two of his grandsons, etc.); one of the people whom inspired "Momma" to write about Reilly, one of her uncles with that middle name, Reilly's "Great-Four-Times-Grandfather" Joseph Andrulewicz (although his namesake "Susi" was, from what "Momma" heard, was a real somebody), and other relatives and friends
  3. "Rosalita Reilly" or "Reilly Rosalita" (though, in all seriousness, to name a child after a puppy, even a beloved puppy—whether or not the puppy is still living, might be highly insulting)

Friday, September 30, 2016

Offbeat: On One Person Whom Particularly Inspired "Momma" To Write About Reilly—And Whom Is Anonymous For Right Now

Out of the people whom inspired "Momma" to write about Reilly, one in particular will always stand out to "Momma" and have a special place in her heart—no matter what, since especially that person inspired her to begin becoming a full-time author. In fact, as "Momma" recalls, she wrote and sent Reilly's first real full biography to the particular person—whom she thinks about every day, and about whom she's told Reilly.

When Reilly first came home, "Momma" wrote a biography on Reilly—though that biography was nothing like this biography:

Part One of A Short Biography Of My Puppy, Reilly Rosalita

I own a very-unique Maltipoo puppy—"Reilly Rosalita" by name, and "Reilly" by nickname (along with other nicknames). Born on March 25, 2014, Reilly was fittingly named after my Irish-American great-grandmother—she was, after all, born only a week and a day after a favorite holiday of my great-grandmother, Alice Allen nee Reilly. She was, meanwhile, given the first name of Nana Allen's mother—Rosalita "Rosa" Reilly—as her middle name.

With Reilly's unique name comes her unique personality—a sweet, firey, JIrish personality (with the "JIrish" part coming from her Jewish-Irish "Momma"—me—and perhaps from her "Momma"'s great-great-grandmother Rosalita, who may have been a Patrilineal Portuguese Jew. Incidentally, this reminds me that I jokingly call Reilly a "Malti-Jew" and a "Matrilineal Poo".).
As for Reilly's looks, they come very much from her sire—a four-year-old Maltese named "Oobie-Wone"—and from whomever Reilly's dame—six-year-old Apple—inherited her recessive genes, which she passed down to Reilly. Much of Reilly's personality also comes from "Oobie-Wone"—a quiet one—and Apple—a, as Reilly puts it, "reclusive", "sweet", "good mother". Oddly enough, by the way, Apple reminds me of, with her coloring and demeanor, Nana Allen (of whom I've seen pictures and about whom I've heard quite a bit) and Nana Reilly (from whom, as I understand, Nana Allen inherited her own looks and demeanor. Perhaps like Apple, as a canine, doesn't and does, Nana Reilly, as a person, "didn't like children, and she kept her girls to herself"—after all, Apple keeps to herself and keeps her offspring close to her).



Incidentally, "Momma" hopes and prays to reconnect with that person
—whom had and still has a huge impact on "Momma"'s life, and whom will hopefully meet Reilly—someday.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ying & Yang—i.e., Reilly and Camille. For Example...

  1. Both are indeed color contrasts—Reilly is an Offwhite Apricot Maltipoo with angel-wing markings, and Camille is a Apricot Maltipoo with fox-like markings and some white hairs.
  2. Reilly is the balance of introverted "Momma", and Camille is the balance of extroverted "Mimi".
  3. Reilly is a "Polar Bear Face", and Camille is a "Teddy Bear Face".
  4. Cam is more of a foodie and water drinker than Ri.
  5. Reilly is bigger than Camille, whom can jump higher due to her small size.
  6. Cam usually leads the trouble of going upstairs when she's not supposed to do so, and she won't stay on the bed during naptime. Reilly, on the other hand, usually leads the trouble of barking (as she did while I typed)  and bursting out the back door to eat mulch, poop, and sticks.
  7. Reilly is a Patrilineal Maltese (Patrilinealtese?) and a Matrilineal MaltiJew (and you can definitely see what I did there in terms of the talking about the Matrilineal Poo[dle]), whereas Camille is a Patrilineal Maltipoo and a Matrilineal Toy Poodle. Thus, she's a MaltiJew on her dad's side. Meanwhile, Reilly's "Momma" identifies more with her Jewish heritage (and Reilly was even named in a shiyum shel haminhag Ashkenazi), whereas Camille's "Mimi" identifies with her more-remote French heritage (Incidentally, at the reunion, I found that the DeBoys are of Jewish heritage, anyway—not to mention that "Mimi" inadvertently named Camille Dominique after Great-Great-Granddad's paternal grandmother!)
  8.  Cam dreads the sound of recycling and garbage trucks, whereas Reilly dreads the sound of a neighbor's macho Corvette.
By the way, blogging about Reilly and Camille provides useful writing practiceif only "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" could become a full-time writer and stay home with her "kalvbat" and maybe babysit Cam during the day as well as become an analyst-commentator in addition to an author!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Reilly Ringleader And Camille Compadre

While Camille sometimes leads the engagement in bad behaviors (such as a few seconds ago, when she was barking, although Reilly did not follow her lead), Reilly is usually the one whom leads in engaging in bad behaviors such barking, eating nasties such as mulch, as bursting out the back door in the first. Thus, Reilly Ringleader and Camille Compadre (although it should be "Camille La Compadre" or "Camillacompadre [i.e., Camil-la compadre]) continue to be Reilly's and Camille's nicknames. Besides, to come up with equivalents of "Camille Ringleader" or "Reilly Compadre" with alliteration (i.e., "C.C." and "R.R." for equivalents of "Camille Ringleader" or "Reilly Compadre") takes some thought.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Why Would The White House Dinner For Scandinavian Leaders Hold Interest For Irish And Irish-Descended Americans?

As the POTUS And the First Lady host Scandinavian national leaders at a White House dinner, some Irish and Irish-descended Americans might want to pay attention. Among those whom want to pay attention to (as far as I know) milestone White House dinner:

  1. McLaughlins (e.g., pollster John McLaughlin and Baseball Crank's Dan McLaughlin)
  2. O'Reillys (And Reillys, Etc.) (including me, as my mother's late paternal grandmother is a Reilly—thus, by the way,  my Reilly's name)
  3. Goulds whom are Irish [as opposed to Jewish] 
  4. Reynoldses
Two and Four, by the way, apply to four of my relatives (whose names and relationships to me I will not disclose for the sake of their privacy). 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Maczkovecz...Definitely Jewish; Just Trying To Break It Down


from maka ‘flour’ [See "Monk"], presumably a metonymic occupational name for a miller or a nickname for someone with a very pale complexion.nickname from a diminutive of mak ‘poppy’.


Macko Name Meaning

Polish (Macko), Ukrainian, and Slovak: from a pet form of Polish Maciej, Slovak Matej, or some other Slavic form of Matthew.

"Mattityahu" (מתתיהו) is originally Hebrew.

So, the Maczkoveczes (Mackovecs, etc.) were either "Millersons" or "Matthewsons"—basically, "of Matthew" or "bnei-Mattityahu" (בני מתתיהו). "Vec" or "vecz" ("vec" Magyarized or Polonized) means:

dôsledokotázkapredmet sporusporný bodsporná otázkavec
príčinadôvodvecsúdny spor
zadaniepracoviskoťažká prácazamestnanierobotavec
vecvo veci

So, basically, we're—unless we're "Millersons"—sons of Matthew or "things of Matthew" (Nice! In all seriousness, Jews didn't always get desirable names.). I don't know whether this Matthew was one in the Diaspora or even מתתיהו התלמיד himself (if מתתיהו התלמיד had any children, and any children that stayed in or reverted to Non-Messianic Judaism. On the other hand, they could have been children who were Messianic and became part of the lost tribes and/or completely assimilated and absorbed, since I know of no Messianic lines that have been fully Messianic since the time of התלמידים ושליחים.). He could've even been מתתיהו המכבי, but this is doubtful.

By the way, I had to play around with Google Translate, take Hebrew 101, etc. to get the Hebrew. I am not translating this for you; so, look it up and/or otherwise learn it for yourself—to do so is the best way to learn it for yourself. I grant that some would say, "Well, didn't you have people teach you and otherwise help you learn?" כן, and I had to—עם עזרת וחן יהוה— be a willing תלמידה.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Jews Delegitimizing Fellow Jews With Sick Name Games and Other Sick Tactics

Here's a sampling of what Tablet Magazine sickly allowed on their Facebook page:

Of course I responded! What hutzpah! A Jew is not Jewish just because he's Patrilineal Jew and has the name "Anthony"? By the way, that Tablet status was public, and you've lost your privacy when you say lashon hara like that. If you you need more proof that Jews were named "Antoni", "Anthony", "Tony" (besides Tony Danza, who I honestly recalled reading was Sephardic somewhere), and "Antony".

esults 1–20 of 40

View RecordNameGenderName Found inTranslates in
View RecordAntoniMaleAustriaArgentina
View RecordAntoniMaleAustriaAustralia
View RecordAntoniMaleAustriaBrazil
View RecordAntoniMaleAustriaCanada
View RecordAntoniMaleAustriaMexico
View RecordAntoniMaleAustriaPalestine
View RecordAntoniMaleAustriaSouth Africa
View RecordAntoniMaleAustriaUnited Kingdom
View RecordAntoniMaleAustriaUnited States
View RecordAntoniMaleAustriaUruguay
View RecordAntoniMaleGaliciaArgentina
View RecordAntoniMaleGaliciaAustralia
View RecordAntoniMaleGaliciaBrazil
View RecordAntoniMaleGaliciaCanada
View RecordAntoniMaleGaliciaMexico
View RecordAntoniMaleGaliciaPalestine
View RecordAntoniMaleGaliciaSouth Africa
View RecordAntoniMaleGaliciaUnited Kingdom
View RecordAntoniMaleGaliciaUnited States
View RecordAntoniMaleGaliciaUruguay

That's just Page One for "Antoni". So, get real, Marsha and Nonna--and do the searches yourself. As for Tablet, they need to make the name games stop! By the way, Sephardic Jews (as I know that I read somewhere) took names to the point where they were told to stop!