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Showing posts with label death_penalty. Show all posts

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Followup Re "Louisiana v. Mississppi" (1996) And Catholics Protesting Simmon's Execution...

As far as I know, I usually don't follow up blog entries like this; but did you notice a couple of points? For example, my friend talked about the "religion of Catholicism". So, he or she has words which testify against him- or her-self. He or she made my points:

  • [I have] made the distinction between Evangelical and Non-Evangelical Catholics several times. Evangelicals of any denomination or even spin off (e.g., cult) believe in the inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible (Torah, Nevi'im, Ketuvim, and B'rit Hadashah) as confirmed at Yavneh and Nicea and in its original languages and Holy Spirit-guided translations. Evangelicals are among Catholicism, Mormonism, Unitarianism, Lutheranism, and any other denomination and cult that you might like to name.
  • To make the distinction between Evangelical (true, actual) and Non-Evangelical (nominal, in-profession-only) Christianity is imperative because Christianity is too often defined by the Non-Evangelical sects (e.g., Catholicism, Mormonism, Unitarianism, Lutheranism). 
  • Catholicism has been explained; Mormonism is obvious; Unitarianism does not believe Deuteronomy 6:4 and John 14:6, and Lutheranism is Anti Semitic.
  • For people who are upset, let me explain something to you: let yourselves be upset. The truth needs to spoken when, for example, Catholics are protesting the execution of a rapist, kidnapper, and murderer named Gary Simmons. You talk about me judging, and you didn't even ask about the context. Besides, you know that I've spoken about this in the past. What should surprise or anger you now? Don't like the truth or seeking the truth? Don't be my friend. Simple.
  • [I speak] the truth only because I love people. If I didn't love people, I'd shut up and let people go to Hell or be severely misguided.
Point One doesn't need to be elaborated on. Point Two can be explained with "The Book of Mormon" and "On the Jews and Their Lies". Point Three can be elaborated on by many of my past blog entries, and so can Point Four. My friend can get as pissy and huffy as he or she wants, and so can anyone else; but I'm perverting leading a quiet and peaceable life into shutting up when the blind are being led into a ditch, the deaf don't hear the alarms going off or whatever else they need to hear, and the mute don't have a voice. 

Re "Louisiana v. Mississppi" (1996) And Catholics Protesting Simmon's Execution...

Catholics protested outside of Gary Simmons' execution, and author Jewell Hillery took that part out:

Posted: Jun 20, 2012 9:03 AM EDTUpdated: Jun 20, 2012 7:36 PM EDTBy Jewell Hillery - bio | email

That Wolfe was collecting drug money doesn't matter: two wrongs don't make a right, even though Wolfe was (so to speak) playing with fire. I opined two, among other, points:

  • Don't these Catholics get the concept of nefesh l'nefesh?
  • [I don't] get why Catholics are so opposed to the legitimate death penalty when they illegitly used the death penalty for years--e.g., the Inquisition. Then again, I do get it--Catholics (not counting Evangelical Catholics) are hypocrites.

One of my Catholic friends in particular was pissed. I'm censoring his or her name to be generous, but this is how the conversation went; and I daresay that he or she is either remiss or stupid in that he or she doesn't know his or her own religion's doctrine, and that he or she would be remiss and foolish to try to school me again:

  • doesn't get why Catholics are so opposed to the legitimate death penalty when they illegitly used the death penalty for years--e.g., the Inquisition. Then again, I do get it--Catholics (not counting Evangelical Catholics) are hypocrites.
     ·  ·  · 

      • [Friend] Whoa there. That's wrong. Just because a small group of Catholics did that in the past doesn't give you the right to judge Catholics today. And the official church stance isn't against the death penalty if you read the catechism. You could also make the same argument for protestants today. And only the more vocal liberal catholics are so opposed.
        4 hours ago via mobile · 
      • Nicole Czarnecki As I said, I excluded Evangelical Catholics--those who believe in the inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible in its original languages and Holy Spirit-guided translations. And it was no small group, which was part of why reformers such as Jan Hus and John Wycliffe showed up.
        4 hours ago · 

      • [Friend] But you still say Catholics in general are hypocritical?
        4 hours ago via mobile · 
      • Nicole Czarnecki Yes. Not Evangelical Catholics, though.
        3 hours ago · 

      • [Friend] Wow. You are very judgmental of my faith. I will let it go though and pray that life experience will teach you differently. There is much you don't understand about the beautiful religion of Catholicism.
        3 hours ago via mobile · 
      • Nicole Czarnecki I understand too much about it.
        3 hours ago · 

      • [Friend] You are trying to instigate people today. One day you will learn the truth. In this life or the next.
      • Nicole Czarnecki 
        I'm not trying to instigate anything, with all due respect... And I come from a long heritage of Catholicism, Jewish and gentile. I was baptized Roman Catholic, raised English-American Catholic (Episcopalian), have Catholic relatives (Roman, Byzantine, and English-American), went to a Byzantine Catholic Church at family reunions (St. Nicholas in Swoyersville), used to defend even Non-Evangelical Catholicism as a legit denomination of Christianity, and went to University of Notre Dame of Maryland. I learned the hard way.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

An Example of Why Some Young and Other People Need To Understand the News and Law More

‎: Laila tov. I know that noone wants to hear that if the child-molester enabler weren't Joe Pa, we'd care. But I'm not politically conformist. Besides, I feel ashamed that we're in a country where we give child-molester enablers a pass if and just because they're famous. If Joe Pa was Joe Schmo, who would give him a pass?
 ·  ·  ·  · 16 hours ago

    • joe paterno is one of the greatest football coaches ever n an even better person. he made penn state great n dedicated his life to greatness. joepa was wrongd in the sandusky situation because he fulfilld his legal obligation. if u believe that joepas guilty then u must believe that coach mcquery deserves jail time because he actually saw it and did nothing
      15 hours ago ·  ·  2

    • Carson Henry Get your facts straight Nicole...
      22 minutes ago ·  ·  1

    • Nicole Czarnecki 
      That actually applies to you, Carson. I paid attention to the news. Here's what happened: Sandusky was Paterno's assistant. In 1998, Sandusky started being investigated. In the 2000s (I believe 2002), McQueary saw a young man being raped in...See More

      18 minutes ago · 

    • The school droppd the ball... Even ur "facts" say so. I read the indictment
      16 minutes ago · 

    • Nicole Czarnecki All of them dropped the ball. What don't you get?
      16 minutes ago · 

    • Carson Henry How is it Joe
      15 minutes ago · 

    • Nicole Czarnecki Besies, JoePa had more status-- thus more of a responsibility-- than them. With status and fame come responsibility.
      15 minutes ago · 

    • Joe followd protocol... If he didn't he wuld have a reason to get fired.
      13 minutes ago · 

    • Nicole Czarnecki If JoePa were Joe Schmo, you two honestly would not be defending him. You would have said that he should've fired his assistant and reported him to the police in addition to the school.
      13 minutes ago · 

    • Carson Henry For all Joe knows Sandusky could be Making it up, Joe saw nothing therefore he had no reason to contact authorities...who calls 911 and says hey someone just told me that they saw a rape? really? would you call?? It is beyond me that anyone ever expected him to tell anyone
      13 minutes ago · 

    • Nicole Czarnecki Either way, you call if a serious allegation arises. And yes, I would call. Child rape is very serious. By law, you have to call.
      12 minutes ago · 

    • Nicole Czarnecki Also, I'd rather be fired for righteousness than in disgrace.
      11 minutes ago · 

    • Carson Henry By law if you SEE it...again check your facts...YOU have been raped by the media
      11 minutes ago · 

    • Nicole Czarnecki Carson, you use the term lightly.
      11 minutes ago · 

    • Nicole Czarnecki And JoePa heard of it, and McQueary saw it. As I said, both should've been in trouble along with Sandusky.
      11 minutes ago · 

    • Nicole Czarnecki I pray that you men never ever end up or know someone that ends up like one of McQueary's, JoePa's, Sandusky's, and the rest of Penn State's victims.
      10 minutes ago · 

    • If he told police n it turnd out that none of it happnd he wuld b fired n sandusky culd sue joe for defamation
      10 minutes ago ·  ·  1

    • Nicole Czarnecki So? If Joe Paterno told in good faith, he could get off. There is that good-faith clause.
      9 minutes ago · 

    • Carson Henry I pray that you arent ever able to vote because the News has control of your brain
      8 minutes ago · 

    • Nicole Czarnecki That should apply to you, Carson. Besides, I can tell that you're one of those starstruck and Ron Paul nuts already. If you actually read or watched any news once in a while, maybe you could wise up a little.
      7 minutes ago · 

    • There is no good faith wen it comes to serious sht like that. U can't accuse somebody of rape n not b 100% sure.
      5 minutes ago · 

    • Nicole Czarnecki There is legally a good-faith clause. If he reported it in good faith, he'd absolutely not be liable.
      4 minutes ago · 

    • Carson Henry Okay...1st of all Im not starstruck by ANY candidate...2nd I watch the news I just have the presence of mind to know and differentiate between fact and fiction...which obviously you do not
      3 minutes ago · 

    • Nicole Czarnecki Carson, what do you watch?
      3 minutes ago · 

    • Carson Henry and he STILL is not liable because he had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SITUATION
      3 minutes ago · 

    • Nicole Czarnecki I'm asking you a question. What do you watch?
      2 minutes ago · 

    • Carson Henry Spongebob, Hey Arnold, and the occasional Hannah Montana
      2 minutes ago · 

    • Nicole Czarnecki There you go. You don't even watch the news. You're just going off of what JoePa fans are saying.
      about a minute ago · 

    • The lesson of all this: Don't watch fox news! Haha carson hit my phone up
      about a minute ago ·  ·  1