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Showing posts with label intimidation. Show all posts

Friday, December 27, 2013

I See That...

Mr. Covel's true colors are finally showing. Someone stated, "The establishment is against bringing in guns, yet the great Toby Keith is quoted in promoting concealed carry. I guess whatever sounds good with the people is what he is after." Toby Keith is definitely a "for me, but not for thee" kind of guy.

When I saw the article, I could not help but jump in to comment on his restaurant's Facebook page. I had it with him and his daughter making trouble for me (and she's probably still pretending to be different people doing different searches and/or directly frequenting my blog. I have 28 pages worth of her having done that from October 20-November 17, 2013—and in a 29-page document of evidence against her. At the end of the document, I just wrote, "Collection of evidence concluded on November 17, 2013—decision made November 19, 2013 at 10:07:09 PM. Endless pages would be in document if continuation of evidence collection occurred—the attempts at intimidation from Mrs. Sandubrae are ongoing on an almost-daily or even a daily basis."

(Meanwhile, UMPG Publishing is still holding a claim against my fair-use cover of "Should've Been a Cowboy.").

I can at least see that not only does "he probably [get] this all around [N]orman"—the hometown of his which he bought or something, since "he owns most of [it]"—but also that he "gets this" everywhere else. Indeed, Mr. Covel, what comes around goes around—as the converse to the old saying goes—, and it is going around. "He who sows iniquity will reap sorrow, [a]nd the rod of his anger will fail." (Proverbs 22:8) Whatever Mr. Covel's upset at God and/or others about, he's sure not helping himself with what he's doing about it in his anger. "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap." (Galatians 6:7)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why I Haven't Been Writing the Memoir For the Past Few Days

I have been going through a lot (as some have read in the past, and as I see that a Ms. Sandubrae tries to use against me—you are not funny; you are not cool, and you are proving to be the "snotty" person that L. Kay and one of your high-school classmates stated that you are, Mrs. Sandubrae. I continue to record visits of my blog from you and/or your followers who are trying to intimidate me. You are also only adding to the through the Hell which I'm going), and that includes being on the verge of suicide, having a cold (My immune system finally wore down—and partly due to what trouble you have caused me, Mrs. Sandubrae; and remember that my threat of prosecution is not idle. Where in the law can one read that public figures may harass and intimidate other public figures as you and your followers have done to me? Get a life and wise up, Mrs. Sandubrae, or you may well be prosecuted.).

Meanwhile, I'm figuring that I'm going to need some life-changing event (as if—and since—having an ITB Pump and being on the verge of suicide several times, for example, apparently—and evidently—doesn't count) in order for those who haven't been supporting me and praying for me to even notice what's going on my life. The event includes the choices of, but is not limited to, getting into my final relationship (I'm not getting into another relationship unless the relationship is with whom I know and am sure is the one.), having a baby (which is not going to happen until after I'm married, if I ever am able to marry), having a grandchild (like lucky Geraldo Rivera did—497 likes and 56 comments in about an hour, and six retweets with 21 favorites and 12 comments in about an hour [at last count]—and which will not happen for me anytime soon unless I adopt a kid who is expecting and/or has kids of his or her own shortly after he or she is adopted), and becoming famous (That's how I'll really get people to notice and give a **** about anything that I say, do, or go through at all.). 

By the way, as much as I forgive people, I certainly think that when bad comes to them for what they've done to me and/or others serves them rightly. For example, Liz's prophecy came true, and I was humbled (and served rightly) when it came true—and while Pop-Pop is not dead, he is certainly not alive—he's one of the deadest living men of whom I have ever heard, and he is served rightly for what he's done to his mother (z"l), his daughter, and others.

Liz told Aunt Mary (Pop-Pop's only daughter) that Pop-Pop wouldn't be alive within five years of January-February 2007—and he has pneumonia and other issues for which he is hospitalized. Indeed, "Let God be true and every man a liar"—and it frankly serves Jack Czarnecki rightly. How dare he commit second-degree murder with murder-malice intent and Social Security fraud! And how dare he affect his daughter—his only daughter!—to be driven to a suicide attempt!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm Not Going To Be Intimidated When I Stand Up For Myself and Others...

As I wrote to someone who apologized if his or her actions merely offended me (and not for the actions themselves), " I do not feel that the apology was sincere or for the actions themselves. I will not remove anything since it was on a public forum and it is evidence that I need to use to prove that I am not the first or last victim of UMBC JSU/Hillel. I understand that I am not the only victim, and who one of the victims is was disclosed to me in confidence partly because of how he or she has been bullied by UMBC JSU/Hillel.

"As I stated, my promises are not idle. I will not be back and allow others to get hurt by UMBC JSU/Hillel. As Gamali'el once stated,'Men of Isra’el, take care what you do to these people. Some time ago, there was a rebellion under Todah, who claimed to be somebody special; and a number of men, maybe four hundred, rallied behind him. But upon his being put to death, his whole following was broken up and came to nothing.  After this, Y’hudah HaG’lili led another uprising, back at the time of the enrollment for the Roman tax; and he got some people to defect to him. But he was killed, and all his followers were scattered.  So in the present case, my advice to you is not to interfere with these people, but to leave them alone. For if this idea or this movement has a human origin, it will collapse.  But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop them; you might even find yourselves fighting God!'
"Perhaps instead of bullying me and others, UMBC JSU/Hillel and those associated with it can take Gamal'iel's words to heart. "Forgiven" does not mean "forgotten" or "like the situation never even happened", since I am neither the first to whom it has happened nor will I (I'm afraid) be the last."

UMBC JSU/Hillel is only one group of bullies who I have faced, and they are rightly held out as an example of bullies--since the evidence shows that they are. As Hillel the Elder once stated, "If not me, then who?" Someone needs to stand to bullying in general, and UMBC JSU/Hillel are just an example of bullies.

Imagine if Anan ben David had not stood up to the P'rushiyin of his day. Would there even be a Masoretic Text--which the Kara'im scribed? Imagine if Jan Hus and John Wycliffe had not stood up to the Roman Vatican "Church"--would the Reformation and all that resulted from or because of it have happened? (Bullies such as Martin Luther--a virulent Anti Semite--and John Calvin--a known hater of the disabled and of children--deserve no credit for the Reformation. While God can and did use evil for good, Luther and Calvin were snake-tongued Pseudo Christians. Luther is known about, but that Calvin thought disability to be an automatic sign of predestined damnation is a dirty secret that so-called "Christians" among the Church keep. However, that Calvin thought a span of babies to be in Hell is oft too quoted by Anti Messianics/Anti Christians who want to paint Christians with the brush of Calvin.)

More examples come to mind as well. Nonetheless and in conclusion, I've given enough examples of why I myself am not going to be intimidated when I stand up for myself and others--"If not me, then who?" After all, I have a mitzvah  to do tikun-ha'olam--and to do so begins with fixing my world within the world, and fixing my world within the world includes standing up against those who have bullied me and others.