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Friday, December 1, 2017

If Anyone's Having Trouble Reading This Blog...

Know that I didn't mean to block anybody. I was trying to block an Amazon-AWS bot from IP Address (which I know has prevented certain statistics from showing on Blogger stats, Feedjit, Clustrmaps, and Revolver Maps; and which multiple sites state misrepresents Blogger and other statistics) and used FreeHostedScripts via MBGadget.

If I blocked you by mistake when I blocked the Amazon bot, please let me know by e-mailing me if you can still somehow read this blog (e.g., from a different IP Address, through a friend's device, or through pages that Google caches on Google search). Besides, I want you to be able to read about, for example, Reilly and Camille

Friday, April 25, 2014

"Toby Keith Anti Semitic"? I'd Love To Know Where Someone Came Up With That.

I don't like Toby Keith; and I wouldn't be surprised if the guy is a self-hating Jew. After all, he has to hate himself to some extent if he's hiding that he's Jewish. As I was able to write on Wikipedia (and I was able to pick up on, given that my own family has a lot of self loathery and hid our roots from me):

His family name, "Covel", is a British "variant spelling of Covell"[52] and means "habitual wearer of a cloak or perhaps a metonymic occupational name for a cloak maker."[53] If, however, the name was originally "Kovel", it is an Americanized spelling of a "Germanized spelling of Slavic Koval".[54] If this is the case, then "Covel" was originally "Ukrainian, Belorussian, Czech dialect, and Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic), [and was an] occupational name for a blacksmith, from the vocabulary word koval."[55]
Whether Keith is perhaps Jewish is unclear. However, his family tree does not go beyond 1849 on[56] or the 1700s on,[57] and Tracey R. Rich ofJewFAQ notes that a Jew or a gentile of Jewish descent is "not likely to simply log onto Ancestry (or even JewishGen) and find a comprehensive tree listing [his or her] family back 300 years, as some gentiles do."[58] If Toby Keith is Jewish, he would be the second widely-known country singer of Jewish descent. The first would be Kinky Friedman.[citation needed]

They've since removed it, even though the general community conceded that it is possible. One angry guy named NiteShift36 decided that research with evidence was not good enough.

Either way, the claim that Toby Keith could be Jewish is out there, researched, and going to have to be addressed soon—especially if the guy is Anti Semitic and, even worse, a self-loathing Jew. By the way, trust me when I say that self-loathing Jews are worse than gentile Anti Semites. As the old saying goes, the worst enemy is within; and all one needs to do is look at examples like Donin (who went way too far), Torquemada (Y"Sh), Hitler (Y"Sh), and Soros (Y"Sh).

toby keith anti semitic

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Norway", Please Do Me A Favor...

Get out of there while you can. You don't want to be like our cousins in Odesa or Kiev (if any are still in Kiev), us in the U.S., or elsewhere but home. Go home, please, and choose life over death. Listen to Yirimiyahu. He may have even been one of ours (We did have a cousin named "Kasis" after all, and "Kasis" may come from "Qissis" or "priest".)!

Whether or not we're kohanim, go home, motek! Go home, mishpacha sheli! Go if and while you can!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"[I]s greg gutfeld and his wife getting a divorce"? Wouldn't that have come out if that was the case? There are enough divorces in this world, especially among those who are famous and otherwise notable, and making up divorce rumors is not going to help anybody—in fact, it will only hurt somebody (usually the rumor monger) in the end.

People really need to think before they ask questions, especially since there are foolish questions. Also, divorce in any case is not a trivial or otherwise-light subject (and I should know, as I am a descendant of divorce—a child of one, a great-great-grandchild of one, and a great-great-great-grandchild of one. Also, my Farrell great-great-great-grandparents were close to divorcing twice. Furthermore, both of my dad's surviving siblings and all but two of my mom's eight surviving siblings have or had been divorced).

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