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Showing posts with label heartbreak. Show all posts

Saturday, November 25, 2017

When Reilly Went To A Pet-Friendly Hardware Store As a "Guinea Pig"—And Camille Couldn't Go

"Mom-Mom" and "Mimi"/"Auntie Michelle" were testing out Reilly as a "guinea pig" to see if she would be the kind of "'well-behaved'" pet that the hardware store allows. Needlessly to say, "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" was upset that she couldn't go with Reilly while "Mimi"/"Auntie Michelle" would stay home with Camille this week and go with her next week, and Camille was upset about not being able to go with "Mimi". Both "Auntie Nicole" and Camille were also upset that Camille missed a positive car-ride experience.

Camille, meanwhile, just looked out the window waiting for them to come back, waited in between the kitchen and the hallway gate looking at the door, etc.—she wouldn't even let "Auntie Nicole" give her scritches more than once or get her harness and leash on her to go sit on the back porch with her. (Incidentally, "Auntie Nicole" knows how Camille feels in a different way and regarding a different matter, and she knows about waiting patiently and nonetheless frustratedly and confusedly—thus part of why she could sympathize with Camille, and called "Mimi" and "Mom-Mom" to let them know  how much Camille missed them.)

As for Reilly, "[s]he was an instant hit" with the store employees and customers, "Auntie Michelle" told "Momma"; and she apparently didn't even try to eat any stray wood pellets (which she tries to eat at home) or mulch that might've dropped!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Mostly Offbeat: Something That "Momma" Still Wants To Know

(Just not to embarrass anyone, by the way, "Momma" is going to use abbreviations and letters re certain places, etc.)

"Momma" still wants to know who is in the No-Ro area, though she thinks that she knows. Meanwhile, she's pretty sure that she knows who's in the Ph.-A.C. area. She wants to know for two reasons:

  1. They seem to be Reilly's biggest fans.
  2. She wants a clear answer re a certain matter for her and Reilly's sakes, especially as she is trying to be a better "Momma" to Reilly and feels impeded in being a better "Momma" partly by not having a clear answer.
Pets can be affected by matters like this, especially if the matters affect other matters that impede the pet owners; and Reilly is certainly affected by, e.g., "Momma"'s OCD/Anxiety flareups that not having a clear answer is affecting.

Update On Reilly Re Her Ear Infection

Reilly just had her left ear cleaned out and treated with a saline solution by "Mom-Mom". According to "Mom-Mom", the vet had told her to do that first should another infection occur. Meanwhile, "Momma" has yet to hear back from the vet.

As for Reilly, at least she's acting normally—including by barking like a klipeh, and thus setting off "Momma"'s myoclonus (which, incidentally, caused a trigger point to flare up yesterday). She also tried to shake out the saline solution, which is also normal for her. This, by the way, convinced Camille to want to go back inside and hide in her crate—she thought that "Mom-Mom" was going to clean out her ears next, and she also doesn't like getting her ears cleaned!

Thanksgiving Was Okay Until Reilly Got An Infection In Her Left Ear 😞

Poor Reilly's been through the ringer, as has her "Momma"; and "Momma"'s and Reilly's worries only increased when Reilly's Thanksgiving Night culminated in a left-ear infection (to which she as a Matrilineal Poodle is prone) 🙁. In this case, it's "the life of Reilly" like that old TV show in the Baby Boomer's Generation—the life of Reilly in not so good of a way.

At least "Momm.a" was able to leave a message for the vet's office, and (God willing) Reilly will have her ear checked in the morning or afternoon.

The pobrecita perrita was both taking her evening nap and feeling ear pain.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Planned Book On Camille, When "Mimi" Doesn't Spend Enough Time With Camille, Etc..

With the second edition of Reilly's book out, "Momma" gave away another copy (and as she's said, she really is working on trying to become an author)—and she polled to see if people would read a book on Camille (and "Auntie Nicole" made the giveaway a "no vote, no entry" one).The results are as follows:

If Nicole Czarnecki were to write a book on Camille, would you buy or try to win it?

More likely than not16%
More unlikely than likely5%

Incidentally, "Auntie Nicole" fails to understand why anyone who wouldn't read the book on Camille would enter the giveaway but for a few reasons such as:

  1. He or she likes trying to get free books, maybe even—in this case—to resell it offline if it's a paperback book, e.g.—and yes, there really are people whom hate "Auntie Nicole" that much (notwithstanding that, e.g., Reilly is currently napping by her "Momma"—at least some sentient creature loves "Momma" on a consistent basis, compared to even many fellow human sentient creatures in her life). If he or she also tried to get the book to resell it, or—on the other hand—get it just to make fun of it and/or have his friends make fun of it, that would not surprise Reilly's "Momma"—even "Mom-Mom" and "Auntie Michelle" made fun of it at first. 
  2. He or she is a big fan of Reilly and not Camille—poor Camille. 🙁
  3. He or she wants to get a free book for a friend.
Meanwhile, "Auntie Nicole" can relate in filial and non-filial ways to Camille's filial pain—even "Mimi" doesn't spend enough time with Camille (Who shouldn't own a puppy, by the way "Mom-Mom"? Even "Mom-Mom" has acknowledged that "Mimi" doesn't prioritize Camille as much as she should, and how hurtful "Mom-Mom" can be only adds to when "Momma"'s Jirish temper can be affected.). As a result of "Mimi" not prioritizing Camille as much as she should, Camille can get sleepy and feel depressed—and as recently as Sunday, this happened—and Cam wakes, perks, and lights up when "Mimi" comes into the room to actually spend time with her and, e.g., puts that darn Kindle or laptop down for once—even under guilt of being teased that, e.g., "Auntie Nicole" will become Cam's "Momma" if "Mimi" doesn't come downstairs from a long-enough nap to spend time with Cam.

In a similar way, "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma"'s loneliness and confusion re what exactly Camille's possible "uncle" and Reilly's possible "Daddy" wants continues to affect una noche oscura del alma en parte de su vida—a dark night of the soul in part of her life—as she is trying to be patient and wait on God to have Reilly's possible "Daddy" reach out to her—and patience in general is all the harder for a person with OCD/Anxiety, Depression, and ADD to learn.

How fitting, by the way, that a converso coined that term!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Somewhat Offbeat: When "Momma" Is Thinking About Asking Reilly How To Get Reilly's Possible Daddy To Reach Out To Her...

That is bad, especially considering that the same puppy on whom "Momma" just had to use the spray bottle could have caused her to die yesterday. Still, there is an impasse, and he's gotta budge—or at least give some clarification one or another way—and as "Momma" has written:

"She's also been thinking about Reilly's possible "Daddy" and what he wants—and she's told Reilly that and kept asking her if she thinks that the person in question will be her "Daddy". Reilly seems to have answered in the affirmative every time, as—as "Momma" has explained—a prophetess giving a prophecy or an oracle¹²!

"As she's written before, too:

 "'For all that "Momma" knows, though, maybe loneliness will count as enough of a fast for God to send her a helpmate for her and a "Daddy" to Reilly, whether soon or down the road—and whoever the 'Daddy' for Reilly might be could be anyone from a total stranger to even one of the guys among guys and gals whom inspired 'Momma' to write about Reilly, no matter what "Momma" thinks of the chances that any given guy would or will ever be Reilly's "Daddy".'"

By the way, "Momma" just had to use the spray bottle again—if only someone could and would help "Momma" roll Reilly over!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What The Outsider Looking In On Debbie Reynolds' and Carrie Fisher's Deaths Knows For Sure

  • A strong mother-daughter bond like they had cannot withstand the death of the daughter without the mother's death soon thereafter.
  • Given Debbie Reynolds' and Carrie Fisher's mother-daughter bond, Debbie Reynolds' death certificate ought to read something like:
"Cause Of Death: Stroke
"Due to: Medical distress
"Due to: Mental and emotional distress
"Due to: Recent death of daughter
"Contributing factor: Compromised cerebral artery
"Contributing factor: Age of decedent"
  • Debbie Reynolds was 84 and lost her 60-year-old and only daughter, and firstborn child a day before. She also lost a colleague and frequent collaborator when she outlived her only daughter and firstborn child.
Meanwhile, keep Debbie Reynolds' and Carrie Fisher's loved ones and friends—including Todd Fisher, Billie Lourd, and Gary Fisher—and everyone else whom's particularly affected by Debbie Reynolds' and Carrie Fisher's deaths in your thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Somewhat Offbeat: Still Trying To Figure Out What Reilly's Possible "Daddy" Wants & Almost Fainting Today

When "Momma" has to sort of lie to Reilly about what she's doing, that's not good. In fact, "Momma" felt dizzy and like fainting as she got on to check whether or not he checked her blog re Reilly—and confusion, heartbreak, etc. can cause one to want to faint, as Reilly has sensed for at least two regarding someone else whom's going through heartbreak.

Puppies—baby and adult puppies alike—can sense when someone's enduring pain, etc.—and Reilly really is an empath, and perhaps even an exceptional one, though Camille was also emphatically tired yesterday.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Somewhat Offbeat: One Heartbroken & Confused "Momma" That Keeps Failing Reilly

As "Momma" has written, she doesn't know what who she thinks (or at least hopes) that Reilly's "Daddy" sometime in the future—though she doesn't know exactly when—wants. She keeps getting mixed signals—which hurt like Hell—and thus failing Reilly. Even again, Reilly is exhausted—as "Momma" is exhausted—due to—besides that "Auntie Michelle" failed to bring Reilly down on time again—being awake due to feeling heartbroken and confused, and trying to figure out what's going on as far as he's concerned.

Maybe "Momma" just ought to give up hope and wait for someone else for her and Reilly's sakes, though whether "Momma" will find a helpmate for herself and a "Daddy" for Reilly if she moves on is questionable

Monday, November 21, 2016

#MondayMotivation, #MaltipooMonday, And a Confession From "Momma"

Update per the confession below (1:35 PM EST): Since "Momma" wants to clarify and give no wrong impressions, the person who "Momma" thinks might be Reilly's eventual "Daddy" is someone whom is from one of "Momma"'s ancestral states and whom she has known for some time, and may have made a donation to St. Jude's in her honor.

While "Momma" is still looking for a full-time job—which reminds her that she needs to finish a project related to job seeking, by the way—she petsits her furniece and watches her "dogter"—both of whom give her two reasons to live and sometimes laugh, not to mention motivations for Mondays and the hashtag "#MaltipooMonday".

She also checks to see if a certain someone, whom she thinks is Reilly's eventual "Daddy", checks her blog (Feedjit and Clustrmaps, e.g., are useful apps 🙂.). Many a nights, that has kept her up—to Reilly's detriment—and unable to get to sleep right away—there's even a loneliness that pets can't fulfill for their owners, let alone that Reilly for "Momma". Especially as life closes in on both her and ever-patient Reilly, she often sighs out of heartbreak.

By the way, Reilly was oddly very playful at dawn as "Momma" woke up for a little while—she gave some kisses and nibbled "Momma"'s hand, and she enjoyed some belly rubs as well as ran around playfully (Eventually, "Momma" had to say that she and Reilly needed to go back to sleep for a while.). Maybe empathetic Reilly sensed some of the pain that Momma's enduring, even during this Thanksgiving month.

Also, by the way, Reilly did lick Momma's ring when she did show her it and asked her if she remembered it when she showed it to her last night—as "Momma" forgot for a moment (The exhaustion and, e.g., ADD get to "Momma".).

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Still A Difficult Time For Reilly—And "Momma"

Reilly continues to be very patient as "Momma" endures a difficult time, and "Momma" nonetheless suspects that some of Reilly's compulsive behaviors are due to her. For example, Reilly seems to clean her paws frequently—just like "Momma" washes her hands frequently, since she has OCD/Anxiety—and perhaps even Reilly's eating of mulch is part of her compulsive behavior.

"Momma" can't even finish one project that might get her foot in the door, let alone work on the book about Reilly which she's planning. As she's written:

"Especially as "Momma" has gone through heartbreaks such as losing touch with the main person whom inspired her to write about Reilly, Reilly has been "Momma"'s biggest fan—or at least her biggest canine fanwhile "Momma" can't always be her biggest fan."
She's also written:

"[T]hat person inspired her to begin becoming a full-time author. In fact, as 'Momma' recalls, she wrote and sent Reilly's first real full biography to the particular person—whom she thinks about every day, and about whom she's told Reilly...
"Incidentally, 'Momma" hopes and prays to reconnect with that person—whom had and still has a huge impact on 'Momma''s life, and whom will hopefully meet Reilly—someday."

To not have the main person whom inspired "Momma" to write about Reilly—and become an author overallin her life for now only serves to partly flare up her mental illnesses—she even had two OCD/Anxiety episodes this morning, which confused and worried Reilly.

Needlessly to say, Reilly is definitely impacted as "Momma" struggles with mental-illness flareups—which also has affected "Momma"'s and Reilly's sleep at night, and "Momma"'s getting through the day.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Very-Patient Reilly & A Difficult Time For Her

Reilly is often very patient with "Momma", and Reilly is dealing relatively well enough with the difficult timesincluding "Momma"'s preparations for Yom Kippur and dealing with loneliness—that are going on at home—and Reilly's incredible patience, even when "Momma" gets mad at Reilly for bad behaviors such as barking vociferously or frustratedly biting "Auntie Michelle", amazes "Momma". Especially as "Momma" has gone through heartbreaks such as losing touch with the main person whom inspired her to write about Reilly, Reilly has been "Momma"'s biggest fan—or at least her biggest canine fanwhile "Momma" can't always be her biggest fan.