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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Offbeat: "Momma" and Reilly, And Other Jewish Pet Owners And Their Pets

As "Momma" dreaded, the Second Kristallnacht did occur—even if it's not on a mass scale, it's happened in Philadelphia and going to happen elsewhere if people continue to close their eyes to how dangerous Trump and his ardent supporters are. 

Even more shamefully, a misguided Facebook friend has a Facebook friend whom wrote the following (One can see on his public profile that he lives there, by the way.):

"I live in Upper Darby, PA which is right outside of Philadelphia. I'm happy Trump won. I'm a conservative. I think Obama messed up. Black or white idc what he is he messed up. Hopefully Trump can fix it."
To be fair, he wrote this before "Momma" shared the article regarding the incident and asked, "Are you happy now?" Nonetheless, this isn't nothing that wasn't out there. 

Also, "Momma" and Reilly have loved ones in the Philadelphia Area—and "Momma" hopes that the ones whom aren't related to her would take her and her Reilly in if they could and had to do so. Other Jewish pet owners and their pets are in positions similar to that of "Momma" and Reilly, especially if they have disabilities like Cerebral Palsy and mental illnesses like Depression. 

Fellow pet owner Anne Frank and her cat Moortje were in the same kind of position years ago—that is, Anne Frank had to consider Moortje when she and her family had to go into the Secret Annex, pretending that they had fled to Switzerland and leaving a note on their kitchen table in which they claimed such. 

At the same time, Peter van Pels and his cat Mushi were able to stay together until Peter and the rest of the people in the Secret Annex were betrayed by two Dutch people (not their shelterers) and kidnapped from the Annex by the Getaspo:

"After they were arrested, the cat was still there. It did not run away. But the cat did not feel at home anymore. It missed Peter. But one day the office cleaner asked if she could take the cat. She took Mushi and gave the cat a new home."

For her own part, "Momma" would be like Peter and could not leave Reilly behind—in fact, Reilly is a part of why "Momma" is still alive

This remains one of "Momma"'s favorite pictures.

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