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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Somewhat Offbeat: Reilly's Gregorian Month Birthday

Reilly's Gregorian month birthday (October 25th) falls:

  1. Five days after Shelby's Gregorian yearly birthday (Happy Birthday again, Shelby!)
  2. Two days after "Momma"'s Gregorian month birthday (October 23rd—just, by the way, in time for "Momma" to ache and feel tired due to exhaustion and/or a cold and/or the flu that's about to come.)
  3. In between her "Great-Great-Granddad" Czarnecki's Gregorian yearly birthday (and she turned seven months old on what would've been his 110th yearly birthday) and her "four-times-removed cousin" Katherine's Gregorian yearly birthday (and Katherine could've lived to 120 this year had Breast Cancer not cruelly taken her when she was about four months short of 52).  
  4. Two days before Camille's Gregorian month birthday.
PS: Reminder: if you are not breeding your female puppy, please have her spayed unless you want to risk that she would get canine mammary cancers!

Friday, October 20, 2017

A Mental-Illness Flareup And A Laugh That "Auntie Nicole" Needed Courtesy Of Camille

Once again, an understanding Reilly has endured as "Momma" has gone through another draining mental-illness flareup due to heartbreak and other flareup triggers of late. Even yesterday, Reilly dealt with as "Momma" (embarrassingly and to her surprise) overslept when she napped with her.

Camille, meanwhile, inadvertently came to a momentary rescue when "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" went to give her and Reilly their nightly grooming with the electric toothbrush: she boldly stole the treats that "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" put  on the family room coffee table when she sat down on the couch to begin grooming Reilly (whom was on her lap first), and she stole them right in front of her!

Of course, poor Reilly had to get treats to make up for the ones that Camille stole from her!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

#TheManeEvent, Frontline® Plus And A Worried "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole", And A Dramatic Description Again

  1. "Momma" plans for Reilly to dress up as something that'll make Halloween "the mane event" of October 2017 for Reilly—or at least "the mane event" of the October-into-November 2017 week—and sans haircut (despite that Maltipoos actually have mixed/single coats. By the way, shaving puppies with layered/double coats is a bad idea
  2. Long story short: despite that the Frontline® Plus had been applied 30-45 minutes before "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" woke up, "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" understandably worried when Camille tried to wipe the Frontline® Plus off of the back of her neck by rolling around on a bedcover and Reilly shortly afterward licked the back of Cam's neck! (Excuse "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" for worrying!)
  3. This morning, "Mimi" gave "Mom-Mom" the same dramatic description that she gave "Auntie Nicole" right after "Auntie Nicole" told "Mom-Mom" that "Mimi" accidentally put her heal under Cam's chin last night! 🤦🏽‍♀️
By the way: As "Auntie Nicole" typed, Camille just tried to go upstairs without permission again! 🤦🏽‍♀️

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Quick Polls Re Fame & Notability, and...Well, Is There An Appropriate "Gate" Name For The Hollywood Sexual-Harrassment Scandal?

"Other" can be an answer like "Something like 'Miramax' is appropriate enough [or "explains it all", etc.]", as you might elaborate in a follow-up tweet. 

Small Puppies, Big Accidents

That Reilly might have OCD/Anxiety is rough enough on "Momma", especially since "Momma" has OCD/Anxiety that flares up on days like yesterday and today. To hear that "Mimi" accidentally kicked Camille under the chin flares up "Auntie Nicole"'s own OCD/Anxiety, and to hear "Mimi" describe it as her "accidentally kick[ing] Cam in the throat" really flares up "Auntie Nicole"'s OCD/Anxiety!

When "Mimi" described what actually happened, "Auntie Nicole" felt a little more relieved. Nonetheless, she's still worried about Camille's throat in the long term, despite that Camille seems fine so far. Besides, "Mimi"/"Auntie Michelle" could've simply described what happened in the first place as that:

  1. Camille (who's a small adult puppy whom tends to blend in with the kitchen floor, anyway) was behind her when she was getting Reilly a treat.
  2. She either lifted her foot up or moved it back to walk backward.
  3. Her heel landed under Camille's chin.
  4. Camille understandably (as "Auntie Nicole" heard) squealed. 
"Mimi" obviously apologized to Camille, all while worried "Auntie Nicole" kept wanting to make sure that Cam is okay.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Two Things That Everybody Needs To Stop Doing

  1. Calling Da'esh "ISIS" or "ISIL". They hate "Da'esh" (or, as Arabic-speaking countries like Egypt call them, "Da'ish") & would love being called a state. 
  2. Calling ***** "POTUS". Legitimate POTUSes are elected and don't use dictators, fellow aspiring dictators of theirs, and others to hack voting machines, intimidate and harass voters, or do what else ***** has been doing. 

Two Supreme Court "Justices" That Died As Never-Caught Rapists: White and Powell

Thanks to rapist Byron White, Lewis Powell, and others, rapist Ehrlich Coker made sure that rapists, pimps, and other sexual abusers could live and breathe. By the way, how do we know that Byron White was a rapist, as was Lewis Powell?

"Rape is without doubt deserving of serious punishment; but in terms of moral depravity and of the injury to the person and to the public, it does not compare with murder, which does involve the unjustified taking of human life. Although it may be accompanied by another crime, rape, by definition, does not include the death of or even the serious injury to another person. [n13] The murderer kills; the rapist, if no more than that, does not. Life is over for the victim of the murderer; for the rape victim, life may not be nearly so happy as it was, but it is not over, and normally is not beyond repair. We have the abiding conviction that the death penalty, which "is unique in its severity and irrevocability," Gregg v. Georgia, 428 U.S. at 187, is an excessive penalty for the rapist who, as such, does not take human life."

[As if rape isn't all but physical murder, even though victims are often directly physically murdered by their rapists or indirectly physically murdered via suicide. Ok then 🙄.]

"MR. JUSTICE POWELL concluded that death is disproportionate punishment for the crime of raping an adult woman where, as here, the crime was not committed with excessive brutality and the victim [16-year-old Elnita Carter] did not sustain serious or lasting injury. P. 601"

By the way, White and Powell set the precedent for the horrid and racist conclusion in "Kennedy v. Louisiana". Also by the way, Carter was White and thus was evidence against Patrick Kennedy's argument.