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Saturday, April 29, 2017

"Loyalty Day" On May Day Is Disturbing Enough; Thank You Very Much. Even Worsely Is That....

As some allege, it may indeed be connected to Beltane. If it is connected to Beltane, we no longer have any doubt that Trump aspires to be a Neo ******. Guess who else wanted to paganize a supposedly-Christian country in the very name of the Christianity that he hated? Per as-linked-to Simple To Remember:

"We are the joyous Hitler youth,
"We do not need any Christian virtue
"Our leader is our savior
"The Pope and Rabbi shall be gone
"We want to be pagans once again.”
"- Song sung by Hitler youth"
By the way, I censored the words in question because I do not want to dignify them or their meanings. Also, Trump has Gaelic (Irish and Scottish) heritage, and Beltane is a Gaelic pagan holiday. I should also mention that "Loyalty Day" is the day before VE Day, which makes Trump's proclamation of "Loyalty Day" even more calculated than one would have suspected—after all, somebody wants everybody else to forget or deny that the Germans lost.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Somewhat Offbeat: Two Things That "Momma" Has Explained To Reilly Multiple Times, One Of Which She Has Also Explained To Fellow Humans Of Hers

As patient Reilly continues to wait for night-owl "Momma" on a daily basis, "Momma" thinks about something that she's explained to Reilly multiple times: "Momma" even sometimes gets a goofy look on her face when she thinks about a certain person whom could be in her and Reilly's lives; and to not have an answer from that certain person gets hard especially since "Momma"'s pretty much implied here and explicitly to Reilly how she feels about him, and Reilly seems to think that he's a person whom should be in her and "Momma"'s lives.

By the way, let's just say that "Momma" has a few not-so-nice words for those whom can't figure out by now why she frequently mentions that she needs a helpmate for herself and a "Daddy" for Reilly—especially because many of them don't want to figure it out, and how (un)fortunate they are to have never suffered quite a bit of what "Momma" has suffered or have had anything that they've suffered affect them or their pets (since, for example, they apparently have no need for compassion).

Reilly waits patiently for "Momma" on a pile of "blankies" as "Momma" wraps up for the night.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Patience-Tried Reilly, How To Bribe Cam For Pictures, Etc..

Even though "Momma" is feeling somewhat better from yesterday, she has a "dogter" whom is not happy with her. In fact, said "dogter" tried to follow "Auntie Michelle" and Camille upstairs, as well as whine and whimper. Meanwhile, she waits once again for "Momma"*.

Speaking of waiting, Camille also was patient with "Auntie Nicole" yesterday: she let "Auntie Nicole" take a few pictures, especially ones for "Mimi":

To Cam: "Say 'Hi, Mimi!'"

However, Camille was not patient with "Mom-Mom" during brushing. Since (like Ralphie with his "BB-gun mania") Camille with gourmandia no "knows no loyalties" (as Ralphie would say), and "aunt-uition" kicked in for "Auntie Nicole"—in other words, "Auntie Nicole" knew that Camille still wanted to be in the kitchen as "Mimi" pulled the chicken (none of which either Reilly or Camille has had so far 🙁). Of course, "Mom-Mom" wasn't happy about "Auntie Nicole" pointing that out!

*Hablando de paciencia, una nota incidental á un persona cierto: yo todavía quiero una respuesta clara de tí. ¿Mi suposición es que pienses que a lo mejor estás eso persona cierto que Reily y yo necesitamos estar en nos vidas, pero es mi suposición correcta? Continúo esforzándome estar paciente mientras espero para tí dar una respuesta clara. Especialmenmte si Yejovah te dice me dar una respuesta clara, dame una respuesta clara: no tener una respuesta afecta una mí confundida y desconsolada por el bien de mí misma y por el bien de Reily.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Somewhat Offbeat: Another Usual Kind Of "What the ****" Day & More Pictures

Today is a little different, though, as "Momma" wasn't hunching over with nausea or trying to not throw up last time—and she also couldn't feel her stomach hurt, spasm, or do whatever it's doing as she tries to type. Perhaps exhaustion partly explains it. Meanwhile, as Reilly patiently waited for "Momma" on Monday night and snuggled by her during the day, she made clear that the exhaustion especially exacerbates her hatred of having her picture taken:

"Fine time to take a picture!"

"!אוי; לא! אני לא אוהבת את זת"

Even If Someone Else Already Stated The Obvious Re the Senate Briefing And North Korea...

I'll state the obvious: the only reason that someone would call a special briefing re the Senate and North Korea is that he or she wants to declare war on North Korea and at least appear to be legitimately doing so. When I first saw the news alert on Monday, I knew that that's what Tr**p was doing—after all, he has to look like he can get any honest vote, let alone honest votes from two thirds of the Senate. With the news of North Korea conducting drills, Russia being on the North Korean border, etc. (perhaps even including with the U.S. Navy Destroyer and an Iranian warship nearly edging each other—since North Korea and Iran are part of a political ménage-á-cinq with Russia, Venezuela, and pseudo-U.S.-ally China), now I and everyone else who's following the news has to know:

Tr**p is trying to set up a war for his own purposes, perhaps even colluding with North Korea—after all, "Birds of a feather...." 

Monday, April 24, 2017

"Professional Lap Sitters", Indeed: Reilly Claims "Momma"'s Lap; Camille Later Claims "Mom-Mom"'s Lap

  1. When "Momma" was sitting outside with Reilly and Camille, "Who wants to sit on my lap?" became answered by Reilly blocking Camille and jumping on "Momma"'s lap—and Reilly (as "Momma" recalls) jumped seamlessly (at least once she jumped to blocked Camille).
  2. When "Mom-Mom" got the electric brush for Reilly and Camille, "Who wants a treat?" became answered by Camille actually jumping onto "Mom-Mom"'s lap to be brushed and get her treat for being brushed.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Two Reilly Highlights (Ri-lights?) For the Night

  1. Reilly once again refused to "go potty" without a belly rub, and she gave "Auntie Michelle" an "eyebrows and all" look when "Auntie Michelle" suggested that she "go potty" prior to getting a belly rub next time. She also was on the hunt for a mysterious creature ("[F]reaked out, but determined.").
  2. "Momma" has realized for a while that she herself inadvertently ended up naming Reilly for other Jewish matriarchs, including Rosalia Korschová Munková—and she thought that only "Auntie Michelle" did that with Camille. Meanwhile, she's pretty sure by this point that the Rosalita "McCoy" Reilly was Sephardic through her father.