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Saturday, March 17, 2018

While I'm Not Jumping To Conclusions Yet, I Know That Hate Is More Likely Possible Than Not

To find out that family tombstones were overturned a few years ago is one matter. To think that they could possibly be connected to a hate crime is another. The person who told me didn't specify "a few years ago", so I asked him or her and told him or her my concern. The tombstones were of some of my Irish family whom I will not specify right now, and of more-specific family within that family if my suspicions are correct.

If my suspicions are correct and the stones weren't overturned due to old age (and I don't know of their status now, though I assume that they've been returned upright), I will say this: regardless of whether someone found something out through anything I've written online, by figuring it themselves, etc., that gives them no right to do what they did. What they did also proves part of why certain family members chose to pass for fully Irish, and in a so-called "Christian" society.

That's why even on St. Patrick's Day and ever since I found out about my Jewish heritage, I identify as a Jew. While I'm also Irish among of other ethnic groups, I'm mostly Jewish. My father is a Jew, though he denies it. My mother is a Jew, although she denies it and is my parent of Irish descent. I'm a mostly-Patrilineal Jew and haven't forgotten that since almost 10 years ago, no matter how much any of my family members wants to deny that, and Saint Patrick didn't deny that the Jesus whose message was brought to him through my people (and the Irish people through him) was a Jew¹.

¹ Or as I believe, "Whose Message....Is a Jew".

St. Patrick's Day Card From Reilly


  1. It was also Shabbat.
  2. The flash was on by accident when "Momma" took the picture in the corner. Reilly does also have prominently-green retinas or cones that show through her eyes for some reason.
  3. Reilly was wearing the new tallit that "Momma" was able to make her, and she is the namesake of two Sefardish-Irish ancestors of "Momma".

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

#WoofWednesday and #WeirdWednesday: Wrapped Around "Auntie Nicole"'s Fingers...Or Arm. Whichever, Literally!

Camille has this weird habit regarding hands and arms. The habit is as follows: if Camille is licking one's hand or arm for whatever reason, the owner of the hand or arm will find Camille clinging to it for whatever reason once she or he pulls her or his hand or her arm away for whatever reason.

"Auntie Nicole" was reminded of this today when Camille was licking her arm and tried to clutch her hand as she was getting up. "Mimi" was also reminded of this a short time later.

PS Video regarding this will be posted here later. thus why "Auntie Nicole" made a long story short.

[Videos added on March 14, 2018]

Monday, March 12, 2018

A Special Card From Reilly And Camille....

  1. "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" wanted to surprise everybody by not even hinting at how Reilly and Camille surprised her!
  2. "Momma" wonders if Reilly had dreams such as ones about her Hebrew birthday and a certain person whom she has yet to meet.