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Showing posts with label documentary. Show all posts

Friday, April 26, 2013

A Flash To Dad, One Of My Mom's Brother's, and Granduncle Jim All In One Man's Face

He definitely looks at least a little like Granduncle Jim (Why the good brothers got the more-Jewish looks is beyond me. I think that Pop-Pop is not as recognizably Jewish as his two living achim tovim. Then again, maybe it's not beyond me: since they love and seek Yehovah, they got the features of our people more--and, if the AncestryDNA tests are anywhere near accurate, why Dad got a small amount of Jewish atDNA.). I also see one of my mom's brothers (and let's be fair that, that could come from the Siedenburg-Mueller Pundts, and he does have Mom-Mom's nose; but Grandddady could well be Jewish through "John McCoy"--I am still looking). I also saw Dad (and maybe I should Kaddish for Dad, too; but I feel more sorry for the man now than angry at him anymore--after all, e.g., he did take the DNA test and check with Grandma to see if any known relatives in Boston are okay).

By the way, RIP, Granddaddy--I'll meet you someday.
I found this picture of Pop-Pop on Ancestry. He looks so much like Judah "Jude" here (I hate that Shelley and Judah's dad named him after his dad, and that his dad kept the name "Jude" in the first place, by the way--using that name after the Shoah [and both of us were born in the '90s] is not smart. And I guess that my name being "Nicole", since St. Nicholas was an Anti Semite, is a bit of a problem, too.).

This is my mom's brother's photo that he contributed to the family tree. I should get some more photos from him (Hint, hint to a certain uncle.) and Mom.