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Showing posts with label occasions. Show all posts

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

An Armed Forces Week Card From Reilly And Camille

PS "Momma" and Reilly particularly wish the Air Force a good day on this Air Force Day during Armed Forces Week--and they have a bit of a special affinity for the Air Force, with the Marines and Army coming in at a close second :-). 

Saturday, May 5, 2018

#SurpriseSaturday: "Smile!"

Reilly has surprised "Momma" before, and she again surprised "Momma" when she begrudgingly let her take these pictures as the phone was in front of her.

The pictures have been Blogger enlarged here, by the way.

P.S.: Si Yejova quiere, ¨Mamá¨/¨Tita Nicolasa¨ hará una tarjeta tardía para Cinco de Mayo mañana—y ya ella tomó las fotos para la tarjeta (Su Depresión y otras condiciones medicales no siempre permitirle el lujo o la energía hacer tarjetas con Reily y Camila—o hasta escribir de Reily y Camila, estando una ¨Mamᨠpara Reily, etc..).

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

#WoofWednesday and #WeirdWednesday: Wrapped Around "Auntie Nicole"'s Fingers...Or Arm. Whichever, Literally!

Camille has this weird habit regarding hands and arms. The habit is as follows: if Camille is licking one's hand or arm for whatever reason, the owner of the hand or arm will find Camille clinging to it for whatever reason once she or he pulls her or his hand or her arm away for whatever reason.

"Auntie Nicole" was reminded of this today when Camille was licking her arm and tried to clutch her hand as she was getting up. "Mimi" was also reminded of this a short time later.

PS Video regarding this will be posted here later. thus why "Auntie Nicole" made a long story short.

[Videos added on March 14, 2018]

Monday, March 12, 2018

A Special Card From Reilly And Camille....

  1. "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" wanted to surprise everybody by not even hinting at how Reilly and Camille surprised her!
  2. "Momma" wonders if Reilly had dreams such as ones about her Hebrew birthday and a certain person whom she has yet to meet.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Belated Shabbat Purim Card

PS Reilly is going to be four years old on the Hebrew calendar either tomorrow or Monday at sunset! "Momma's" verklempt—and still an alteh moid waiting for an answer from a certain person¹ for her and Reilly's sakes (¡Pobrecita Reisilacita! And yes, "Reisilacita" is one of "Momma's" nicknames for Reilly!).

¹¡Para ¨Mamᨠestar la ¨Mamᨠde Reily sin un esposo para sí misma y un ¨Papᨠpara Reily es muy dfiícil y desgarradoro como ella dice en Yídish, ¨a leyd un an agmes nefesh¨!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

One Quick Card Before the Belated Purim One...

PS "Momma" is a Neoliberal Feminist (i.e., Neo-Classical-Liberal Feminist) and would never teach Reilly any kind of canine-equivalent radical values.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Getting Reilly's Purim Costume Made Last Night, And High Wind Gusts That "Momma" Understands Scared Reilly For Good Reason

Getting the costume made for the card was hard last night. Trying to sew the patch for the costume on it and failing in her efforts, accidentally dropping the needle by accident and getting berated by "Mom-Mom" for it when she couldn't find it and "Mom-Mom" ended up finding it herself, not exactly getting "Auntie Michelle"s help to sew on the patch, having to cut fabric to readjust its size and fit Reilly for it (although at least Camille's smug look was funny to "Auntie Nicole" albe not exactly nice to her cousin), and having to adjust one of the straps for Reilly before going "night nights" was not fun fo "Momma". Having Reilly called "poor baby" and otherwise getting nonsupport from "Auntie Michelle" throughout pre-"night nights" time after having already gotten nonsupport from "Mom-Mom" was also not fun.

As for the high wind gusts, Reilly was understandably scared. So "Momma" stayed with her throughout the night instead of getting up to "go potty", despite that she really had to go—and she had to keep explaining that she wasn't going anywhere as she lifted up the "blankies" for Reilly to be able to get them on her, reached "Teddy" for Reilly when he had fallen off of the bed (and she does love snuggling with her teddy bear!), and moved to get comfortable on the bed

As for this morning, both Reilly's and Camille's tails are going to the left as they are presently watch and hear the wind gusts blowing everything that they can blow ☹. Reilly and Camille followed "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" to the kitchen when she went to get coffee and came over to snuggle with her when she came back into the family room. Meanwhile, "Momma" was to use some of the spare fabric to prepare to make a second tallit for Reilly and fit Reilly for it as she laid next to her and at least didn't growl and whimper at this time notwithstanding some noncooperation.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

#WednesdayWisdom: Making A Purim Card With Reilly This Year, As "Momma" Should Have Done Last Year!

Since Purim isn't until Friday and Shabbat is a Shabbat Purim this year, "Momma" at least has time to make the card. She also was able to have costume materials for Reilly procured this year and will actually be able to try to make the costume (which is simple one and one that she can make this year). As for "Momma", she has a puppy mask that she actually was able to cut out of an Amazon box, and she'll wear that even if she won't appear in the card with Reilly.

Friday, February 23, 2018

לשבת שלום מראילי לכולם!

PS Reilly received pumpkin as a treat for letting "Momma" take photos of her in her tallit and with her wearing her kippah!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Somewhat to Mostly Offbeat: What Do Reilly and "Momma" Have To Do With MLK Day? You May Be Surprised.

Reilly wouldn't even be with "Momma" if Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others had not fought for the civil rights of all. This is because "Momma" would've been isolated from society in general at best and maybe even very hurt at worst since she is a Jew whom has disabilities. After all, Jews and people with disabilities were certainly treated poorly before those like Dr. King and Dr. King's compatriots Dr. Abraham Joshua Heschel and Eunice Kennedy Shriver fought for the rights of all Americans to be treated as people.

Even more startlingly (as "Momma" learned today, though she shouldn't have been surprised to learn it), the Congresspersons who authored the Civil Rights Act deliberately excluded people with disabilities. Of course, there weren't even federal education laws that unequivocally prohibited discrimination until "Brown v. Board"—not to mention that there were once quotas for Jews at Harvard, and Willowbrook "State School" (or more like Willowbrook Institution of Unspeakable Ableism) did not even begin to be investigated until almost a decade after the Civil Rights Act passed.

Thus, Reilly obviously wouldn't have a "Momma" with any disability, let alone a "Momma" with Cerebral Palsy and mental illnesses—and on a related note, imagine all of Reilly's canine compatriots whom wouldn't be there to help people whom needed service puppies¹!

¹ Even service dogs, despite their training, remain just as puppylike as, if one will, their civilian or laypuppy counterparts. Service puppies, including emotional-support and therapy ones, could be considered at least sort of like canine civil servants or public-service puppies, since they help Americans with disabilities such as U.S. Armed Forces veterans and others with PTSD to be able to live among the general population within an unfortunately-still-generally-ableist society.

MLK Day Card From Reilly And Camille

PS "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" came up with this as she was setting up preparations to make the card. She saw Reilly resting and Camille sleeping, and there was her idea.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Paw'd Lang Syne: a Really-Sweet Gesture That Reilly Made For "Momma"

When "Momma" once again couldn't get back to sleep due to certain matters on her mind (with the related anxiety partly making her nauseous as she types)², Reilly tried to help "Momma" by putting her paw onto her wrist¹. Reilly's effort to help "Momma" start off 2018 well at least somewhat worked. Nonetheless, "Momma" couldn't get back to sleep and Reilly needed to go downstairs to "go potty", anyway.

¹ Reilly has been empathetic about this whole as well.
² Incidentally, a quick note regarding a certain someone and which is deliberadamente en español para quién es el parte interesado especialmente: "Mamᨠsospecha que el parte interesado específico al menos en ocasión no puede dormir a noche porque de un cierto asunto tampoco, de cuál ella posiblemente tiene intuiciones como una persona en general y como la "Mamᨠde Reily.