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Showing posts with label Debbie Schlussel. Show all posts

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why Does Johnny Like Debbie Schlussel?

What Debbie Schlussel did was entirely embarassing. "Rot in Hell, Mike Wallace"? I've already covered Debbie Schlussel, and to have to cover her AGAIN is beyond embarrassing, but someone has to describe what Ms. Schlussel; but she derided Geraldo Rivera while deriding Mike Wallace, wouldn't let callers finish, and provoked even a Jewish caller who had recently become Messianic and-- because of women (as he described) like his mom, his sister, and Debbie Schlussel-- felt that he had reason to hate all fellow Jews further. As a fellow Jew, I apologize for Debbie Schlussel and remind especially the recently-Messianic-Jewish caller that she does not speak for all fellow Jews.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Meanwhile on the kosher subject," As I Opined On Geraldo Rivera's Facebook Page...

"[K]osher is expensive; but if Romney cut out exclusively kosher, one can still have an exclusively-kosher meal without everything around being exclusively kosher. For example, when the Kosher Korner at UMBC is closed, I try to choose items that are kosher within the mixed kosher and treif menu at UMBC-- in other words, I try to avoid the treif items on purpose. Besides, the Debbie Schlussels (on the Far Right) and George Soroses (on the Far Left) are the ones propagating that Mitt Romney's an Anti Semite, etc.; so the "Romney cut the kosher" bubbe meise probably came from either a Schlusselite or a Sorosite."