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Thursday, June 30, 2011

So Let Her Dock My Grade; She Claims That She Wants Our Reflections re Her Sociology Class

My honest reflection on the Sociology class necessitates that my professor and others find me stating in no uncertain terms that I found the class to be a (so to speak) refresher crash course on just how bad liberalism and relativism is. Not that the like the Far Right, either; but if I were a Far Righter, sitting in that class and reading the propaganda of Drs. Kerry Ferris and Jill Stein would affect me so that I would come to hate sociology and sociologists, relativism and relativists, and liberalism and liberals altogether. I understand that The Real World (both the hidden-curriculum manifesto put together by Drs. Ferris and Stein, and the actual world itself) is more on the George Sorosesque (e.g., and Charles Darwinian side than any other side; but talk about verstehen, tolerance, etc.--there was obviously none of that for traditional, Jewish-Christian, and moderate-conservative worldviews and cultures in the book or the class.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Might Get Me Into Trouble, But Here Goes My Next Sociology Assignment

"Imagine that you are getting married next week..." and coupled with an assignment that asks, "Where do you stand on the issue [of Affirmative Action]?" When I format the combined assignments into a paper (and I'm going to combine the assignments to save time, paper, and frankly a too-long explanation), I'm not going to type everything that I am typing here. Why? For one thing, calling a professor "stupid" and "hypocritical" would get me into trouble. So I'm going to have to reword my belief that for a liberal professor who is liberal (and you can spell that with a L-I-B-E-R-A-L), relativistic (and you can spell that with a R-E-L-A-T-I-V-I-S-T-I-C), and obviously leftist (and you know what you can spell that with); she sure is a hypocrite and foolishly dense- then again, with Far Leftists like that (and Far Rightists in a parallel way); the old "We're [whatever] for [or to, etc.] you so long as you're for [or to, etc.] us" maxim goes. In other words, for example; one will benefit from Affirmative Action given or applied to him or her by whoever gives or applies said Affirmative Action so long as he or she walks in nearly- or entirely-full lockstep with the Affirmative Action giver.

Affirmative Action, like the ADA (designed by the late Senator Ted Kennedy in order to get the Disabled Community's votes and (so to speak) bites on the welfare hooks), is a ploy used by both sides to (as Juan Williams noted in the example of Herman Cain's case, and so to speak) keep the sheep in the pen or gate. Meanwhile, Jews like me don't get Affirmative Action benefits, anyway; so what's the point? I note that I'm Asian on my applications, then specify "Middle Eastern, Jewish- Ashkenazi", anyway. I also note that I'm Hispanic (which I am), since Nana Allen (my mom's paternal grandmother) was a maternal granddaughter of a Crypto-Spaniard Irelander who came to the United States with his Irish wife (MaryAnn Elizabeth McCoy) and took Nana McCoy's surname as well as the moniker "John".

But for example, at College of Note Dame of Maryland (which is soon to be the bastion of liberalism known as the Notre Dame of Maryland University); being a Jew of Hispanic descent doesn't count anyway, and being disabled doesn't count (and not that the Disabled Community gets Affirmative Action benefits, either)- that is; unless you're a Jew who wills to go along with the Pseudo-Christian Anti Semitism of the Roman Catholic Church (and College of Notre Dame of Maryland), or a Hispanic or Disabled Community member (with all due respect to a fellow student) who is either willing to do the same or is even Roman Catholic and liberal (and this fellow student, as far as I know, is- at least she's Roman Catholic, although I'm sure that she's unsurprisingly liberal as well; and I have never seen a more accomodated-for member of the Disabled Community who is at Notre Dame than her. Me, on the other hand- you can guess how I've been treated and accomodated for; and any accomdation that I have gotten is either minimal and/or surface enough to look like its meets what most people think that the ADA is, or received with my and others having to really push for it.).

By the way, I will concede that at least two NDM faculty members have been an exception in this regard, even though they don't agree with my ideology (and one of them has not been so much of an exception in other regards). To the (if you will) "marriage question" (ugh; I sound like Marx or- I can't believe that I'm repeating this name- Hitler, both of them Self-Hating Jews. And of course, "the Jewish question" or any similar phrase or idea behind it rubs me the wrong way. Anyway, to the question about marriage- which perhaps doesn't sound too much better; but still): this is the (if you will) factor about which I stated that the professor is (among other adjectives which I used to describe her) stupid and dense. Then again, with her (like most people) not being disabled (at least in any uncommon or anamethea way); she wouldn't know (or at least want to know or acknowledge) that (and often times because of people like her and the culture which they shape and are influenced by in turn, although they effect the culture whereas the culture only affects them), in this culture, Cinderella and Snow White have a better chance of marrying than a child of divorce who is a disabled woman, much less a disabled woman is not a child of divorce (and being a child of divorce adds to the disabled woman's being a damned statistic of being a disabled person and/or woman who, because of this culture and the people who shape it, never marry- or at least never stay married, especially because of the damned shallow men and women who consider disabled women as anamethea and as whom to not stay married, much less marry in the first place).

Monday, June 27, 2011

To Begin, Pop-Pop's A Murderer As Well as A Self-Dreading Jew Who Is Ungrateful To His Philosemitic gentile Mother

"Czarnecki" was actually a change in our name. We actually were "Chernetski" before my great-granddad Czarnecki's parents converted to avoid the pogroms, then were kicked off the family farm in Lipsk nad Biebrza because of said conversion. They took "Czerniecki", "Czarniecki", and other variants before settling on "Czarnecki" when they assimilated as Anusim in Sugar Notch, PA; and they never returned to Lipsk, Tsuman (where Great-Granddad was born while his mom was visiting Andrulewicz (Andrulevich) relatives in Buzhanka, Kiev area), or anywhere else in Poland or the Ukraine for even a visit. I didn't even know any of this until I began family research and confronted my dad's dad (John "Jack" Czarnecki) about hiding all of it.
Great-Granddad was Antoni Jan Julianowicz Chernetski, the oldest son and child of Julian Jan Antoniowicz "Felix" and Aleksjondria Alicja Antoniowicza Chernetski (respectively; the son of Antoni and Katarzyna Danilowicza Chernetski, and the daughter of Antoni "Anthony" and Katarzyna "Katherine" Morgewicza (Margiewicza) Andrulewicz). When Great-Granddad came here with his mom to join his dad (who had already joined relatives who had splintered off into Sugar Notch from the group of Chernetskis that came here- and many of whom splintered off into Jersey City, NJ and other parts besides Sugar Notch); he along with his parents had his name Americanized into "Anthony Czarnecki" (1910 Census), which was (with his middle name, "Jan", Americanized into "John") the final name that he was given and/or stuck with (1920 Census: "Anthony Chernetski"; 1930 Census: "John Czarnecki", sent away to a mental asylum in Wood River, Illinois).
By the way (I'm kvetching here; but this is a keep-in-mind thing), from what I understand, the-now Alexandria Alice Andrulewicz Czarnecki was a wicked woman who was part of what affected and effected him to be at Wood River in the first place. When the-now Julian John Czarnecki (with his name given as "Julian Czarniecki" on his death certificate) died on September 11, 1922 (and Great-Granddad was only 17 when his dad died); Alexandria took over the household with an iron fist- not that she didn't have one before (since Julian was a schicker, and she manipulated that), but she took over- and began influencing then-to-be-18-year-old Anthony and his America-born siblings (Regina, 13, dead by four laters later; Alexandria Alice, to be 12 on September 28; Stanislaw "Stanley" Peter, 10; John Felix, 9; Edward L., 7; Joseph Paschal, 5; Bernard, 2; and Cecelia, 9 months old) nuts.
This becomes important when you track down and realize that, for example: 

  1. They were indeed Anusim, and dropped mixed-bag hints at that. In other words, you had to really think about the names (among other things) as hints to figure that out. (e.g., Notice any "Mary"s in there? Remember that an ancient Jewish- and still a Sefardi Jewish- practice is to name relatives even after still-living family members?)
  2. The names become extremely important when you have to keep track of who went where. For example; as I recall finding out, Great-Granduncle Stanley fled to Nanticoke with his then-new-wife, Theresa Makarczyk, around the time that Great-Granddad himself came back to Sugar Notch and married the gentile Mary Trudnak (which, as you can imagine, pissed off Mama Alexandria off! In fact, for such a seemingly-Catholic wedding, there's no preist's signature on and no returned filed for the marriage license of Anthony John and Mary Trudnak Czarnecki!). By the way, why Great-Granduncle Stanley fled: Mama Alexandria wasn't hassling only daughter-in-law Mary. Besides, there were cousins in Nanticoke, so he had connections there if and when push ever came to shove (which it did).     
Great-Granddad with Dad on his lap; Great-Grandma with Aunt Mary, named for Great-Grandma and also Great-Grandma Marysia "Mary" Elizabeth Rusnak Gaydos. The Virgin Mary was far from receiving kavod from Pop-Pop (far left, next to his brother James "Jim" Julian. By the way, I told you that the naming was part of the hint dropping.).

 Not that Dad will admit that he didn't like his own "Pop-Pop" Czarnecki ("Like dad, like son" in more ways than one); but he didn't like him (and can you blame him? "Tony", Sr. took on after a certain Mama Alexandria). As the old wisdom goes; unless you really commit to conciously being the opposite of whom you dislike, you end becoming the next generation of whom you claimed that you did not want to be (and did Dad ever become like my "Pop-Pop" Czarnecki, who was like "Pop-Pop" Tony, Sr. Czarnecki!)

"Doesn't seem too upset at his.." "Grandfather Czarnecki"! Sure; he doesn't; or else he wouldn't have hidden that last part of the caption when he scanned in the photo (for which I had to fight with him); right, Grandma?. By the way, perhaps I will quote the proverb- and G-d forgive me- "Like mother, like daughter". And Grandma; who knows? Maybe, as happens as well, you even married someone like your mother- at least in some ways. Well, betraying relatives during the Shoah puts Great-Grandma Gaydos up there with Pop-Pop, no matter how (as Aunt Mary put it) kind and sweet she (apparently) was (otherwise?). Or maybe Pop-Pop is up there with Great-Grandma Gaydos (Who knows? I'm kvetching by now.).

By the way, Dad had a broken collarbone at the time- he had fallen out of a high chair.

Dad at his baptism with Great-Grandma Czarnecki holding him, Great-Granddad looking at him, and Great-Grandma Gaydos and Grandma Czarnecki posing for a picture.

Friday, June 24, 2011

"Slow and Steady Wins Races", as My Ex Points Out

 And that's one of the things that we learn with CP: thank G-d that we can't do as much in some ways. e.g., my non-disabled cousin Tommy Zinkand had the opportunity to ride a motorcycle and convinced himself that he was invincible. On June 26, 2005; he was going too fast and hit a minivan body on. On Sunday; six years will have passed (Poor Danny and Terri. Danny's his dad, Terri his sister.). By the way, that side of my Farrell-DeBoy family has not had life easy: besides Tommy, Danny's wife (and Terri's and Tommy's mom) Sylvia, cousin (and my aunt) Mary Carole Allen Hamilton, and brother-in-law (and Terri's and Tommy's uncle) Danny Dugas all died at around this time of year as well (Aunt Mary Carole on Flag Day 2008, and Danny Dugas a week ago, and Sylvie (Sylvia)... let me check... April 28, 2010. Not an easy couple of months to get through for the Farrell-DeBoy Zinkands.).

Part of My Correspondence With a True Reform Jew (i.e., One Who's Really Reforming Modern Judaism)

However, I'm going to censor out his or her name for the interim, since he or she has not yet responded to this:

Hey... (v'Shabbat Shalom!):

Thanks for the response, and I apologize for delaying in my own response. Meanwhile, I think that a good topic to cover at present would be the Casey Anthony case and the death penalty; especially because a prominent fellow Jew of ours, Geraldo Rivera, seems to unfortunately be in lockstep with URJ policy per the death penalty and is forgetting how Torah and arguably tikun ha'olam (which certainly includes tzedek) requires that Casey be convicted and get the death penalty per nefesh l'nefesh- and how any other premeditating and remorseless murderer should get the death penalty.

I think that one of the things that many- including the URJ (including Geraldo) forgets is that the death penalty is not a bloodlust-based idea or easy sanction to carry out for any Jewish or gentile person who loves Torah. To carry out nefesh l'nefesh is killing someone, and taking a life of even the most vile person is hard especially because we're all family (per Adam and Eve, and Noah) and there is a special kind of "What could have been?" heartbreak in having to execute a fellow family member who could have chosen to do the right thing instead of murder someone and attempt to evade and/or pervert tzedek (and Casey obviously chose to pervert tzedek instead of love and raise Caylee).

Nicole Czarnecki

To Geraldo Rivera's Producer, Christina Timothy

CT, morality sometimes takes precedence over the Constitution and other US law (and obviously is not in line with it at the time). Especially as a Jew, Geraldo ought to know that. In this case, he's behaving to a lesser degree and in a different but parallel way to my great-grandmother Gaydos- that is, Great-Grandma Gaydos cost the lives of relatives who died in the Holocaust because she followed US isolationist policy and did not send them the help which they requested; and in a similar way, Geraldo is costing Caylee's life and justice all the more.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Sociology Assignment For Tonight- "Prestigia, Populus, et Familia— aka, Chapter 8 Work All Bundled Into One Cohesive and Biographical Narrative"

Prestigia, Populus, et Familia— aka, Chapter 8 Work All Bundled Into One Cohesive and Biographical Narrative

To begin, I could not even begin to list all of the different-class people about whom I know or who I know. In other words, I know about and know too many people in different classes than me to even have a simple, all-added-up list. In fact, I come from that kind of background. So, let me begin with my story— in short, anyway (and this is not off topic).

My paternal granddad is John “Jack” Gregory Czarnecki, the first-surviving newborn child and son of his parents (The first child and son— the first Anthony “Tony”, Jr. — died two days after his birth in 1934 or 1935.). After him came my granduncles Francis “Frank” (1940-1985), James “Jim”, and the second Anthony “Tony”, Jr..

Like his brothers and mom, and unlike his dad; he was born in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania into a lower American class. His dad (Tony, Sr.), on the other hand, was a Crypto-Jewish pogrom survivor and assimilationist who came to Sugar Notch via Ellis Island after his parents were outcasted by their family still in Poland Russia. Tony, Sr. also moved from relatively-fair circumstances on the family farm in Lipsk nad Biebrza to life in a rented house on 132 Main (now North Main) Street in Sugarloaf, to considerably-comfortable circumstances as the son of the coalminer who owned 203-207 (excluding 204 and 206) Freed Street in Sugar Notch.

Jack, meanwhile, lived at 203 with his parents and brothers while his paternal uncle Joe lived at 205 and his paternal aunt Alexandria Alice (who was a widow with one son— John, Jr.) lived at 207 (where she also tended to his paternal grandmother— her ailing mother—from March 28 to April 6, 1936). A 1958 graduate of King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, he married the two-year nursing student known Joan Adele Gajdos (Gaydos) on September 23, 1959 at Sugar Notch’s Holy Family Roman Catholic Church.

Joan Adele Gaydos, meanwhile, is the third daughter and middle child of Michael Gaydos, Jr. and Marysia “Mary” Elizabeth née Rusnak. Like her dad and all of her siblings, she was born in Luzerne County. Her mom, on the other hand, was born in Crabtree in Westmoreland County; where her parents, Andrew Stephen Rusnák (of the prominent Jewish Rusnák family in Košice, Slovakia) and Julia née Fosko first settled in America and married each other on July 29, 1905.

Joan, meanwhile, lived at 112 Brown Street in Ashley and only visited 163 Hughes Street in Swoyersville, where Mary had lived and returned to for the birth of her first daughter and child (Helen Margaret Gaydos Wojnar, R.N.; 1930-2006). After Joan converted from Crypto-Jewish Slovakian Byzantine Catholicism to Crypto-Jewish Roman Catholicism, and moved with Jack to Glen Burnie in Maryland; she was no longer the hopelessly-disinherited descendant of Crypto Jews that she had grown up being. She was a mother of four children (one who was sadly miscarried in 1975), the wife of one of the IRS Agents who had served Nixon tax papers, a sister of a RN and Dr. Mary Ann Gaydos at Mansfield State College, and the sister-in-law of an IBM worker (Jim Czarnecki) and a public accountant (Tony Czarnecki, Jr.).

Meanwhile, Jack’s and Joan’s son Gregory “Greg” Matthew Czarnecki came from living at Marley Station Road in Glen Burnie to earning a graduate degree in Maryland. He had married and later divorced Cecilia née Allen, one of eleven (including two sadly-miscarried) children of Loyola University professor Francis Xavier Allen (whose income went into providing for himself and his family) and homemaker Mary Ellen née Pundt (a high-school graduate who had at least four of her children still living at home when Professor Allen died on Thanksgiving Eve of 1974). Greg obviously married economically down to some extent (although Cecilia was working and still works at NASA, though she has an Associate’s and almost a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems), and Cecilia married economically up (at least at the time; and to make a long story short, she also married morally down).

In conclusion, I could go on and give you kol hamegillah; but I think that you get the point— that my family is of, and family history involves, all sorts of socioeconomic classes and socioeconomic mobilizations. Meanwhile, I would choose prestige over power and wealth— besides, as has been a hackneyed point, prestige can give one wealth and power. Prestige is also lasting and defines— and sometimes even is or is the result of— one’s legacy whereas wealth and power are fleeting and ultimately meaningless compared to prestige.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Cops Listened In Illegally On Casey Anthony's Conversation? Re Roy Kronk

In the words of Jose Baez, "The answer is simple": the cops listened in legally either way; whether the way be that an inmate heard the Baez-Anthony conversation and (in street talk) snitched (By the way, I'm 21 and had no idea that "Zani" is street talk for "Xanax"- which goes to show how worldly Casey Anthony is compared to me. Anyway, either an inmate heard and snitched), or the cops (or corrections officers or whoever else) had a classified (secret) warrant from Judge Perry (since judges issue warrants, and Judge Perry would've had to have issued a non-Terry or  -Pringle, or other circumstanial or circumstance-mandated warrant).

Either way, Roy Kronk's girlfriend had the right to hear the police-given information and tip off the county (or community; either way, public worker) meter reader.

OCD On My Worse Days

Click the title. And no cheating. Hint: it's a metaphor.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Civil Rights Icon Clarence Clemmons Deceased at 69

All I knew is that he had a sudden stroke, and (as they broke it on the news during Justice With Judge Jeanine) died from said stroke and complications thereof at 69 years old while he was in a Palm Beach, FL hospital; thus, he ended his career. I didn't think about him being a Civil Rights icon until I thought about the following a little further: he was a legendary saxophone player beginning in 1972, just as the Vietnam War was going to end (in 1974) and four years after a Black Republican who Bruce Springsteen wouldn't see eye-to-eye with on many issues (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) died.

So, a bandmate and friend of a White Democrat coming on the heels of a prominent Black Republican icon in the Civil Rights and Vietnam Era is pretty significant, and his or her death would thus be significant. Therefore, a Black saxophonist in a often-labeled "secular" field and in a band led by a very-liberal White Democrat left a legacy of being a breakthrough man or pioneer, and a stark contrast to the D.Div. holder who was obviously a Modern Conservative (Classical Liberal) and in a often-labeled "sacred [as if anything else isn't sacred] field.

Here's a Hell of A Statistic

At least two of my great-grandma Gaydos (née Marysia Elizabeth Rusnak)'s Fosko uncles (Ferencz "Frank, Sr." and András "Alexander") committed suicide (His death is mentioned in the title-linked document. Great-Great-Granduncle Frank hung himself and was found dead in his shed on February 11, 1935). That's how I know that their dad, István "Stephen" Fosko, committed suicide: two of six sons are known to have committed suicide, and he died in 1905 when he was 45- you cannot tell me that 1/3 sons committing suicide does not point to the died-young dad having committed suicide.

Friday, June 17, 2011

There Were A Couple Times Where I Thought About Committing Suicide Today. Why?

  1. I am a diagnosee of OCD/Anxiety/Depression and Diplegic Spastia Cerebral Palsy, and self diagnosee of IBS (I know what I have; thank you very much. My dad has Chron's, and my granddad has had Chron's- but not that he'll admit it- and Colon Cancer).
  2. I am housestuck and single especially because of the Cerebral Palsy.
  3. I am housestuck and single because said CP renders me unable to drive.
  4. My mom sides with and/or enables my abusers and persecutors, and gets angry when I confront them; and takes advantage of the fact that I have Cerebral Palsy, can't drive, and am single. Thus, I am still stuck in her house.
  5. My dad and quite a few in his family are evil, enablers of evil, and both.
I could give more reasons, but you get the point.

Where's Hebrew Transliteration?

Lo tov, Google (Not good, Google; not cool, Google.).

I'm Not Wishing My Dad Something That He Doesn't Deserve

Last night, after Hannity; I decided to go outside while Donald Trump was blabbing on On the Record and my sister was blabbing on the phone. When outside, I called my dad and told him what he needed to be told: that I wish him and Cindi a miserable anniversary (June 20), and him a miserable Dad's Day. I slipped and told my mom, who was pissed. After she told me to go to my room (and I'm 21 for goodness' sake), I had the following conversation with her:


Well; crap; I forgot to save the conversation. The point of it, meanwhile? Mom is not as successful as nothing-to-hide Kara Dioguardi, the martyrs such as Jan Hus and John Wycliffe (without whom she'd still be stuck in the Roman Catholic Church, and this time unsaved to boot), and those who want to stop Dad from hurting me and others.

Why Tanakh (including "[Brit] Hadashah") is the Word of G-d

  1. "Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you." (Deuteronomy 4:2, JPS)
  2. "All this word which I command you, that shall ye observe to do; thou shalt not add thereto, nor diminish from it." (Deuteronomy 13:1)
  3. "Every word of God is tried; He is a shield unto them that take refuge in Him. Add thou not unto His words, lest He reprove thee, and thou be found a liar." (Proverbs 30:5-6)
I could give other parshot (readings, verses); but you get the point. Meanwhile:

14 Now therefore fear the LORD, and serve Him in sincerity and in truth; and put away the gods which your fathers served beyond the River, and in Egypt; and serve ye the LORD.

15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell; but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.' {P}

(Y'hoshu'a 24, JPS)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

This Is The World's Softest Object Compared To Casey Anthony's Heart


RT @Nickidewbear world's softest object compared to #CaseyAnthony heart. Me: u can't be serious. She put hearts on duct tape. @AnthonyCumia

14 minutes agovia TwittelatorFavoriteRetweetReply

replies ↓

NickidewbearNicole Czarnecki

@USNCowboy69 @AnthonyCumia Did you look at the picture? If you didn't, you missed the point.

1 minute ago

The picture is linked to in the title of the blog entry. Tim, are you looking at it? Meanwhile, how Casey Anthony will get out of using George Anthony's phone in an unauthorized way- i.e., to contact a convicted kidnapper- is made only harder by Casey's trying to say that both George and Casey contacted the kidnapper. And not to Casey could do better, anyway. She's already set this case for herself. And the charges: First-degree murder with intent thereof, aggravated child abuse and infanticide, possession and use of paraphernalia (chloroform), conspiracy to commit and cover up the aforementioned crimes, perjury, lying to police, grand larceny, fraud, embezzlement (re the check), and other charges.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Or Frank Could Always Block Me

I guess not...

1995 Southern Baptists Apologize for their Racist Past.On June 20, 1995, the Southern Baptist Convention adopted a resolution apologizing for their racist roots and their past defenses of slavery.

EscapeNewJersey 1 minute ago




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Unblock UserBy the way, trust me nobody wants to "pursue you". Get over your arrogant self.

EscapeNewJersey 2 minutes ago

1873: Pope Pius IX Prays that God Remove the Curse of Ham.

He prays that “Almighty God may at length remove the curse of Cham [Ham] from their hearts.” God’s curse on Ham is that the Canaanite people would be forever enslaved. Some theologians had long used this Biblical passage to justify enslavement of Africans. (The Raccolta: Or, Collection of Prayers and Good Works, Published by order of His Holiness, Pope Pius IX. Maryland: Woodstock College, 1878, pp. 413-415.)

EscapeNewJersey 5 minutes ago

@EscapeNewJersey And Roman Catholicism's just as bad as Mormonism. Try something else.

Nickidewbear 2 minutes ago

1861: Presbyterian Church Splits Over Slavery Issue

The Presbyterian Church in the United States of America splits and the Presbyterian Church in the Confederate States is formed in the south. They later rename themselves the Presbyterian Church in the United States.

EscapeNewJersey 11 minutes ago

Nicole, It probably just comes down to you being jealous that I have far more views, more friends, and more subscribers with just a tiny fraction of videos. Grow up and get your bitterness and jealousy under control.

EscapeNewJersey 14 minutes ago

You are an arrogant coward Nicole, your mother and college is right to be sick and tired of you. Do me a favor and block me before you say something stupid or bigoted again that requires correction. Your mouth and personality will get you in much trouble in life, mark my words.

EscapeNewJersey 18 minutes ago

I have already proven to you that there are Bible verses in Deuteronomy and Proverbs that say don't add and take away from these "INDIVIDUAL BOOKS". Since you like to believe the Bible was written entirely in one sitting and don't see the obvious result of your logic that would prove the New Testament, I guess it is pointless to discuss such simple historical facts with you.

EscapeNewJersey 26 minutes ago

I really resent you calling the LDS church a racist organization. That just shows how much of an uneducated religious bigot you are. I could just as easily call Judaism a race supremacist organization and have far more realistic and tangible evidence to support it. The fact is is that there is more non-white Mormons than white Mormons in the world with over 50,000 missions all over the world!! Where are the Jewish missionaries? There LDS temples in Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa!!!

EscapeNewJersey 36 minutes ago

@EscapeNewJersey Ever heard of Jews for Jesus?

Nickidewbear 1 minute ago

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Can we say "Mormonism fail"?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Self-Hating-Jewish Mormon Is Pursuing Me, and Geraldo Rivera Has Become a URJ Antimissionary?

First, the Self-Hating-Jewish Mormon and Mormon missionary (not to mention, on the other hand, an Antimissionary- i.e., an Anti-Christian, Anti-Messianic Jew): EscapeNewJersey. Frank (That's his name.), lo toda: yo soy una yehudi'ah mesjikhi'ah; no quiero ser una mormona (and Spanish and Hebrew at the same time; there you go.). As for Geraldo Rivera being under URJ influence: re death-penalty opposition and Andrea Yates.

I'm Not Giving Up On Great-Grandma Czarnecki Until I Die or Get Raptured

As I stated in my latest video description: "And we let Casey Anthony get hammered when Pop-Pop is still walking...Yuck!..." To leave a murder from February 12, 2007 unprosecuted because we're too damned dreadful of Pop-Pop while we criticize Caylee Anthony's murder and all the other avodah zarah looks bad on us. And so what if Pop-Pop harassed the key witness after the Luzerne County DA called him to further inquire of him as the accused? We have more blood on our hands than Pop-Pop himself originally did because we won't prosecute him- and unavenged blood does replenish and have multiplying blood cells. For example:

‘The LORD is longsuffering and abundant in mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression; but He by no means clears the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation.’ (Numbers 14:18)

By the way, as a Diasporan Jew, I should know: I have thorns in the flesh such as a hemmerhoid and IBS, and OCD/Anxiety/Depression all because of the sins of my ancestors (cf. Leviticus 26:14-42 and Deuteronomy 28:15-68). Also, keep in mind that the Diaspora is only beginning to end. See Congregation Yeshuat Yisrael's study on the End Times.  

Monday, June 13, 2011

By the Way, Sometimes My Video Descriptions (Like This One) Get Longer Than the Videos

From now on, I'm posting video descriptions that are long (especially longer than the videos which they describe) as blog entries as well. By the way, the video for which this description was written is linked to in the title:

The lighting is much better in my room (and by the way- surprise!- I look Whiter than I normally do; when I'm "piss stained" or yellow (not Yellow) looking (to be fair to Yellow- Asian- ethnic groups. By the way, the Indians and Middle Easterners- of whom I am a part as a Jew or Israeli, even in the Diaspora- are whole other ethnic groups from Asians, and that's a whole other- or as we say in Baltimore, "a whole nother"- discussion).

Meanwhile, I'm still organizing my room (I've been taking a summer class and been busy.); and I want to remind everyone (even my haters, who I can still report and block if I need to) that I have a Facebook page. Y'all; 61 friend requests are too much. If you all aren't family, closer friends, disabled people (who I should've mentioned because I'd be stupidly remiss if I didn't add disabled people, because I have Cerebral Palsy), or even celebrities who have taken an interest in me as a public figure (apparently, Karl Rove and a few others have), and anyone else that I mention; please like the following page first:

Also, (where I'm freer from Mom's censorship, by the way; and I stopped following her as well).