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Showing posts with label reputation. Show all posts

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Dealing With Sheer Libel And Slander As An Author And As A Person Overall

I've decided that I'm going to be more proactive in regards to libel and slander against myself and—when to do so is necessary—libel and slander against others. I have had being libelled and slandered over the years, and I have even confronted paternal and maternal family members over it. In fact, in my new book, I wrote the following about both lies that my maternal grandfather's mother told and a long-standing issue because of relatives whom are libelling and slandering me over it:

"Meanwhile, this alone (as I’m now realizing) helps to explain why I thoroughly and even defensively  explain quite a bit of what I explain—as if getting called “an overall liar” at Sheppard Pratt by a caseworker whom fell for my father’s lies about me wasn’t enough, having Nana Allen throw her younger children and their descendants for a loop really affected me to start laying out every detail of quite a few cases once I found out about being thrown for such a loop—and as if many of my matriarchs and patriarchs on Dad’s side didn’t do enough loop throwing, todah rabah (and their loop throwing was more understandable than her loop throwing, as—as I later read—the Inquisition ended in 1834, whereas increasing Anti Semitism still affects many of my paternal relatives loathe to admit that we’re Jewish—even to the point at which one relative is trying to paint me as an overall liar in regard to what my father’s maternal grandmother did, and notwithstanding that I can neither help what happened or conjure up evidence to fit the narrative of what he wants to believe what happened."

Here's my advice to anyone whom would be tempted to libel and slander others in the future:

  1. Remember that even in the era of *****, verbal abuse such as libel and slander is never normal—and that includes what that Mila Kunis did in misrepresenting herself and using Mike Pence's name is not normal, even if the Supreme Court should rule (and there exists a very-real possibility that the SCOTUS will rule) that what Mila Kunis did is a protest that is protected by the First Amendment, despite that she committed misdemeanor-level representation at the very least (and I guarantee that any case against Mila Kunis will be appealed up to the Supreme Court).
  2. As I've said, keep in mind I may well sue in certain cases in which I'm libelled and slandered, and I may even press charges of criminal libel and slander against those whom are libelling and slandering me—especially since some of the libel and slander that I've had directed against me has been tantamount to hate crimes and even included threats on my life.
  3. If you insist on libelling and slandering others, see how well libelling and slandering others ends up working out for you when at least one of your libel and slander victims does end up suing you and/or having you prosecuted.
  4. Remember that if you are especially trying to destroy others' livelihoods and/or reputations when you libel and slander them, you may well destroy your livelihood and/or reputation if your boss decides to fire you and you even end up not being able to find another job (By the way, Mila Kunis could well lose her career over representing herself as Mike Pence if the court of public opinion does not rule in her favor, even if the SCOTUS does.).
  5. If you are religious in any way, remember that your religion usually include libel- and slander-prohibiting commandments such as "Do not bear false witness," "Love your neighbor as yourself", and "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." If you work in a religious occupation—e.g., as a priest, rabbi or gabbai, or moderate imam; at a YMCA branch, Jewish Community Center, or a Muslim Community Center; or for a religiously-affiliated 501(c)(3) organization—remember that you could also lose your job due to violating one of the core tenets of your religion. 
  6. If you have children and/or others for whom you have to set a good example, remember that libelling and slandering others is not setting a good example.
  7. Remember that when each of us dies, he or she will leave a legacy in which he or she probably does not want to include a reputation for having libelled and slandered others.
As for me, while I'm not perfect and without instances of having libelled and slandered others in the past, I have worked hard throughout my entire life to be circumspect in avoiding libelling and slandering others. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And He Or She Is Only Self Harming....

Unpublished again. Why? Because lie after lie is contained in here:

"Nicole, my intention is not to hurt your feelings, nor am I a bully. I am trying to hopefully help you see what others see of you. Unfortunately most people follow you because your videos are like a car accident; no one wants to look but you can't turn away. Not the way to become "famous". When you cannot think of an intelligent response you resort to name calling and lying. Not very mature or God like. Again, you have lied by omission by publicly sharing only your part of our conversation and omitting my comments. Who's the controlling bully now, Nicole?! Soooo I suppose this comment will not make it either. "

I have had quite a few people follow me because they've felt that I have had something to contribute. I don't know who this shame to Perry Hall, Maryland is; but I hope that someone else stops him or her from trying to hurt me and hurting others really soon--before he or she ultimately further hurts only him or her self.

Monday, March 25, 2013

"Perry Hall" the Bully Strikes Again

If only "Perry Hall" (the coward) would reveal his or her name, or have his or her IP address (or addresses) blocked.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

If I Can Do the Following, Good...

  1. Not have time to be silent about vainglorious people--especially influential vaingloriers-- who use the banner of the Gospel and Christianity as a cover to do whatever they want. This means, for example, if I can help make the Krystal Keiths of this world one-hit wonders (if even those) and help others who truly deserve the spotlight get the spotlight, then good for me.
  2. Speak out as a family member. Not all of my family wants to keep every one of our individual and collective secrets.
  3. Make people (like the one from Sydney [See below.]) think that I'm crazy,.
  4. Helps Jews like myself come back to our identities and believe or continue to believe in Jesus (Yeshua).
I could go on, but you get the point. I believe in tikun-ha'olam.

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