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Showing posts with label friendship. Show all posts

Saturday, July 28, 2018

שבת ט'ו באב שלום וט'ו באב שמח! : AKA, Another Card From Reilly

PS Reilly very patiently waited for the treat—and especially because she was so patient, she probably would've that something else to be peanut butter...or yogurt...or pumpkin...or any of the other millions of treats that hi ohevet! By the way, Tu B'Av actually begins tomorrow, since the New Moon was sighted on the 14th of July.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

As The Old Jewish Saying Goes, And As I've Lived Especially Of Late...

What's keeping calm when you're Jewish? What's not worrying when you're Jewish?

As for me and being a Jewish Christian, I get the whole "Do not worry", "Come to Me, you whom are weary...", "Cast your cares...", etc.. Notwithstanding that (and here goes the "Oh, you of little faith"):

  1. Having Cerebral Palsy and IBS affects worry for good reason.
  2. Having OCD/Anxiety and ADD affects worry for good reason. By the way, I'm actually not the first one to have made an observation regarding whether OCD/Anxiety is inherently Jewish, and I was joking about that more to cope with my own OCD and wondering (so much for Jewish humor, as I got a hard time for making that observation)—the schtick about (I kid you not) OCD being a "Jewish disease" (as Dr. Avigdor Bonchek phrased the schtick whether OCD is Jewish) has been around for a long time. To be fair, look at, e.g., B'midbar 7 alone—having to be perfectly scrupulous about the right number of the right offerings like that could cause anyone to worry—then look at Vaiykra 11 and B'midbar 19—I myself (assuming that I'd survived birth and even had some part in Jewish life) would be washing and extra washing all day. Then try the fences around Torah. Overtime, that has to get embedded into one's genetic code and/or brain chemistry—thus, I think, part of why God desires mercy over sacrifice and obedience over burnt offerings, as His point seemed to be that ritualism as opposed to simply living by faith (e.g., "walk[ing] humbly with your God").
  3. Getting the amount of hate that I get (as I probably will over the observation above, for example), whether rightly or wrongly, affects me to always worry for good reason—even, e.g., who's going to unfriend me on Facebook or unfollow me on Twitter, thus reflecting online how what they think of me both online and offline? After all (as Curt Schilling of all people stated), people online are who they are offline and what they would be offline "if they could get away with it" (which he stated after two of his daughter's high-school classmates used Twitter to send her rape threats.
I could give more examples, though I think that three examples suffice—especially as I brace myself and bide to see how many more instances of Example Three will happen even over the next couple of minutes, especially in regard to Example Two. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Somewhat Offbeat: "Momma" Thinks That She Knows Who Reilly's Two Biggest Fans—Besides "Momma", Camille, Etc.—Are

With a lack of being able to be entirely sure of who is Reilly's biggest fan is, "Momma" thinks that she knows who the two biggest fans are. One of them she knows for sure—although not entirely and with having no clue as to what he wants in terms of whether he wants to be Reilly's "Daddy" or not—and the other one she thinks may be a relative in the Baltimore are, although she's not sure as to which one.

Either way:

  1. Camille is certainly Reilly's best canine friend.
  2. "Momma"'s pretty sure that Reilly would want to meet the main person whom inspired her to write about Reillyand everyone else that gregarious Reilly could meet, despite that she plays hard to get when she first meets someone and likes to show off her machisma de perrita pequeña!
  3. Reilly is "Momma"'s biggest fan—or at least her biggest canine fan!
PS Camille showed once again that she and Reilly are best canine friends.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Especially When Nobody Else Loves "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole"...

Reilly and Cam are there to remind Reilly's "Momma" that there are loving creatures in the world, including creatures whom are best friends:

And pets who love their human parents, even when they try to avoid having their pictures taken or have to deal with their parents taking those "one last" pictures before "night nights" time:

And pets who can both sit outside on an Autumn-like day and begin misadventures like barking and eating mulch on that otherwise-languid End of Summer day.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Tu B'Av & All Different Kinds Of Love, Including Puppy Love

In short, Tu B'Av is the Rabbinic Valentine's Day, which comes after Tisha B'Av (the fast of the fifth month, after Tzom HaChodesh Tammuz—not, as it formerly was, for the "god" [dybuk] Tammuz), and before Yom Kippur and Asara b'Tevet). The rabbis decided that after two months with fasts and before Yom Kippur, a yom l'simcha was needed—including for, I suppose, pets and their feeling-much-better-after-breaking-the-fast owners—of course, making pets fast would be wrong.

As on Valentine's Day, the theme on Tu B'Av is ahavah (love)—of which there are different kinds, with three words for the main kinds in Biblical Hebrew, including "ahavah". Puppies—including adult puppies (dogs) like Reilly and Camille—show ahavah, including for each other and for their masters—and masters' families!

Reilly and Camille, yesh lahen ahavah l'echad achar—after all, e.g., to clean out each other's ears takes ahavah rabah v'g'dolah.

So does playing as roughly as Reilly and Camille do! 

So does napping together and (and as demonstrated with close ups included) inadvertently forming a heart shape and sleeping side by side!