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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Good Reilly, Bad Reilly (Or Good Reilly Even When She's Behaving Badly)—And Life-Saving Reilly

Last week and on Sunday, "Momma" was feeling like no longer being around. When "Momma" asked God why she should keep being around—since being disabled and having mental illnesses, and thus still single and unemployed, makes her feel worthless—Reilly literally saved her "Momma"'s life. Particularly on Sunday, Reilly must've heeded God when she licked "Momma"'s hand about five times—since "Momma" asked that Reilly's licking her hand would be a sign that she should still be around.

However, Reilly isn't always that good—for example, she again burst out the back door to eat mulch. This time, she burst while "Momma" was carefully carrying a salad bowl out onto the back-porch table. Of course, "Mom-Mom" blamed "Momma" and even had to use one of the spray bottles to try to get Reilly out of the mulch—never mind that Reilly was told to stay multiple times and engaged in behavior that could've easily caused "Momma" to fall, stab herself with a Cutco knife, or have the bowl shatter and put Reilly and Camille in danger of eating salad with dressing that had garlic and onions.

Perhaps, meanwhile, an irony that God used Reilly to save "Momma" two days before she could've caused "Momma" to endanger lives exists. 
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