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Showing posts with label looks. Show all posts

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Natural Look With Full Disclosure About Lighting, And...

Why do I care about my natural look? Some people at wanted to see non-blurry pictures of me to see whether or not I truly look Polish, which I don't (Thank God. :-) ) But hopefully, this helps them and others see that I truly look Jewish. They did concede that I look Western European, though. e.g.:

"Nicki - I'd say you look Spanish or Portuguese. Or maybe Italian? :-) But definitely South/Western European. Also, it's totally not true that ethnic Poles are blonde and blue-eyed - most Poles tend to have various shades of brown(ish) hair and can have all possible eye colours, often grey or brown. Many Polish women dye their hair blonde and that might have fooled you ;-) Of course, many people are blonde, but it's not the standard by any stretch of the imagination. Darker skin tones are not totally uncommon either. Either way, if you lived in Poland you would probably be seen as somewhat "exotic", people would tend to think you have some Spanish or Italian blood, but they would not automatically assume that you were not Polish. The Polish nation is very mixed - the Tartars and Turks, the Italians (Queen Bona), the Dutch (builders of the Żuławy Wiślane dyke system), the French (Napoleonic wars) and many others came to Poland in various periods and settled there :-)"

Remember "John McCoy"? Also, Mom is mostly Western European (Frankish, Gaelic, and Briton) with Ashkenazi Jewish heritage (the Siedenburg-Mueller and Lehr Pundts, for example—and possibly the Farrells, since Native Irish are light-eyed brunettes and the Farrells had red hair. But don't tell, e.g., my cousin Colleen DeBoy that—she got mad when I suggested that the red-haired Farrells (at least on our side), who (for Irish Catholics) had no children named Mary (for instance), may have been Irish Anusim. I can't change science or history, and Ya'akov (z"l) and Esav did have red hair.

PS Unless Sharon can show me the proof that the Farrells had a daughter named Mary, I don't buy it. There was no Mary who was born in 1857 who was recorded on the 1860 Census. Also, she could've been named for her mother (Mary Cassilly O'Farrell) if she did exist.