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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Truth Is That...

If the guy who loves me is of the Jadid Al-Islam and becomes a Christian, I want everything to work out between us. I even did not let him hang out in my room with me because, as I told him, I don't want either or both of us in an awkward position. After all, my roommates (all of whom completely deserve to get locked out of my room, anyway) are not going to be there; so there is nobody there to hold me, him, or both of us accountable. I'm not completely clean in all this.

I'm a little affected by this guy. He's a romantic who (I hope) truly loves me for me (although he, as a Mohammedan, can't possibly love me for me unless he has the Holy Spirit in him--after all, true love of any and every kind comes from G-d, not "Allah" or whoever else). Maybe he is truly predestined to be a Christian and be my bashert (though, as I stated, I will not marry somebody who is not at least 1/16th Jewish--I am not bringing about the Anusi's nightmare of having his or her descendants' lines cut off from Israel.). So, he'd better be Jewish as well. But if he is not a Christian, I categorically and emphatically refuse to even get into a relationship with him.

By the way, he agreed that being alone in my room would put us both in an awkward position and, thus, not be good. So, he knows what is good--even though he has, like all humans (and even those with the Holy Spirit) have, no inherit goodness (and any goodness in any human comes from the Holy Spirit). Therefore, as I stated, I want everything to work out between us if he is of the Jadid Al-Islam and becomes a Christian.  

Someone's Way Too In Love (Written A Way While Back, Though My Opinion Of Ann, etc. Is Unchanged)

Without giving his name, I can tell you that someone's way too in love with me. Firstly, we have different goals in life. He plans to name his sons (as I recall) "Mohammed" and "Ibrahim"; I'm planning to name mine (if I have any sons) Bernie (unless I name a dog "Bernye" for Great-Granduncle Bernie and Barney Bush) and Julian or Julius (And to Ann McGill-Mones, you're crazy if you think that I've forgotten--and I'm not sorry to break to you that your in-law cousin Paschal Danilowicz is Jewish, a part of my family [since he is a part of the Krasne Danilowiczes], and will always be Jewish and a part of my family--even though he was religiously Catholic and is no longer here on this Earth.).

As for daughters, I don't think that this guy plans on having any. I, on the other hand and if I have daughters, plan to name at least one "Alexandria Alice" and another "Mary" (maybe "Mary Theresa" for Great-Grandma Czarnecki, but "Mary" for both Aunt Mary and Great-Grandma Czarnecki)--or maybe "Maryam", so that no confusion arises (After all, Mary's original name was "Maryam bat-Eli".).

As far as both genders go, no variant of "Mohammed" will ever be on my lips. I could live with naming a boy "Ibrahim", though, since it's a variant of "Avraham". But never will I name a child, boy or girl, any variant of "Mohammed".

This guy is also a Mohammedan who spends more time around his Syrian-Albanian-Turkish Mohammedan dad and other Mohammedan relatives. Granted that his family could be a part of the Jadid Al-Islam (the Mizrahi equivalent of Marranos [Sephardim] and Ashkenazim Anusim [and what you would call us really depends on what country you go to; but you would call us some equivalent of "New Christians"]). After all, he doesn't know what his family practiced before they converted to Mohammedism. Nonetheless, he is a devout Mohammedan (not Orthodox, but--if you will--Reform ["Moderate"] Mohammedan).

He also comes from an interfaith home. I've mentioned his dad; and as for his mom, I've been told by him that she is an Irish-Italian Methodist. As for me, I also come from an interfaith home (in which the dad is an Ashkenazi Anusi, and the mom is a PCA Presbyterian who is a mainly-Irish-Catholic-turned-Episcopalian of Jewish descent--which she sadly couldn't give two s**ts about). I'm amazed that his home hasn't broken up yet; whereas my Anusi dad has been divorced from my mom since 1998, and ironically remarried to a Southern Baptist since 2004 (and, as far as I know, a gentile Southern Baptist at that). So, I don't want another broken home in my line (and mine isn't the only one; trust me.).

I also, especially if he's not of Jadid al-Islam or otherwise of Jewish descent, don't plan on marrying him and getting my line cut off from Israel. Unless the Pundts aren't the only ones who are Jewish on Mom's side (and as far as I know and can confirm, Mom-Mom's generation is the final Jewish generation [1/16th Jewish]), I risk further cutting my line off from Israel on Mom's side. As for Dad's side, we've had (and we're having) close brushes with being cut off from Israel, and complete cutoffs from Israel. Dad was blessed (even if won't acknowledge that he) was blessed to be born of two Anusim who surprisingly weren't born of goyim, but were born of other Anusim

(And especially if neither of them were specfically seeking out other Anusim, that they found each other is a miracle. Then again, I highly doubt that the daughter of Michael "We're Russian" Gaydos and the son of pogrom survivor Anthony Czarnecki weren't seeking out fellow Anusim--after all, Michael Gaydos made a bold move to implicitly identify with Soviet Jewry during the Cold War, and Anthony Czarnecki's mother went absolutely meshuga over her ben marrying who she considered the shiksa Mary Trudnak. Also, Anthony's son Tony was criticized for marrying Mary Ellen Jones--"She's Irish!" So, I'd be even more surprised if Joan Gaydos and John "Jack" Czarnecki weren't seeking fellow Anusim for themselves.).

In conclusion, this guy who loves me way too much obviously loves me way too much--and way too much so for each and both of our goods. He ought to find a Mohammedan girl who will love him or a Methodist girl who's willing to get into an interfaith and interethnic marriage. I myself plan to find a Jewish Christian who will love me and make sure that my line is not cut off from Israel.

By the way, b'hatzlacha to my family who brush close to or past the 1/16th mark--I am not at fault if your descendants are merely gentiles of Jewish descent. Alexandria Czarnecki, Michael Gaydos, and others did not entirely drop their Jewishness when they became Anusim--they may not have gotten their wish that their b'nei v'banot would revert to being openly-Jewish Non-Messianic Jews (which was the wish of at least the Non-Messianic Anusim), but let's make sure that they didn't die as Anusim in vain (and while only the Non-Messianic Anusim would consider having believing descendants to be a sign that they died in vain, all of them would consider having gentile descents and their lines cut off from Israel as a sign that they died in vain).